13 Tokyo Station Limited Edition Souvenirs for 2021! I’ll teach you how to make your friends happy with miscellaneous goods and sweets.

There are many people who want to buy souvenirs at Tokyo Station, but don’t know what kind of souvenirs are available, or want to know what souvenirs are unique to Tokyo.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to Western and Japanese sweets that are only available in Tokyo, as well as souvenirs and miscellaneous goods that you can give away. I have actually visited and checked out the souvenir stores at Tokyo Station.

It also explains where you can buy souvenirs early in the morning and Gransta.

If you want to choose from a wide selection, Gransta inside the ticket gates is the best place!

If you want to take your time to choose a souvenir inside the ticket gate, Gransta is a great place to go, with more than 60 stores.

With more than 60 stores, Gransta is one of the largest shopping malls inside the ticket gates. There are many stores selling both Western and Japanese sweets, as well as general merchandise, so if you want to take your time choosing a souvenir, Gransta is the place to go!

Also, when I went to Gransta, I was impressed by the number of stores where you can taste-test.

If you’re giving a souvenir to a loved one, it’s better to taste it yourself before you give it to them. This is what I want to give to my loved ones at Gransta! I think Gransta is a place where you can search until you are satisfied with the souvenir that you want to give.

I want to buy Tokyo-style sundries as souvenirs! Two cute sundries

1. Neustadt brüdera , Western stationery store where you can get souvenirs unique to Tokyo Station!

There are a lot of cute miscellaneous goods that you will want to buy yourself, so please take a look around.

2. “Nihon Department Store” with the concept of “Japanese craftsmanship” and “excellent products”

The Nihon Department Store sells a collection of “really good products” and “products that can be used for a lifetime” with great care. At the Gransta store, we sell a collection of Tokyo’s finest products.

We also have bags with our logo on them and other small items that can be used stylishly only at the Gransta store.

Tokyo Station Only! Three popular Western sweets souvenirs

All of the sweets at The Maple Mania are made with maple syrup, and the store specializes in maple syrup.

Their products include maple butter cookies, maple financiers, and maple baumkuchen. The richness of the butter and the natural sweetness of the maple syrup are irresistible.

My impression is that the financier is a little richer in butter, while the butter cookies are lighter.

At present, there is only one store in Gransta, so I think it will be a great souvenir from Tokyo. We recommend it for those who want to give something rare and not often available.

Price: 17 cookies, 1,728 yen

2. Recommended for a large group of people! Reproduction of the full-size red bricks of Tokyo Station! Berne’s “Brick Cake

Bern, famous for its mille-feuille, sells a “brick cake” that is a full-scale reproduction of the red bricks of Tokyo Station. It’s the perfect souvenir from Tokyo Station.

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a lively meal with the whole family, or for those who want to give a souvenir unique to Tokyo Station.

Price: 2,700 yen

I want to eat this with my family! Waffle and Cake Shop R.L’s Tokyo Station Limited Edition Waffle

R.L., a waffle and cake store, is selling a limited edition package containing waffles that are only available at Tokyo Station.

The package is cute and the waffle contains a Tokyo Station limited flavor, making it the perfect souvenir.

Give these to your colleagues and friends! Three sophisticated Tokyo souvenirs to give to colleagues and friends

1. Hitotsubukanro, popular for its limited edition packaging featuring the Tokyo Station Building design motif

Hitotsubukanro, a candy and gummy store, also has a limited edition package for Tokyo Station. The cans have a cute touch of the Tokyo Station building on them, so you can use them even after you are done eating.

The cans are reasonably priced at 390 yen per can, making them perfect for handing out as souvenirs to many people or as small gifts. In addition to the candies in the can, there are many other types of package bags to choose from.

Price: 390 yen per can

2. Merry Chocolate’s Tokyo Station Limited Store “Marche du chocolat”

Mary’s, popular for its chocolates, has opened a new brand, “Marché du chocolat”, exclusively at Tokyo Station.

This is the first time that I have ever seen such a thing.

There is also a limited edition package with a Tokyo Station motif, making it the perfect Tokyo-style souvenir to give away!

Price: Lollipop chocolates from 180 yen per bar
Chocolate Collection 411 yen

3. “Mamegui” sweets wrapped in original small hand towels


Mamegui is a small tenugui, similar in size to a handkerchief. These small tenugui can be used to wrap sweets such as cookies, rice crackers, and boro, as well as miscellaneous goods.

There are more than 200 different types of mamegui, and you can choose what to wrap inside separately, so you can make the perfect souvenir with the person you are giving it to in mind. It’s nice to know that you can use the tenugui even after eating the sweets.

Many of the mamegui are limited to stores, and Tokyo Station also has a limited edition pattern.

Price: From 798 yen for sweets and mamegui

Three Japanese sweets to choose from at Gransta that you will be glad to receive

1. “Naruto Kintoki Honpo Kurio Shoten,” a store specializing in the high-grade sweet potato Naruto Kintoki

Naruto Kintoki Honpo Kurio Shoten is a store specializing in Naruto Kintoki, selling sweets made from premium sweet potatoes.

The shop sells a variety of sweets made from premium sweet potatoes, including bite-sized sweet potato yokan and sweet potato kintsuba. At the store, there are many different kinds of bite-sized sweets, and you can choose which one you want while tasting it.

In addition to Gransta, there is also a store in Fukuoka, so be careful if you want to take one as a souvenir to the Kyushu area.

Price: 9 Naruto Kintoki squares, 756 yen

2. Very cute looking! A panda trip to Katsushindo

Keishindo sells some very cute souvenirs with pandas and Tokyo landmarks on rice crackers.

If you are unsure of what to bring back to Tokyo, try giving the Panda’s Journey from Katsushindo.

Price: 1080 yen

3. Japanese sweets from Ginza 6-chome can be bought at Tokyo Station! Mazu Daifuku from Ginza Karaku

You can buy sweets from the famous wagashi shop in Ginza 6-chome at Tokyo Station. Especially popular are the mame daifuku. Unfortunately, because they contain no preservatives, they can only be eaten on the day they are purchased, but many people buy them to eat on the spot.

Also, while the mame daifuku can only be eaten on the day it is purchased, the small dorayaki “Ginroku Mochi” can last for about 10 days. The name “Ginroku Mochi,” which matches the name of the Ginza Karaku store, makes it a perfect souvenir of Tokyo.

Price: 206 yen per piece of bean Daifuku

Where is Gransta and what are its opening hours?

How to get to Gransta: Just go down the concourse (wide passageway) to the basement!


Gransta is located underground inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station. So, first of all, go to the basement from inside the ticket gates. The way to get there is simple: go to the concourse of Tokyo Station, which is a wide corridor where you can transfer to many lines.

From the concourse, there are escalators and stairs that lead down to the underground Gransta.

Rather than being one large commercial facility, Gransta is more of an area of souvenir shops and bento shops clustered together in the corridor between the Yaesu underground central entrance and the Marunouchi entrance.

References:GRANSTA|Tokyo Info

Business hours: 8:00 to 22:00, except Sunday and holidays

・Monday – Saturday / National Holidays: 8:00 – 22:00
・8:00 – 22:00 on Sunday and the last day of holidays.
・Closed: No holidays

Please note that the store closes one hour earlier on Sundays and the last day of holidays than usual.

If you want to buy souvenirs at Tokyo Station in the early morning, the Meihin Kan Gift Garden inside the ticket gate is recommended


It’s great if you can take your time to pick out souvenirs at Gransta, but there are some people who take the Shinkansen or go home before 8am, right? For those people, I recommend the Meihin Kan Gift Garden inside the ticket gate.

This store has a wide selection of Tokyo’s famous souvenirs, including Tokyo Banana. With a carefully selected selection of souvenirs in the center of the first floor of Tokyo Station, it is a great place to go if you don’t have much time.


Central Passage, 1st Floor, Tokyo Station
It is located just above Gransta.


6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Emergency! Is there anywhere I can buy a souvenir in the morning before 6:30?

If you really want to buy a souvenir at Tokyo Station before 6:30 a.m., we recommend using NEWDAYS on the first floor of the ticket gate, which is open from 5:00 a.m. as a last resort.

The selection is limited, but they do have some boxed sweets that can be used as souvenirs of Tokyo. If you want to buy a souvenir early in the morning or late at night, you can use NEWDAYS.


It is located in the south aisle on the first floor inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station.

Business hours

5:00 – 24:00


What did you think? At Tokyo Station, you can find many wonderful souvenirs that are typical of Tokyo. If you have time, please visit Gransta, if you are in a hurry, please visit Meihin Kan Gift Garden.

With these two places in mind, you can’t go wrong with souvenirs from Tokyo Station.

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