Experience the Skyline Luge in Singapore! The No. 1 attraction on Sentosa Island

Is the Skyline Luge really an enjoyable ride? Is it worth the trip? I’m sure there are many people who are wondering about that.

This time, I actually went to the Skyline Luge, and I’ll give you a detailed report on what it’s like there!

We rode it three times, and it was such a fun experience that we still didn’t have enough fun!

Adults will get hooked too!

We have detailed information about the experience, including a report on the ride and discounted tickets, so if you visit Sentosa, be sure to try the Skyline Luge.

Skyline Luge is an attraction that offers a thrilling experience

The Skyline Luge is a vehicle that uses its weight to drive uphill.

It’s like a go-kart without an engine. .

When you ride it, it goes pretty fast, but it’s very easy to operate!

You can also stop immediately, so there are no safety issues.

It is a fun ride for both children and adults.



This video will give you an idea of what kind of ride it is.

By the way, this popular attraction is available in the US and Canada, but not in Japan.

I’d love to experience it in Singapore!

[My experience] I rode the Skyline Luge in Sentosa Island!

This time, I actually came to the Skyline Luge in Sentosa.

After watching the video, I was really looking forward to coming to this place in person.

Here’s my detailed report on the place!

Exchanging the voucher for a ticket

We’re at the Skyline Luge!

This time we had purchased our tickets on a website where we could book them in advance for a discount. (Reference: [Singapore] Skyline Luge Sentosa: Luge + Sky Ride Ticket from $14.60)

You will be asked to exchange your voucher for a ticket at the ticket counter.

We bought tickets for a total of three rides, so we’ll enjoy them to the fullest!

Selecting and fitting our helmets

When riding the Skyline Luge, you need to wear a helmet.

They come in a variety of sizes, so choose the one that fits you best.

It’s an easy type to put on, so it wasn’t that much of a hassle.

Decide your course in advance

You put on your helmet and get in line to ride the luge.

There are four courses in total, so I used the time in line to decide which course I wanted to take with the people I was going with.

The length of the courses are all not that different, so you can choose the course you like.

By the way, the starting point is the same for all the courses.

Only the first time, attend a mini-course on operation

For first time riders of the Luge, there was a mini-course on how to operate it. .

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to operate the luge properly, so I was relieved to learn that I could.

The operation itself was very easy!

Push the lever in front of the luge forward to start moving, and pull it forward to apply the brakes.

It doesn’t have an engine, so it uses the weight of the person riding it to go down the hill.

A mini-course will help you get the hang of it!

Finally, we’re off on the luge

When I actually start driving, I feel like I’m going pretty fast.

I was nervous at first, but now I get to enjoy driving!

Multiple people can have fun racing and such!

The time spent going down in the luge really flew by. This is something adults can get into too! .

Climbing up on the “Skyline”, a special lift

After riding the luge down the hill, you will come to the far end of Sentosa.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to the island, and I’ve never been to the island before.

One ticket includes both the luge ride down and the skyline ride up. .

At this rate, we were soon riding the luge again for the second time.

When we were done, even after three rides, we weren’t bored at all!

This is fun! I hope they can do this in Japan too.

You can save 5 dollars! Sky Luge Prices and Discount Information

Here is the price and discount information for Scalzi.

By the way, below are the prices from the official website.

・2 luge and skyride: $24
・3 Luge and Sky Ride: $27
・4 Luge and Sky Ride: $29

Two luge and skyride rides will cost you $19.20.

Lowest price is KKday, save over $5 per person!

If you want to save money on the Skyline Luge, you can book it through KKday.

It is more than $5 cheaper than the official website. (Reference: [Singapore] Skyline Luge Sentosa: Luge + Sky Ride Ticket from $14.60)

For two rides, it cost $19.20 officially, but you can buy it for $14.60 at KKday.

We also compared other sites, but KKday had the lowest price.

We also used KKday for our ride!

Features of KKday

・You can book on the English website.
・Customer support is also available.
・Tours to over 60 countries around the world are available.
・Lowest price for each ticket in many cases

Look at the best ticket deals for Skyline Luge on KKday

Reviews from people who went to Skyline Luge on KKday

I had only seen it on TV, but it was more than I expected and the kids were very happy. We bought two tickets, but I think we could have done with a few more experiences.

At first, I was very worried about whether I could handle the luge (because I’m an adult), but it was easy to control the handlebars and adjust the speed (the staff explained it to us when we got on), and the distance was not too short or too long, so I really enjoyed it. The skyline was also very pleasant with a great view. I would like to come back again someday with my grandchildren. Helmets must be worn.

There were many reviews that said they had a great time with their kids, and even adults got excited.

>>See the best ticket deals for Skyline Luge on KKday


To ride the luge on your own, you must be at least 6 years old and over 110cm.

Children who do not fall into this category can ride with an adult.

Location and Directions for Skyline Luge

There are two entrances to the Skyline Luge, one at the top and one at the bottom of Sentosa Island.

・In-between lookout entrance (take the luge from here)
・The entrance to Siloso Beach (take the lift to the top and then board the luge)

In-between lookout entrance

In-between lookout bus stop Bus A – westbound

Sentosa Express Imbiah Station

[Cable Car]
Singapore Cable Car 2 minutes walk from Sentosa Station

The entrance to Siloso Beach

Beach Station Bus A – Westbound and Bus B – Eastbound

Sentosa Express Beach Station

Siloso Beach Tram – Stop 1A

There are a total of four different courses you can run on the luge.

There are a total of four different courses you can run on the luge.

・Pink – Kupukup Trail – 638m
・Yellow-green – Expedition Trail – 658m
・Orange – Jungle Trail – 628m
・Light blue – Dragon Trail – 688m

The lengths are all not very different.

I felt that the most thrilling part was the Jungle Trail, a course with many sharp curves.

If you are nervous at first, I recommend the “Dragon Trail” which has less sharp curves.

There are also signs for the courses before the ride, so you can decide which course you want to take there.

Light-up at night



By the way, the Skyline Luge is open from 10:00 to 21:30.

You can ride it after dark, and it seems to be wonderful to ride through the lights at night.

I wish I could have ridden it.

I think it would be nice to play at Universal during the day and ride the Skyline Luge at night.

Crowding information for the Skyline Luge

When we went there, we lined up for about 10 minutes only at the beginning.

The next two or three times we went, there was hardly any line at all.

Reading other travel blogs, it was mentioned that the line was about 10 minutes even during the daytime on weekends.

It is unlikely to be that crowded.

Experience the thrill of the Skyline Luge

To be honest, the Skyline Luge was more fun than I had expected.

Before I went, I thought it might be an attraction for children. Before I went, I thought it might be an attraction for children, but even adults were excited and had fun riding it.

Of course, if you have children, I’m sure they would love it.

The park is open until 9:30 p.m., so you can go there after enjoying other attractions.

Don’t forget to sign up for the special ticket deals!

See the best ticket deals for Skyline Luge on KKday

Have a nice trip!

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