The story of how it was so easy to buy a Taiwanese souvenir through mail order in two minutes.

Have you ever had the depressing experience of choosing a souvenir for your office or parents’ home, or spent a lot of time choosing because you couldn’t find just the right one?

I’m not very good at choosing souvenirs for my co-workers or my parents. I often think about buying souvenirs because I’m going abroad, but I can’t find what I’m looking for even when I’m there, so I sometimes have to go to different stores.

So I used a souvenir shopping service that I had been interested in, and it was really easy to buy something that I could finish choosing in two minutes and that was affordable and would make me happy.

The package is not marked in Japanese, so you can’t tell that you bought it by mail order.

The JTB souvenir shopping site in particular has a large number of products and the site is easy to use.

In this article, I will introduce my impressions of buying Taiwanese souvenirs by mail order, and how to order them.

Souvenir shopping sites are cheaper and easier than you think

Souvenir shopping sites that are actually not that expensive

Taiwanese Souvenirs from JTB Shopping

I used to think that souvenir shopping sites only sold expensive items. But when I actually tried it, I found out that it was surprisingly inexpensive.

For example, the Taiwanese pineapple cake I bought this time was $9 for a pack of nine. It’s not that expensive, is it?

I’ve bought a lot of pineapple cakes in Taiwan, but honestly speaking, the cheap ones are not that good.

So the pineapple cakes I bought in Taiwan were about $8 to $10.

The cheapest souvenirs I’ve bought in Taiwan were between $8 and $10. And the fact that they can be delivered to your house is just too good!

I tried souvenir shopping, and it was so easy to finish choosing in two minutes

I actually bought some souvenirs by mail order and it was so much easier. I don’t know why I didn’t use it earlier…

There are several online stores that sell souvenirs for overseas travel, but JTB’s souvenir site has a large number of items and is easy to use.

The ranking is especially useful, and it lists popular souvenirs that can be bought by mail order by country.

So I thought I could be sure to choose from here, and I bought the pineapple cake that was number one in the ranking. It took me two minutes to finish choosing, and about five minutes including the order.

I wondered what all the time I had spent in the past, as I sometimes spent almost two hours going around the supermarket looking for souvenirs overseas.

I used to worry so much about what to buy as souvenirs for my company members and parents that I could hardly decide on what to buy there. That’s why I felt it was very easy to buy through mail order this time.

More than 60 types of Taiwanese souvenirs available on the mail order site

There are more available on mail order sites than you might imagine; the JTB Shopping site had over 60 different types.

  • Pineapple cake
  • Dried mangoes
  • Mango pudding
  • Pineapple jelly
  • Pineapple chocolate
  • Taiwan Beer
  • Lychee Wine
  • Chun Shui Tang Tapioca Milk Tea Flavored Chocolate
  • Xiao Long Bao Set
  • Taiwanese tea
  • Key Chain

With such a wide variety, you will never be stuck for something to give.

The most popular is pineapple cake, which is an easy souvenir to give to anyone.

Merits of buying souvenirs from mail-order sites

Merit 1: You can enjoy your trip locally without worrying about souvenirs

I spent a lot of time choosing souvenirs when I was there. But with mail-order shopping, souvenir selection is quick and easy.

Therefore, I can buy what I want when I am there, go sightseeing, and enjoy myself without worrying about other people’s souvenirs.

Benefit 2: Tastes great and nothing is bad

If you buy from Japanese souvenir sites, you will not find anything that tastes unappetizing to Japanese people.

The pineapple cake I bought this time was also delicious.

It is nice to be able to choose without worrying about the taste, because there are many things sold overseas that do not suit Japanese tastes.

Since it is purchased by a company like JTB in Japan, I basically don’t have to worry about the taste.

Merit 3: There is no Japanese writing on the package, so you won’t know that you bought it in Japan

The packages of products you receive from souvenir shopping sites do not have any Japanese writing on them. They will not know that you bought it in Japan.

To be precise, there is a sticker with the product description in Japanese, but this can be removed cleanly.

Merit 4: Convenient to choose the arrival date and time

On the JTB souvenir shopping site, I was able to choose the arrival date and time of the product. This is a nice and simple feature.

As a rule of thumb, it takes about four days from the day you place your order.

Merit 5: No need to carry heavy luggage in the field

Personally, the more souvenirs I buy, the heavier my luggage gets and the more depressed I get.

So I thought it was really nice that souvenir shopping can be delivered to your home.

It’s hard to carry a lot of boxes of pineapple cakes and chocolates when you’re traveling, isn’t it?

It’s nice to be able to go home with less luggage.

Somewhat more expensive than local & shipping, but the cost is excellent

If there is a disadvantage, it is that it is a bit more expensive than buying locally.

However, it’s not that expensive, and a package of nine pineapple cakes in Taiwan cost about $9.

I’m sure you can buy them cheaper locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal.

Also, shipping often costs about $5, but if you buy more than $50, shipping is also free on many sites.

Mail order sites where you can buy Taiwanese souvenirs

There are many mail order sites where you can buy Taiwanese souvenirs, but I recommend JTB Shopping Japan.

They are cheaper than other sites, and many of the products have sophisticated packaging.

No. 1: JTB Shopping
This is the cheapest and most sophisticated of the many souvenir shopping sites, offering souvenirs from around the world carefully selected by the JTB Group. The quality is high and the prices are reasonable, making it the No. 1 recommendation.
Recommendation ★★★★★
Number of souvenirs 70 kinds of Taiwanese souvenirs
Postage Free shipping on purchases of $50 or more. Normally $5.
Until delivery Delivery in 4 to 6 days from the date of order

In terms of cheapness, JTB Shopping is recommended.

Depending on the product, some items can be delivered the next day at the earliest.

No. 2: HIS Global Travel Market
A souvenir shopping site operated by HIS. There are a large number of souvenirs available, but the prices are high. Some items can be delivered as early as the next day, which is great if you’re in a hurry!
Recommendation ★★★☆☆
Number of souvenirs 105 kinds of Taiwanese souvenirs
Postage Normally $9.72; free with $50 or more
Until delivery Some products can be delivered as soon as the next day, but it depends on the product.


The actual procedure for buying Taiwanese souvenirs by mail order

Here are the steps to actually buy souvenirs.

I also chose to buy my Taiwanese souvenirs from JTB Shopping.

Step 1: First, select a product

First, go to JTB Shopping’s Taiwan Souvenirs page and choose a souvenir.

JTB Shopping has a ranking system, which is a nice feature. Choose the products you are interested in from the ranking.

You don’t have to worry so much about the taste. The pineapple cake I bought was delicious.

Step 2: Select your arrival date and time and payment method

Once you have selected your items, you can choose the arrival date and time, payment method, and enter your shipping address.

You can choose the arrival date and time from five days to three weeks in advance.

You can choose from the following four payment methods.

Credit card
Rakuten Pay
Yahoo! Wallet
Mobile carrier payment (docomo payment/Softbank Collective Payment)

Once you’ve entered the payment method, your order is complete!

When it actually arrives

It arrived safely on the date and time you selected!

It arrived safely at the date and time I selected. It came in a large cardboard box.

It is well packaged and safe.

This time, I ordered the pineapple cake, the most popular souvenir in Taiwan, which comes in a package of 9 pieces and costs about $9. The price is about $9 for a pack of nine, which is not that expensive, so you can buy it easily.

The contents are packaged individually, as shown in the picture below. The package is also cute…! It has a Taiwanese feel to it, making it a perfect souvenir to give away.

Remove the Japanese sticker.

When you officially import food products from overseas to Japan, a sticker with a description of the product in Japanese is attached.

The Taiwanese pineapple cake I ordered this time also had a sticker in Japanese on it.

However, the sticker was easy to peel off, and I was able to remove it cleanly.

After the sticker was removed, there was no Japanese writing on it. As you can see in the image below, it can be removed cleanly.

Frequently asked questions about overseas travel souvenir shopping

Can I choose the delivery date and time?

→Yes, you can! The timing you can choose differs depending on the product, so check when you place your order.

Many of them can be chosen to be delivered 4 to 5 days ahead of when you place your order. I was able to specify the delivery time properly as well.

Does the souvenir have Japanese written on it?

→No, there is no Japanese written on the product period.

However, when food products are officially imported into Japan, a food sticker with Japanese notation must be affixed, and this is the only one that is affixed.

But don’t worry, it can be removed cleanly.

Can I return the product?

→As a rule, food products cannot be returned. If you are worried about it, you may want to order a small amount at first and then order more if you feel comfortable with it, rather than ordering a large amount.

How do I know how many pieces are in a package?

→Yes, you can. On each product page, you can see how many pieces are in the package as shown below.

In addition to the number of pieces, you can also find out the following information so you can order with confidence.

Country of origin
The size of the box

Summary: Online shopping site to make your souvenir selection smarter

Let me reiterate the organization that I used this time.

・You don’t have to worry about buying souvenirs at the airport.
・You can get souvenirs rather cheaply.
・The taste is delicious.
・A wide variety to choose from.
・There is no need to carry heavy luggage.
・You don’t need to carry heavy luggage when you are there.

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