Taipei Travelogue: Jiufen, Cat Village, and Lantern Raising in Shifen! Couple’s Trip for 4 Days (Part 2)

This is the second part of my travelogue of Taiwan.

Taiwan became popular a couple of years ago, I think. The travel guidebook sections you see in bookstores were full of Taiwan-related books.

I thought I could go there anytime I wanted because it was so close, but time just flew by. I still didn’t understand the appeal of Taiwan that everyone was so fascinated by.

I’m sure the food will be delicious, the city will be beautiful, and the people will be kind. But would I be so addicted? I thought to myself, “I’m sure the food will be good, the city will be beautiful, and the people will be kind.

As it turned out, I was completely captivated by the charm of Taiwan.

If you’re planning to go, I’m sure you’ll have a more wonderful trip than you can imagine.

This is the second part of my four-day, three-night trip, covering the third and fourth days. Click here for the first part (Reference: [Travelogue] My first 4-day trip to Taiwan. Enjoying Great Views, Shopping, and Cafes (Part 1)

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Day 3
Take a morning stroll in Kuujun. In the afternoon, visit a cat village with lots of cats and Sufu where you can raise lanterns.
Day 4
Visit Kazan 1914, a factory renovated into an art facility, and buy souvenirs at Carrefour.
Return to Japan.

Day 3 of our trip to Taiwan started with a morning trip to Jiufen in the clear air

It’s easy to get to Kowloon from Taipei on a day trip. But we chose to stay there without hesitation.

We chose to stay in the city without hesitation, because I’m sure the quietness of the city in the morning would be wonderful. We wanted to take our time and enjoy the view of the world when there were not so many people.

I had no hesitation in making the plan to stay in Jiufen, and I am very glad that I did.

The red lanterns are indeed beautiful in the evenings of 9 minutes. It’s fantastic and I really want to look at it forever.

However, it’s not the same as seeing a beautiful view in peace. It’s because the place is overflowing with people in the evening. You have to wait in line to take pictures of the famous spots.

It’s nice to see the bustling streets of 9 minutes, but it’s a bit hectic. It was a bit sad to rush back to Taipei after taking a picture of the red lanterns.

I decided to immerse myself in this fantastic world for as long as I could anyway.

Nine minutes in the morning was quiet and peaceful, just as I had imagined. Until about nine o’clock in the morning, that is.

After 9:00 a.m., more and more Chinese tourist buses arrive, and it becomes a bustling place again.

Early in the morning, the stores are not open yet, but I like this quietness. As I walked with him through the small alleyways, I was savoring the silence.

Eating the Taiwanese sweet “taro” and saying goodbye to Jiufen

After our morning stroll through the Kowloon area, we ate a famous Taiwanese sweet called “Taro”.

This sweet is made of a sticky rice cake and tofu. It was dipped in sweet syrup and tasted refreshing.

Apparently, you can add any toppings you want, including tapioca. I didn’t know that, so I couldn’t add it, but next time I want to add tapioca.

The fact that it had tofu in it seemed to be a mystery to him, and he ate it with a strange look on his face the whole time (lol).

Taro is a sweet that many Japanese people like. You should definitely try it when you visit Taiwan.
The one we had was very inexpensive at $1.85 (50 TWD).

In the same store as the taro, you can also get ramen? Udon? It was even better than I expected…!

Delicious! and ate it all. Now that our stomachs were full, we were ready to move on.

We went to Cat village.

On the third day, we moved from Koochow to Cat-village around noon. The Cat Village is a famous place known as one of the six most popular cat spots in the world. (Reference: I visited Taiwan’s cat village “Monkey temple”!

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I didn’t have much information about the place, so I didn’t know what it would be like. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations.

The Cat Village is located next to Ruifang Station, the closest station to Jiufen, so we first took a bus to the nearest station where the train runs.
Ah, Kowloon again. It was raining hard the whole time we were in Jiufen. Even in the rain, it was wonderful.

When you get off the train, you’re already in a cat village…!

When I got off at the Monkey Composting Station, I found myself in a cat village. I suddenly found a cute cat-shaped bench.

There are also cat footprints on the stairs.

Even though we had only just gotten off the train at the station, our anticipation for the cat village ahead of us grew.

There is a catwalk on the bridge connecting the station to the cat village.

I immediately found a cat on this catwalk…!

When I quickly entered a cat village with this catwalk, I was able to find the kitty right away.

It was raining that day. I was worried that the cats might not be outside, but I was glad to see them safely.

When it’s sunny, you can see more cats, but even on a rainy day, we were able to see them.
Please don’t worry too much and go and see these cute cats.

Of course, the many cats in Nekomura are attractive, but the fact that the whole village is filled with cat motifs is also a high point.

“Cat Cream Puffs” at the Cat Village Cat Cafe

I really wanted to try the “cat puff pastry” at Nekomura.

They were so cute that I spent a lot of time looking at them, lol.

Not only are the cream puffs cute, but they also taste really good.
The store was originally opened by a lady who used to work as a pastry chef in Taipei.

Of course, the cat cafe had its own signature cat.

There are several cat cafes in Nekomura, and they all seem to have their own signature cats.

It would be nice to find your favorite one and relax at that cafe.

Enough to raise a lantern

In no time at all, it was time for the next train to Ten minutes.

We hurriedly boarded the train, and after a short ride, we arrived at Suquan, where the lantern festival is held.

This is the place where the Lantern Festival is held every year, but you can raise lanterns every day in Suffolk, regardless of the festival. (Reference: Raising lanterns in Suffolk was even better than I expected!)

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There are many stores lined up next to the narrow railroad tracks, and since there is only one train an hour, people raise lanterns on the tracks when the trains are not coming.

The train goes by so close…!

Except for the moment when the train passes by, you can spend your time freely on the tracks, which allows you to take photos that are hard to take in Japan.

We were also free to enjoy taking pictures on the tracks and at the station.

Finally, the longed-for lantern raising

Finally, it was time for the long awaited lantern raising.

Lanterns are so much bigger than I thought they would be…!

We were asked to fix a large lantern and first write down our wishes.

Our biggest wish was to go around the world safely.

After writing our wishes, it was time to fly the lantern.

After the lanterns were lit, we had an exciting moment.

I held the lantern in my hand, and when I released it quickly, it flew away with great force.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations for the lantern-raising because it was just for sightseeing.

However, the lantern raising that I did with all my wishes was much better than I expected.

They took a lot of pictures before we flew the lanterns, so we could keep them as memories.

Dinner at a cute cafe with enough illustrations

I was worried because I didn’t have any information about food at all, but there were cute cafes, food stalls, and everything else.

We had dinner at the Platform Cafe, which was particularly cute and I wanted to try it.

I ordered a bowl of rice and a tapioca milk tea.

A bowl of rice is $4.44 (120 TWD) and a cup of tapioca milk tea is $1.85 (50 TWD). After all, Taiwanese food is affordable and delicious.

The tapioca milk tea here was really delicious, sticky and not too sweet.

On the third day, we returned to Taipei from here and that was it. We had a great day in Kowloon, Cat Village, and Suffolk.

On the last day, we went to Kazan 1914, an art facility housed in a renovated factory.

On the fourth and final day in Taiwan, we went to “Kazan 1914” in the morning.

A place that is not yet a very famous tourist attraction. It is an art facility renovated from a factory.

The atmosphere is so nice that there are couples taking wedding photos.

The ruins of the old factory and the renovated art facility blend well together.

It was a picture-perfect place no matter where you took the picture.

The charm of limited time exhibitions that are not in the permanent collection

One of the features of Kazan 1914 is the many limited time exhibitions and stores that are open.

I also found a limited time vending machine inside. It seems that the products on sale change.

I pressed the shutter, hoping that the next time I came back, the stores would be different.

It’s attractive to have things that are always available, but limited time items are a series of coincidences. You may not be able to find the same thing the next time you come back, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Kazan 1914 is definitely an art facility that you can enjoy no matter when you visit.

Buy Taiwanese souvenirs at Carrefour

After enjoying Kazan 1914 to the fullest, you can go back to Carrefour to buy Taiwanese souvenirs.

We had spent a lot of time at Kazan 1914 and only had about 30 minutes to spare…

I hurriedly put the souvenirs I had checked into my basket.

I recommend Lipton’s Jasmine Milk Tea. It comes in small portions, so it makes a great souvenir to give away. (Reference: 15 Souvenirs to Buy in Taiwan)

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It’s not too sweet and has a slight jasmine scent, very good. Delicious.

Pineapple cake and chicken at the airport.

Well, now we are finally back at the airport.

With the last bit of money left over, I bought pineapple cake, chicken, and tapioca milk tea.

The pineapple cake was a chocolate-flavored one from a bakery as a souvenir. It was also very tasty.

After gobbling down the chicken, I’m off back to Japan.

Attracted by Taiwanese culture

I found myself immersed in Taiwanese culture for four days.

Although I didn’t visit all the standard tourist spots, I was fascinated by Taiwan’s spectacular scenery, sundries, night markets, cafes, and art facilities.

The scenery, the goods, the night markets, the cafes, and the art facilities were all wonderful, and I was completely captivated by them.

I’m sure I’ll be going back to these fascinating places again and again.

This is the end of my four-day travelogue.


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