Stylish and cute! Papoer Hotel in Kaohsiung is too comfortable to stay at for the $40s!

Kaohsiung can be reached as a day trip from Taipei, but I recommend staying overnight because of its stylish and affordable hotels.

I’ll be introducing the Papoa Hotel, which is conveniently located near the Kaohsiung Railway Station and only costs around $40.

It’s a designer hotel with a stylish and clean interior. This hotel is a must stay for women and couples traveling together.

I went to this hotel with high expectations because it was rated very highly on the booking sites, but it was still a great place to stay when I actually stayed there!

I’ll summarize my impressions of the hotel as a review.

Fashionable and well-located Papoer Hotel

On this day, we took the bullet train from Taichung to Kaohsiung. Although we had heavy luggage, we walked from Gao Railway Station and arrived at the hotel safely.

“Papoer” means “clap” in Taiwan, and the clapping of hands has become a trademark.

It’s a hotel with a wonderful name.

Once you step into the hotel, you’ll suddenly find a very cute space.

I knew designer hotels were cute! And the anticipation for your room is building!

パポアホテルの内装We went up the elevator and came to our room as soon as possible. The room number was also stylishly designed with light and shade.

We stayed in a standard double room.

The room is about $45 per room per night. You can stay here for about $22 per person, so it’s pretty cheap. .

Compact but functional rooms

The room is compact, but functional, with everything you need.

There is a desk and a TV.

Water, kettle, and mugs are also available.

There’s also a refrigerator, which is nice because many rooms in the $40s don’t have refrigerators.

There is an air conditioner in the room, but also a fan.

Slippers are available, which is great for Japanese people.

The bathrooms are bright and clean

The bathroom and toilet are separated by a door. I’m not a fan of unit baths, so I was relieved to have a bathroom that was secure.

Only shampoo and body soap are provided, but both are of high quality and make my hair silky smooth. This might be okay without a rinse.

The bathroom is also clean and has a user-friendly layout.

There was a hairdryer, towels, and a good safe.

Toothbrushes, combs, shower caps, cotton swabs, cotton balls, razor blades, and other amenities are also available.

It’s nice to have all this in an affordable hotel!

Luggage storage space is great

The room is compact, but there is a luggage storage space at the end of the room, which was convenient.

We were able to put our suitcases here without any inconvenience because we could free up other space.

There are also hangers so you can hang your coats and dresses.

There is also a spacious room with a great view

This time, we were specially shown other rooms. This is the Superior Double Room, which costs about $80 per room per night. The room is quite spacious.

The room is quite spacious and has a large window with a nice view.

You can see Takao Station in front of you.

I’m really liking this view. Next time I want to stay in one of these rooms!

There is also a Deluxe Family Room that can accommodate four people. These cost about $100 per room per night.

It’s a great place to stay with your family or girl friends. You’ll have a wonderful time in this stylish and spacious room.

>>Click here to see the room types at Papoa Hotel.

Great free service from Papoer!

It’s amazing how many services the Papoer Hotel offers for free! Here are a few representative ones.

Laundry service

パポアホテルのランドリーサービスCoffee lovers are sure to love it.

Fashionable common space too

The stylish common space on the second floor is also freely available for everyone to use.

The interior of this space is so cute, I can’t stop crushing on it…!

パポアホテルのインテリアHere you can also see the work of a famous Taiwanese artist, Zou Junsheng.

The nice interior and delicate pictures helped me to heal.

Range and toaster

In the stylish kitchen space, there’s a microwave and a toaster that you can freely use.

It’s very helpful to be able to heat up things you’ve bought at the supermarket or convenience store.

Special breakfast

パポアホテルの朝食The nearest station to the Papoer Hotel is Takao Station. Originally, it was a one-minute walk from Takao Station to the hotel. But as of March 2020, it is under construction and a bit of a detour.

The construction is quite extensive and will probably continue until around 2009…

Here are some directions on how to get there during the current construction.

  1. Take the escalator up to Takao Station ground level
  2. Look for the sign “Exit Jioulou 2 Road” and go in that direction
  3. When you reach the main street, “Jiuluo Er Road”, turn left
  4. Turn left at the street called “Chongqing Road”

When I went there, it took me about 5 minutes to walk there; if you look at the Googel map, it’s right next to the station, but keep in mind that it’s a long way and a 5-minute walk.

The next station has a famous night market and tourist spots

Just one train stop away from the hotel’s nearest station, Gao Station, is the world’s most beautiful station, “Meili Island Station”.

A three-minute walk from the station will take you to the most famous night market in Kaohsiung, the Lioujia Night Market.

This night market is moderately crowded and easy to get around. It has become my favorite night market in Taiwan.

On the days you stay at the Papoer Hotel, be sure to visit the Meilingdao Station and Lioujia Night Market.

Papoa Hotel is recommended for women and couples travelers

After staying at the Papoer Hotel this time, I felt that it is highly recommended for couples and women travelers.

  1. A good location near Takao Station
  2. Fashionable designer hotel
  3. Bright and clean
  4. Rooms available for as low as $40
  5. Many free services available
  6. Near tourist attractions

When I look back on the time I spent here, all I can think of is that I want to “applaud” the hotel, just like its name.

The large four-person room is a great place to stay for a family.

It’s close to the Kaohsiung train station, and at a very reasonable price, so if you’re ever in Kaohsiung, do stay here!

>>Check the rates on the official website of Papoa Hotel

Basic Information of Papoa Hotel
Opening hours: Check-in from 15:00, Check-out at 11:00
Address: No. 1-3, Chongqing Street, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City


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