16 sweets to take home from Thailand! A selection of delicious individually wrapped foods

If you are planning to go to Thailand, you may be wondering what kind of souvenir snacks to buy in Thailand.

I think we often buy sweets to give out to our workplaces or friends.

However, it is difficult to find sweets in Thailand, especially in Southeast Asia, that are to Japanese tastes.

So, in this article, I actually ate the sweets I bought in Bangkok, Thailand, and picked out the ones that I would recommend to Japanese people.

The sweets introduced in this article are all under $6! I will introduce even small portions of sweets and high-end ones.

Let’s buy some tasty souvenirs to take home, even if they’re inexpensive!

This time I bought everything at MBK’s Tops Supermarket!

★ If you want to buy souvenirs for your company or your acquaintances, I recommend you to buy them smartly by mail order. You can buy good looking chocolates and Thai goods without much difference from the local price. Enjoy Shopping for Yourself in Thailand♩
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Individually wrapped & luxury too! Sweets to buy as souvenirs in Thailand

Dried mangoes

When it comes to the tropical country of Thailand, mangoes are a must! In Thailand, you can buy delicious dried mangoes at very low prices!

The most famous ones are the “doi kham” products and the ones that come in mango-shaped bags.

DOI KHAM is a brand promoted by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej on his own initiative in order to enrich the lives of his people. It is easily available at Seven and supermarkets.

The product comes in a mango-shaped bag and tastes very good. They are not too sweet, so I think they are to Japanese taste. .

I’ve also seen them sold in convenience stores, but they seem to be too popular as souvenirs, so some places are sold out… If you find some, you might as well buy them immediately.


・Left: 60 baht ($2.02)
・Right: small bag of DOI KHAM, 20 baht ($0.67)


・Left: A mango-shaped bag with two more sachets inside.
・Right: Not individually wrapped.

Coconut chips

Coconut is another tropical and Thai thing. These coconut chips are caramel flavored and easy to eat.

You can buy them for about a dollar, so it would be good to try them out or give them as a souvenir to your girlfriends.


35 baht ($1.18)


No small packaging is provided.

koh kae’s nut series

Speaking of Thai snacks, kohkae nut series! You can find them in every convenience store and supermarket.

Peanuts come in a wide variety of flavors, including orthodox chicken flavor, coffee flavor, and wasabi flavor.

They also come in various sizes, from small, ready-to-eat bags to large cans.

There is also a cashew type, which is also recommended.

A small bag of cashews can be changed for less than $0.80, making it a great souvenir to give away.


・Large cans 66 baht ($2.22)
・A small bag of cashews costs 22 baht ($0.74).


Neither the can nor the bag type are packaged in small packages. Small bags are recommended for handing out.

Dried Strawberries

Dried strawberries seem to be more popular with everyone than dried mangoes.

Surprisingly, some people don’t like mangoes very much. In Japan, dried fruits are expensive to buy, but these dried strawberries are only $1.65.

It’s perfect to give as a little snack.


49 baht ($1.65)


Not in small packages.

Fruit Jelly from Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson, who popularized Thai silk, has a farm for silk production.

The products made from the fruits produced there are now available as “Jim Thompson Farm” products, and have become souvenirs of Thailand.

The products in this series are sophisticated in appearance and taste as good as they look.

I bought some fruit jelly to give to my workplace. I bought the fruit jelly to distribute to my office, and I was glad that the women were pleased with the cute packaging.


180 baht ($6)


A lot of jellies in a small bag.

Pritz Tom Yang Kung and Laap flavors

The Tom Yang Kung and Larp flavors of Pritz are also popular as Thai-only flavors.

They are a little spicy, but the flavor is easy for Japanese people to eat, so we bought them as souvenirs for people who like to drink.

You can buy a box for about $0.40, so it is recommended for handing out.


13 baht ($0.43)


Each box is smaller than the ones in Japan, and each box contains only one bag. I gave one box to each person as a souvenir for distribution.

Thailand Limited Edition Pocky

These flavors are also limited to Thailand. Mango and chocolate banana flavors. I think these flavors will be popular in Japan. Of course, the taste is perfect for Japanese people, and you can buy a box for about $0.40.

Price: 12 baht ($0.40)

Thin Pritz limited to Thailand

There are also thin Pritz limited to Thailand. They come in two flavors: Spicy BBQ and Tom Yang Kung. They are available for $0.40 per box.


13 baht ($0.40)

Pokies you can’t buy in Japan! Pujoy

Glico is now selling a candy similar to Japan’s Pocky in Southeast Asia. The name is Pujoy.

At the supermarket in Bangkok, I found the caramel macchiato flavor. It’s a flavor you won’t find in Japan, so it would make a good souvenir.


25 baht ($0.84)

Lay’s Limited Edition Flavor

Lays, a leading brand of potato chips, also has a Thai-only flavor. The Tom Yang Kung flavor was available in a cylindrical box.

It’s not in a bag, so it’s easy to bring back to Japan.


49 baht ($1.65)


It is not divided into small portions.

Only in Thailand! Milk Tea Flavored Kit Kat

In Thailand, Kit Kat also has a Thai-only flavor.

Thai-style milk tea flavor, which Thai people love, is a little sweet but delicious.

Milk tea is a popular flavor among women, so you should definitely try it.


35 baht ($1.18)


The small type does not come in small packages. The large bagged type comes in small portions.

Nori sweets

Nori sweets are always available at supermarkets and convenience stores in Thailand. The most common brand is called “Tao Ka Noi”.

Nori as a Thai souvenir? But apparently, they are very popular in Thailand… There is also a Tom Yang Kung flavor, so I thought it would be a good idea to choose a Thai flavor for a Thai souvenir.

The flavor is perfect for snacks. In addition to the big bag, there is also a small type that you can buy for about $0.15, so it would be good to try it out.


39 baht ($1.31)


The bags vary in size, so you can choose the one that best suits the purpose for which you are giving it.

Elephant shaped chocolates

Although it is a standard item, I think that elephant-shaped chocolate is an easy souvenir to give to anyone.

I also received one once, and it was easy to eat with my family because it had no habit at all.

The chocolate in the shape of an adorable elephant is sure to please!


180 Baht ($6)


Not individually wrapped.

Where to buy

I recommend going to a supermarket where tourists often go.

I bought mine at Tops Market.

You can also buy Thai souvenirs cheaply by mail order

By the way, Thai souvenirs such as elephant-shaped chocolates can also be purchased through mail-order stores such as JTB Shopping. You can also buy dried fruits, cashews, and nice looking chocolates.

Mail order is also a good option for those who want to enjoy their own personal shopping and sightseeing during their trip. You can choose from about 50 different kinds, and the prices are very reasonable.

I have also bought souvenirs through the JTB mail order service, and found it to be affordable and quite convenient! The taste was also delicious.

Thai souvenirs at JTB

Foods to buy as souvenirs in Thailand

Thai food kit

The supermarkets in Bangkok had a wide variety of Thai cooking kits. They range from the kind that you mix with meat, which locals seem to use, to authentic ones with instructions.

In particular, the cooking kits offered by Blue Elephant, a high-class Thai restaurant, are authentic and come in luxurious packaging. I would like to give it as a gift to someone special. I also bought one for my mother.

The Blue Elephant kit is not something that locals buy, so it seems to be sold only in supermarkets frequented by foreigners, but the Tops supermarket in the basement of MBK has a wide variety.


Blue Elephant’s green curry set 150 baht ($6)

Instant noodles

Instant bagged noodles can be bought for $0.20, so it is one of the souvenirs we can buy in large quantities at home.

Most of them taste quite spicy, but strangely enough, when it gets hot, I want to eat them. It is a great way to enjoy the Thai flavor back home.


6 baht ($0.20)

Chili sauce and other seasonings

You can also buy sweet chili sauce and other seasonings for about $0.90 to bring home the real taste.

Sweet chili sauce is also great for omelets and egg rolls.


Sweet chili sauce 28 baht ($0.94)

Fruit Juice

The DOI KHAM brand, started by the King of Thailand, also offers juice in packs.

Thick fruit juices such as strawberry, guava, and lychee are readily available at convenience stores.

The strawberry juice was my favorite and I drank it every day.

Thai Tea

The most popular drink in Thailand is the sweet Thai tea. Thai milk tea is quite sweet and has a unique orange color.

At first, I was surprised by the sweetness of this Thai tea, but I gradually became addicted to it.

Thai tea is very tasty while eating spicy food in a hot country. The Thai tea powder that can be easily made by dissolving it in hot water and adding ice is also sold at supermarkets in Bangkok.

In fact, many Thai food stalls use this powder to make Thai tea. I recommend this to people who want to taste the authentic taste of Thai tea in Japan, and since each cup comes in a small bag, it is good for handing out.


82 baht ($2.76)

If you want to buy Thai sweets in Bangkok, go to MBK’s Tops Supermarket

If you are looking for Thai snacks to buy as souvenirs in Bangkok, Tops Supermarket in the basement of MBK is a large store and has a wide range of souvenirs for foreigners. The souvenirs introduced here were all purchased at Tops Supermarket in MBK.

The souvenirs introduced in the guidebooks can also be found at MBK’s Tops Supermarket.

Basic information about MBK Tops Supermarket

・Business hours: 10:00 – 21:30
・Address: 444 Phayathai Rd, Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 Thailand
・Nearest station: National Stadium on the Skytrain (BTS)

For more information about MBK, please refer to the following article.

[Thailand] MBK in Bangkok is the place to go for all kinds of souvenirs and sundries!
At any rate, if you go there, you can find everything from sweets, souvenirs, cute Thai goods, Thai pants, dress...

This time, I’ve focused on those whose taste is more to the Japanese taste! Please have fun choosing your souvenirs in Bangkok.

I hope you have fun choosing souvenirs in Bangkok. Souvenirs from Thailand are listed below.
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Thai souvenirs that can be bought by mail order

Souvenirs from Thailand can actually be purchased by mail order. You can buy the following items at “JTB Shopping“.


  • Dried fruits
  • Milk chocolate in the shape of a statue
  • Statue-shaped cookies
  • Statue-shaped cookies
  • Thai Coconut Flakes
  • Benjarong Pottery Trinkets
  • Harn Rice Soap

You can choose from 40 different kinds of Thai souvenirs.

Advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order

I have actually bought Thai souvenirs by mail order and found the following advantages.

  1. Surprisingly cheap ($10 per box of chocolates)
  2. Tastes great
  3. A wide variety to choose from
  4. No need to carry heavy luggage
  5. You can’t tell that you bought it in Japan
  6. You can specify the time of delivery

It’s a little more expensive than buying locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching around for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal.

You can buy souvenirs on the JTB website, so you can prepare souvenirs to give away here.

Look at JTB Shopping for souvenirs in Thailand

Cards are recommended for shopping in Thailand

When shopping in Thailand, we recommend using credit cards.

The reason for this is that when you get pickpocketed, having a lot of cash on you can cause a lot of damage.

If you use a credit card, you can stop it right away with a phone call, so I recommend paying with a credit card as a basic rule. Surprisingly, there are many stores in Thailand where you can pay by credit card.

While shopping, it is safer to be connected to the Internet

While shopping, it is recommended to be connected to the Internet so that you can do some research. Surprisingly, there are many WiFi services in Thailand that are not available to Japanese.

How to book a trip to Thailand at a discount

For tours, HIS is by far the cheapest

Among travel agencies, HIS is by far the cheapest.

There was a 4-day tour of Thailand starting at $200 for airfare (including surcharges), hotel, and meals.

Normally, a round-trip air ticket alone costs close to 30,000 yen, so I think this is a very economical tour. Take a look at Thailand travel with HIS.

Here are the best sites for deals! Recommended sites for individual bookings

If you want to travel to Thailand at a reasonable price, I recommend you to get your flight tickets and hotel by yourself without using a travel agency.

We have always used the following sites to arrange our flights and hotels. We always use the following sites to arrange our flights and hotels, as they are all reliable sites.


Expedia is the world’s largest online travel agency for booking overseas flights and hotels.

It’s like an overseas version of Rakuten Travel.

With a Japanese website and Japanese customer support, you can use it with confidence.

>>Look at the best deals on airfare to Thailand at Expedia


The next best option is Surprise, a subsidiary of HIS. It is a company that sells cheap airline tickets online.

It’s a subsidiary of the major HIS, so you can use it with confidence.

Of course, because it is a Japanese company, customer support is also in Japanese.

If you want to book cheap airline tickets with a Japanese company, I recommend using Surprise.

>>See the best deals on airfare to Thailand at Surprise

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