How much do you need to pay for a trip to Vladivostok, 650 dollars total for 4 days/3 nights & tips on how to book cheaply

Vladivostok, Europe, only 2.5 hours away from Japan.

I’ve heard that Vladivostok has become easier to get to with the relaxation of visa requirements, but many people are wondering how much it costs to travel there. But how much does it cost?

As it turns out, a three-night, four-day trip to Vladivostok can be done for a total of $650.

In this article, I will introduce the budget breakdown and even how to book a trip to Vladivostok at a reasonable price, so please refer to it.

The total cost of a four-day, three-night trip to Vladivostok is 650 dollars

You can travel to Vladivostok for 4 days and 3 nights for a total of $650 per person.

The following are the prices for independent travelers who arrange their own airfare and hotel.

Airfare: $350
Hotel: $80
Meals: $100
Transportation: $30
Souvenir cost: $100

Overall, prices in Vladivostok were lower than in Japan!

Let’s take a look at the prices of air tickets and hotels.

Air tickets from 350 dollars, hotels from 50 dollars per room per night

Round trip airfare can be booked for 350 dollars

A round trip ticket to Vladivostok costs about $350 and you can book a direct flight. This price includes fuel surcharge.

During Japan’s Golden Week and Summer holidays, the price of airline tickets is higher and can exceed $600.

However, for dates other than Golden Week and Summer Holiday, I often found air tickets for about $350.

Depending on when the airlines were on sale, some people were booking for as little as $200!

By the way, there are direct flights to Vladivostok from Narita Airport by the airlines “Aurora Airways” and “S7”.

You can get to Vladivostok in 2.5 hours É

Most hotels are around $50 per room per night


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In Vladivostok, you can stay in a mid-range hotel for $50 to $70 per room per night.

This is the price per room, so if you are staying with two friends, you can stay for $25 to $35 per person.

When you think of $25 per person per night, it’s pretty cheap compared to business hotels in Japan.

I was very satisfied with the mid-range class hotels, which were clean, had all the amenities, and included breakfast.

Of course, you can also stay in hostels for cheaper than $50, so please book according to your travel style.

Recommended hotels I stayed in

I stayed at two hotels in Vladivostok, both of which I highly recommend.

Ikhwator Hotel (about $60 per room per night)

It’s cheap, clean, and I found it pretty cosy!

The only thing is that you have to walk about 10 minutes to the bus stop, but if you are okay with that, I recommend it.

I also recommend it to those who want to stay in a clean hotel but want to save on accommodation costs.

>>Look at the rates for Ikhwator hotels on Expedia.

Hotel Primorye (about $80 per room per night)

Hotel Primorye is beautiful and the location is crazy good.

It is only a five-minute walk from the Vladivostok train station, which is quite convenient.

The price is a bit high, but I recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a meaningful stay in Vladivostok.

>>Check out the rates for Hotel Primorye on Expedia.

I’ve actually stayed at both of these hotels, and they’ve been quite nice!

I tend to book my hotels through Expedia. I often book my hotels through Expedia, where you can save money with their free members-only sale.

Prices in Vladivostok are cheaper than in Japan

Next, let’s take a look at the cost of living in Vladivostok. We will introduce the prices for food, transportation, souvenirs, and sightseeing.

The prices are generally lower than in Japan, so you can easily enjoy shopping and sightseeing.

The cost of food is only 100 dollars for a four-day stay

Food in Vladivostok is cheaper than in Japan.

I went to Vladivostok for 9 days and 7 nights, and spent only $100 on food.

For three nights, $100 should be enough to eat a lot of delicious food

Diner “Starobaya” 3 to 6 dollars per meal

You can eat for $3 to $6 per meal, especially in places called “Starobaya”, which are like cafeterias.

Starobaya has the atmosphere of a school cafeteria. Russian home cooking is on the menu, so you can take what you want and pay at the end.

It’s a pretty cheap place to eat, and I highly recommend it!

Russian restaurants are around 20 dollars

If you want to eat traditional Russian food such as borscht, you will have to go to a Russian restaurant, as there is none in Starobaya.

Dinner at a Russian restaurant will cost you around $20-$30. .

It is not very expensive, so try to enjoy Russian food at least once during your stay.

Price Guide for Vladivostok

Iced coffee at a cafe: $2
Iced coffee at a cafe: $2
Waffle $3
A meal at a cafeteria: $3 – $6
1.5 liter of water: $1

Prices for food and drink were still generally cheaper than in Japan.

Transportation is quite cheap, 0.40 dollar for a bus

You can get around Vladivostok by bus or cab.

Buses in particular were very cheap, costing $0.4 per ride no matter how many times we took them.

Buses are $0.4 per ride no matter how many times you take them

The bus fare is about $0.4 per trip, regardless of the distance. It’s a flat rate no matter how far you ride.

Since Vladivostok city is mainly traveled by bus, it’s great that it’s so cheap.

I was able to ride quite easily.

Taxis are also cheaper than in Japan: 6 dollars for a 30-minute ride

Cabs are also much cheaper than in Japan, with a 30-minute ride costing only $6.

If you can’t get to a place by bus, or if you are tired, you can easily take a cab.

The minibus from the airport to the city costs 3 dollars

There are two ways to get from the airport to the city: minibus and train.

・Minibus: $3
・Train: $4.5

Either way, it’s pretty cheap (laughs).

However, the train only runs four round trips a day, so I recommend using the minibus, which is more frequent.

The round trip is about $6.

You can buy plenty of souvenirs for 100 dollars

In Vladivostok, souvenirs are also inexpensive.

Even Matryoshka, one of Russia’s most popular items, can be bought for as little as $8.

Samples of souvenirs we bought in Vladivostok

・Matryoshka: $8
・Russian cosmetic hand cream: $2
・Russian hat “Ushanka”: $24
・Cute notebook with Cyrillic characters $1
・Matryoshka spoon $3
・Knorr’s borscht flavor – $0.6 per bag
・Alyonka chocolate $1.6

Knorr’s borscht flavor, which is perfect for handouts, can be purchased for $0.60 a bag.

If you have $100, you can buy plenty of souvenirs.

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The cost of sightseeing is 15 dollars at most.

Many of the tourist attractions in Vladivostok, such as churches and squares, do not cost any money.

Also, facilities that require an entrance fee are less than $5, so even if you have to pay for sightseeing, it will only cost you about $15.

Prices for sightseeing in Vladivostok

Submarine Museum $2
Classic Car Museum $4
Seaside Avenue Amusement Park $4 for one attraction

※ Only the Vladivostok Aquarium costs nearly $20 for a ticket.
The only aquarium in Vladivostok where tickets cost nearly $20. I haven’t been there, but it seems to be one of the most famous aquariums in Russia!

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From 800 dollars for a tour to Vladivostok.

Let’s also look at the price of taking a tour to Vladivostok.

HIS had Vladivostok tours starting at $798 for 3 days and $998 for 4 days.

>>Take a look at Vladivostok travel at HIS.

Other major travel agencies do not yet sell tours to Vladivostok.

If you go on a tour, the price may be a bit expensive due to the limited choices.

If you go on a tour, you should expect to pay more than $1000 for three nights.

Actual Costs Revealed! GW’s trip to Vladivostok for 9 days and 7 nights cost 1500 dollars

I went to Vladivostok for 9 days and 7 nights during GW. The total cost of the trip was $1500.

The breakdown is as follows.

Air ticket 680 USD
Hotel $210
Sightseeing $15
Meals $110
Souvenirs $100
Transportation $40

This was a long stay of seven nights, and I was traveling alone, so the hotel bill was high.

Also, the price of airline tickets goes up during GW, so there were no cheap airline tickets in the $300 range.

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Tips on how to save money on travel to Vladivostok

Don’t put it over Golden Week or Summer holidays.

The most important thing to keep the cost of a trip to Vladivostok down is the time of year you go.

The price of air tickets goes up when Japan has GW or Obon holidays.

So if you want to save money on your trip, I would recommend taking a paid trip on a normal weekend.

Vladivostok is a compact city, so you can cover a lot of ground in four days and three nights.

I recommend going on regular weekends whenever possible.

Going on an independent trip

As I mentioned earlier, the price of a tour of Vladivostok can cost more than $1000 in total for a 3-day tour.

If you want to go cheaply, I recommend that you travel independently and book your own affordable airfare and hotel.

Book at least three months before departure

Also, airline tickets tend to be more expensive the last minute before departure.

Book at least three months before your departure.

This will increase your chances of finding cheap airfare.

Hotels also tend to fill up first, so if you want to get a good hotel at a reasonable price, book three months in advance.

Use the “Starobaya” cafeteria to your advantage

Once you get there, you can save money on food by making good use of the “Starobaya” cafeteria.

You can often get a meal for only $3, so if you are visiting Vladivostok, you should definitely try it.

Supply souvenirs at the Gipermarket Samberg supermarket in the suburbs

The Gipel Market Samberi supermarket in the suburbs is 30% cheaper than the supermarkets in Vladivostok city.

So if you want to buy souvenirs, I recommend buying them in bulk at the Gipermarket Samberg store.

You will need to take a bus, but the bus fare is only $0.80 round trip, so it will easily pay for itself.

Information of Gipel Market Samberi supermarket

Opening hours: 8:00 – 23:00
Closed: Basically, no holidays
Address: Ulitsa Krygina, 23, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690065

Summary: Vladivostok travel is a great way to enjoy Europe & Russia at a great price!

Vladivostok is a European city that you can enjoy for around $600.

It is also a place where you can experience the culture of Russia, which was not easy to visit due to strict visa requirements.

This amount of money is very reasonable when you think about going to Europe or Moscow! .

I hope you will include Vladivostok as a candidate for your next travel destination.


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