I was so excited to visit the Singapore Zoo! A guide to the zoo’s powerful shows, how to get there, and how to get around!

The Singapore Zoo is a must-visit when you visit Singapore.

I was very much looking forward to going there because I heard that I could see living animals in a vast area.

When I actually went there, I liked it so much that I wanted to get an annual pass.

Because the zoo is divided by waterways and plants without fences and cages, it is easy to see and photograph the animals in their natural state, and I’ve never been to such a fun zoo before!

In this article, I will introduce the attractiveness of Singapore Zoo, how to get there, and how to get around efficiently.

It’s a must-visit spot when sightseeing in Singapore.

Live and let live animals come to life! The charm of Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Asia, with over 3,000 animals of 300 species.

Let’s start with the three attractions.

Attraction 1: Lots of powerful shows

The Singapore Zoo offers four powerful shows.

Once inside the zoo, it is free to watch any of the shows.

Sea lions blowing water to make things exciting, birds flying over your head for a thrilling experience, and so on.

The ingenious shows are one of the attractions of the Singapore Zoo.

Each show is held at a different time, so you can see everything that interests you.

Attraction 2: Exhibits that make you feel closer to the animals

There are very few fences or cages in the Singapore Zoo.

Orangutans and turtles have a free-range area.

The other animals are well separated from the human walking zone by waterways and ditches.

In addition, a huge area has been set aside for the animals, so you feel as if you are in Africa watching wild animals.

It’s completely different from the animals cramped in small cages in Japanese zoos.

Attraction 3: Many animals that are hard to see in Japan

Starting with the white tiger and tengu monkey, there are many animals that are hard to find in zoos in Japan.

There are also animals that live in the Malay Peninsula and Indochina Peninsula.

You won’t have a chance to see them in Japan, so you can enjoy them with a fresh mind.

Basic Information about Singapore Zoo

Opening hours: 8:30 – 18:30
Closed days: Basically none
Price: $35 admission fee -> The cheapest site is KKday, where you can buy a ticket for $35 admission fee + $5 streetcar ticket for as low as $29.70.
Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

What’s the difference between a river safari and a night safari?

The Singapore Zoo is located next to the River Safari and the Night Safari and can be walked to and from.

I have actually been to the other two facilities and will explain what makes them different from the two other facilities.

River Safari is an aquarium-like facility

River Safari is a theme park for water animals. It is a spot like an aquarium.

The park is based on the concept of recreating the world’s seven great rivers, with exhibits on the Mississippi, Nile, Ganges, Congo, Mekong, Yangtze and Murray Rivers.

The main attractions are a large tank with manatee, an endangered species, and giant pandas.

Pandas need to live in a cooler place, so they seem to be in the River Safari instead of the zoo.

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Night Safari is a spot to admire animals at night

The Night Safari, on the other hand, is open only at night.

You can take a streetcar ride or walk around the park at night.

The animals you can see include elephants, tigers, and many more.

The best feature is that you can view the animals in a unique and exciting atmosphere at night.

Also, animals that are too hot to move much during the day may be more active at night.

The only drawback is that it is dark and you can’t see the animals very clearly…

In particular, it was almost impossible to take photos or videos in the dark.

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Personally, I enjoyed the Singapore Zoo the most.

After visiting all three parks, the Singapore Zoo was the one I enjoyed the most because I was able to spend time with the animals.

・The River Safari is mainly fish.
・The night safari was too dark to take pictures.

I think the main reason was that I was able to see the lively animals up close and enjoy taking pictures of them.

How to get to the Singapore Zoo

Taxis are recommended for those who want to go easy

The Singapore Zoo is a bit far from the center of Singapore.

There are ways to get there by train and bus, but it often takes about an hour and a half each way.

If you take a cab directly from your hotel in the center to the zoo, it will take you about 20 minutes. .

If you want to go easy, I recommend taking a cab.

We went by Grab for $20.

To get there by train and shuttle bus

Direct bus “Safari Gate”

There is a direct bus from the Marina Bay area called Safari Gate.

If you take this bus, you can go directly to the zoo.

・Departure point
Duck&Hippo in “Suntec City
・Nearest station
MRT Circle Line, Esplanade Station, Exit A
One way $7, round trip $12
・Departure time
8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00
・Return time
11:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
・Time required
About 45 minutes

Take the MRT and shuttle bus

If you take the MRT to the Khartoum station near the zoo, you can take the zoo shuttle bus for $1.

・Departure point
Khatib Station (Exit A) on the NS subway line.
・Departure time
8:30 – 19:00, every 40 minutes on weekdays, every 20 minutes on weekends and holidays.
・Time required
15 minutes to the zoo

The shuttle bus is called the “Mandai Express Bus”.

[My experience] I was so excited about the Singapore Zoo!

Here is a recap of our actual visit to the Singapore Zoo.

I was looking forward to going there, but I was so excited to see a zoo that far exceeded my expectations!

9:00 Arrive at Singapore Zoo

On this day, I took a Grab from my hotel to the Singapore Zoo.

It took us about 20 minutes. It was much faster than taking the train or bus, so I decided to take the Grab in the morning.

Arrive at the Singapore Zoo before 9:00am and turn your voucher into a ticket.

With this machine, I could also change my River Safari and Night Safari vouchers into tickets.

Now it’s time to enter, and I’m thrilled!

9:10 Arrive at Breakfast with Orangutans

On this day, we had booked a plan to have breakfast with the orangutan.

Breakfast was buffet style, and pretty spectacular!

It’s nice to know that you can eat as much as you like.

While we were enjoying the buffet, an orangutan dexterously climbed down across the rope.

It looks like they’re having breakfast here too. Cute!

I’m so glad we don’t get to see this in Japan!

After this, we were able to have our photo taken with the orangutan.

10:30 Sea lion show “Splash Safari”

We left the breakfast hall a little after 10:00 and headed to the “Splash Safari” where we could see the sea lion show.

The show starts at 10:30!

It was quite an exciting show.

A sea lion sprays water all over the audience (lol).

If you don’t want to get wet, try to sit outside the front three rows.

11:30 Go to the Elephant Show “Elephant Presentation”

After the 20-minute sea lion show, we came to the nearby elephant area.

There is a show starting at 11:30am, so I decide to watch it.

Three elephants each performing a trick.

Bathing in water, eating watermelon. The elephants were very cute.

It’s a good idea to sit in the central zone as much as possible, because the elephants only perform their tricks in the central area.

12:00 Lunch

After watching the elephant show, we were getting hungry and decided to have lunch.

We had lunch at the food court at the entrance.

By the way, you can go in and out of the Singapore Zoo as many times as you want that day as long as you get your hand stamped.

Pasta and other dishes cost about $20, but for some reason, these noodles were as cheap as $7…

It tasted like chanpon and was delicious.

13:00 Go to River Safari to cool off

It was actually quite hot and exhausting at this point…we decided to go to the River Safari.

The Singapore Zoo is mostly outside, and it’s quite hot.

Many of the places to eat were also outside.

The River Safari has many cool indoor exhibits, so it was helpful to take refuge during the day.

14:15 Stroll back to the Singapore Zoo

After cooling off at the River Safari, we came back to the zoo with a bit of a revival.

Suddenly, a monkey appeared in front of me, and I was amazed…!

This is the first time I’ve ever seen it. This is the style of the Singapore Zoo.

But this is the style of the zoo in Singapore. The animals, which have no problem with being left alone, spend their time as they please in the trees and near the water.

It looks like it was just feeding time.

This one seemed to like bananas, and ate them all, lol.

What a really nice zoo to be able to see the animals from this distance!

Big turtles were also walking freely.

14:30 Go to “Rainforest Fight Back”, a show where small animals are very active

We came to see the “Rainforest Fight Back” show at 2:30pm.

This show is basically small animals in action.

It’s just that there’s a big bird flying over your head and other effects, and it’s very powerful!

On the other hand, is it a small raccoon? They look so cute as they trot along on a tightrope.

The colorful little bird is cute too…!

The last one is very nice and impressive.

Please check it out!

Meet the white tigers and white rhinos

After the show, we came to an area with white tigers and white rhinos.

It was my first time to see a white tiger, and I was amazed at how beautiful they were.

They climbed trees and walked around in the pond. It made me happy to see such a lively animal.

Some of them were just lazing around in the pond, and it was just irresistibly cute!

This is a white rhino. It was very big and very cool.

There was also a small prairie dog. They look so cute!

We also found a lion, but it was too hot to move from the shade… I guess even animals get exhausted in this heat.

This is an Akakawai wild boar, which is not often seen in Japan. It’s kind of cute because it looks like it’s smiling.

They seem to live in tropical rainforest areas.

15:45 Giraffe feeding with great excitement

We were looking forward to feeding the giraffes all day.

The cost of feeding them was $5.

I gave him some carrots and he looked so happy to eat them.

I was so happy to get so close to them!

Tengusaru, an endangered species

Finally, we decided to take a look at the tengu monkeys near the entrance of the zoo.

I was wondering what kind of monkey he was, but he really had a big nose like a tengu.

I was amazed as I had never seen one before. I’ve been to the Singapore Zoo before, and I’ve enjoyed it more than I could have ever imagined, meeting many animals I’d never seen before.

On the way back, we decided to leave the zoo through a group of orangutans.

I’m happy to see the animals living in a carefree manner.

By the way, the orangutans were smiling as they freely came and went on the trees.

It’s a great way to see the world.

How to get around Singapore Zoo & Strategy

Here is a list of recommended ways to get around and strategies to enjoy the Singapore Zoo 120%.

Point 1: Check the show times and pick up the animals you want to feed

First, pick the shows you want to see and the animals you want to participate in feeding.

The entire Singapore Zoo should take about four to six hours to complete.

There are four shows in the zoo

1. “Splash Safari” with sea lions as the main attraction.

[Show Time]
10:30, 17:00

・The sea lions are the stars of the show.
・This is the first time I’ve ever been to an aquarium.
・It’s a great way to see what’s going on in the world.

2. Elephants are cute in the Elephant Presentation.

[Show Time]
11:30, 15:30

・This is the first time I’ve seen elephants do this.
・This is a great way to get a glimpse of what it is like to be an elephant.

3. Birds and small animals are very active! Rainforest Fight Back”.

[Show Time]

・The thrill of birds flying over your head!
・Small animals are also cute!

4. “Animal Friend” for kids.

[Show Time]
11:00, 16:00

A show featuring dogs and cats.
Content for children

We didn’t go this time because we heard that it was a bit boring for adults.

Feeding times

Elephant 9:15, 13:30, 16:30
Giraffe 10:45, 13:50, 15:45
Black howler monkeys 11:00
Orangutan 11:00, 15:30, 16:30
Goats 11:30
Elephant Turtle 13:15
Macaque 13:45
White rhinoceros 13:45
Lion 13:25
Meerkat 13:30
Prairie dog 13:40
Hippopotamus 14:30
Tengusaru 11:30, 16:45
Mandrill 16:30
Chimpanzee 16:35

Point 2: Check the course and time on the pamphlet you get at the entrance

The Singapore Zoo is huge, so make sure you have a map to locate the animals you want to see.

Show times, feeding times, and a map of the zoo are all listed in the pamphlet you get when you enter.

It’s a good idea to stop and check it once you enter.

The map has pictures of the animals on it, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t know the names of the animals in English.

Point 3: Make good use of the tram

There is a streetcar running through the park, and there are four spots where you can get on and off.

It is a convenient way to get around the park efficiently in the fairly hot weather.

The streetcar costs $5 instead of just the regular admission fee.

On the KKday website, you can buy a ticket for $35 for admission plus $5 for the streetcar for a bargain price of $29.70.

This is the lowest price for Singapore Zoo tickets, so you should book your tickets through KKday.

They have a Japanese website and customer support, so you can use their services with confidence.

What to bring to Singapore Zoo

Mini electric fan

It was really hot in Singapore.

The zoo has very few air-conditioned areas and there is no place to cool off.

It was also hellish when watching the shows in the sun.

I wish I had brought a mini fan with me.

Large hat to shade you from the sun

There is no shade in many places, so a large hat is useful.

Strong sunscreen

I was outside all day and got quite a sunburn.

Bring a strong, water-proof sunscreen.

I don’t sweat much in Japan, but at the Singapore Zoo, I sweated so much that my sunscreen ran right off.

I recommend that you not only apply it in the morning, but also bring it with you to the zoo and reapply it.

Bug Repellent Goods

In Singapore, mosquito bites can also lead to dengue fever.

Be sure to bring insect repellents and take measures to avoid mosquito bites.

Spend an exciting day at the Singapore Zoo!

Singapore Zoo is a must-visit spot when you visit Singapore.

It offers experiences, excitement, and stimulation that you can never have in a Japanese zoo.

Most of all, it is a joy to see the animals living and breathing in the vast grounds.

I urge you to go and experience this magnificence for yourself!

Have a nice trip!


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