11 sweets to buy as souvenirs in Singapore! Cheap bulk & tea available at supermarkets!

For souvenirs to give away, you want to choose delicious and inexpensive sweets.

However, it is difficult to visit many different stores during a short stay, isn’t it?

In this article, we will introduce cheap and tasty Singaporean snacks that can be bought at supermarkets near tourist spots.

I have also included tea and coffee that would be great to give along with the sweets, so if you are going to Singapore in the future, please refer to it.

Get your souvenirs efficiently and enjoy your stay in Singapore to the fullest!

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Singapore souvenir shopping at JTB

Singapore sweets perfect for scattering

Love the adorable shape! Merlion Cookies

When you think of Singapore, the Merlion probably comes to mind for many people.

After all, it is easy to give Merlion shaped sweets as a souvenir.

In particular, these Merlion shaped cookies feature tropical flavors such as lychee flavor and pineapple flavor.

It is not too sweet, so it is an easy souvenir to give to anyone.

Each box contains 12 individually wrapped bags, making it easy to hand out at work.

Price: $6
Packaging: 12 pieces

“Merlion Chocolates”

This is another chocolate in the shape of a Merlion.

Although they are not individually wrapped, they are a standard and reliable souvenir.

Many of them come in pretty boxes, so they make great souvenirs for your loved ones.

There are many varieties, from those with nuts and almonds to tropical ones such as pineapple flavor.

Price: $7 to $10
Individually wrapped: No individual chocolates are available.

Prawn rolls, which are easy to give to men

Prawn rolls are a snack made by wrapping shrimp in a small spring roll and deep-frying it.

It is a standard snack in Singapore.

It is an easy souvenir to give to people who don’t like sweets or to men who like to drink.

It is sold in small bags in bulk, or individually in a large box.

If you want to buy them for distributing, try to choose the individual boxed type.

Price: $2.8
Packaging: The bag type is not individually packaged, but the large boxed type is.

Gem Biscuits, Singapore’s beloved snack

Gem Biscuits, a snack that Singaporeans have loved for a long time.

The egg-ball-like biscuit is decorated with crispy colorful meringue.

It’s a cute cookie with a cute little appearance!

They look gorgeous and can be easily bought at supermarkets, making them perfect for handing out as souvenirs.

Price: $0.8
Packaging: Available in small bags.

Singaporeans’ favorite drink is now a snack. Milo’s Chocolate

Singaporeans love the cocoa-flavored MILO drink.

Although MILO is also sold in Japan, Singaporeans seem to love it so much that they drink it every day.

MILO is a soul drink that can be found everywhere in Singapore, but it has been transformed into a snack!

Chocolate with a delightful crunchy texture.

Small bags can be bought for about $0.60 and taste delicious, so try giving them away as souvenirs.

Price: about $0.60
Packaging: Small bags are available.

Healthy and Delicious “Oat Crunch Cookies”

Oat Crunch Cookies are healthy with lots of oatmeal, but they also have a rich chocolate flavor.

These cookies originated in Malaysia, but they are also loved in Singapore.

They are not too sweet, and are to the taste of Japanese people.

The individually wrapped and cute packaging makes them perfect for handing out as souvenirs.

Price: $3.00
Individually packaged: 16 bags

The latest hot snack! Aikaen Peanuts

The peanuts sold at the famous shaved ice shop “Ajikaen” have recently become a hot topic.

Because of their good reputation, they are now available in supermarkets! I also found them at the supermarket.

I couldn’t find it this time, but the garlic flavor seems to be very tasty.

It has a big garlic symbol on it. If you find it, please buy it.

It would be a good souvenir for people who like to drink or for men who don’t like sweets.

Price: $1.25
Individually packaged: Not individually packaged, but it is affordable and good to buy in bulk.

You can’t taste this in Japan! “Salted Egg Potato Chips”

Salted egg potato chips have recently become popular in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

The “Salted Egg” is duck eggs soaked in salt and has a very rich and delicious flavor.

It has become a topic of conversation as a high-class reward potato chips, and is said to be absolutely addictive to eat.

They have recently expanded to Japan, but the price is quite high at $7 for 100 grams.

In Singapore, you can buy them a little cheaper, so please try the recently popular potato chips.

Price: $5
Packaging: No individual packaging is available.

Singapore only flavor! PEPERO

PEPERO” is a snack sold by Lotte.

There seems to be a “Ham Cheese Flavor” available only in Singapore.

All of these sweets have a taste that is very much to the liking of Japanese people.

There are also “Kaya Toast Flavor” and “Kopi Coffee Flavor” in Pocky, and “Chili Crab Flavor” in Pritz, which are also limited to Singapore.

They all cost around a dollar, so if you find one, buy it!

Price: $1.3
Packaging: Not packaged individually.

Singapore born chocolate “Yang Yang Tsukebo”

Yang Yang Tsing Bo” is a snack that is well known in Japan.

Did you know that it was actually born in Singapore?

There was a “Tiramisu flavor” for adults that was only available in Singapore.

It had a very rich chocolate flavor and was delicious.

Reasonably priced, perfect for handouts!

Price: $1.00
Packaging: Not individually packaged.

Singapore’s instant noodles “KOKA”

Laksa” is commonly eaten in Singapore. It is coconut flavored curry noodles.

Some instant noodles made in Singapore make it easy to make laksa!

Choose “KOKA” as the manufacturer and buy it.

You can easily recreate the taste of Singapore.

Price: $2.7
Packaging: 5 bags

An accompaniment to sweets. Tea, coffee and other beverages

Cute, colorful packaging! Tea by Mulesna

This tea comes in a cute package with pictures of famous places in Singapore.

I think I’m going to have to buy a packet of this one!

The tea inside the wooden box is Mulesna Tea, which is famous in Sri Lanka.

The flavors include peach, hibiscus, and other tropical flavors.

It will be fun to choose your favorite package and flavor.

Price: $9.9
Individual package: 25 bags

“White Coffee” from Malaysia

White coffee, born in Malaysia, is also a common coffee drink in Singapore.

In Malaysia, margarine and flour have long been mixed in with the coffee beans during the roasting process.

It is said that mixing margarine and other ingredients gives the coffee a richer and thicker flavor.

I’ve tried their white coffee myself, and it’s rich and not too bitter!

Any supermarket will have large bags of individually packaged coffee, so it is easy to give away as a souvenir.

Price: $7.35
Packing: 13 pieces

Malaysian-style milk tea “teetarik”

Malaysian-style milk tea, made by mixing black tea with condescending milk, is called “teetarik”.

Teetotalik is also a drink that is loved by the citizens of Singapore.

If you drink tea in a cafeteria or food court, most of them have teetalik.

It has a rich taste and is easy to drink without being too sweet.

The large Lipton package contains 12 individual bags.

You can give them away with sweets as a souvenir to give away.

Price: $6.00
Packing: 12 pieces

“Dilmash Tea”

is expensive in Japan! Dilmash Tea

Dilmash is a tea brand from Sri Lanka, the kingdom of black tea.

You can buy it in Japan, but it is a high quality tea and the price is high.

However, in Singapore, Dilmash is a tea that is often drunk, and you can buy it for less than half the price in Japan.

The tea is carefully hand-picked in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, and is a must-try.

Price: $2.35
Individually packaged: 25 bags

Born in Singapore! Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer, which is loved all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia, was also born in Singapore.

Many Southeast Asian beers are thin, but Tiger Beer is full-bodied and has a perfect thirst-quenching taste.

It also has a fruity taste, and many Japanese people like this beer.

I would like to give it to someone who likes to drink, along with some snacks to go with it.

Price: $3 for 320ml

Superstores to go to in Singapore

Cold Storage or Marketplace for orthodox souvenirs

If you want to buy orthodox souvenirs such as boxed sweets, it is better not to go to a local supermarket too often.

We recommend Cold Storage or Marketplace, which are solid supermarkets near tourist attractions.


Market Place by Jasons” in the Marina Bay area is convenient for sightseeing.

Basic information about Market Place by Jasons
Opening hours: 8:00 – 23:00
Closed: No specific days
Address: 252 North Bridge Rd, Raffles City Robinsons, Singapore

Cold Storage

The store is conveniently located in Raffles City, a shopping center directly connected to the City Hall MRT station.

It is located in one of the most important transportation areas in Singapore, and you can get anywhere from City Hall station by train or bus.

The supermarket is quite spacious, and you’ll find just what you want!

Other Cold Storage stores are often located near Bugis station, in the Paragon shopping mall, in the I12 Katong shopping mall in the Katong district, and other convenient places for sightseeing.

Basic Information on Cold Storage in Raffles City
Opening hours: 8:00am – 11:00pm
Closed: No specific days
Address: 252 North Bridge Rd, #B1-01/02 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

Mustafa Center, the cheapest place to buy anyway

If you want to buy souvenirs from Singapore at any price, Mustafa Center is the place to go.

It is a Indian shopping center located in Little India.

Due to the miscellaneous nature of the place, it is not recommended for those who want to find a clean place to shop.

But the price is quite cheap. Some items are even cheaper when bought in bulk, so if you want to buy something cheap, go for it.

There was also a large selection of boxed chocolates and cookies.

It’s also open 24 hours a day, so you can go buy souvenirs at any time.

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Singapore Souvenirs You Can Buy by Mail Order

Singapore souvenirs can actually be purchased by mail order. You can buy the following items from the JTB website.

  • Merlion cookies and chocolates
  • Kaya jam from Raffles Hotel
  • Prawn rolls
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Singapore Kaya Cookies

Of course, there is no Japanese notation on the boxes of sweets, so you won’t know that you bought them by mail order.

Advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order

The following are some of the advantages I found when I actually bought souvenirs from Singapore by mail order.

  • You don’t have to worry about buying souvenirs locally
  • You can get souvenirs rather cheaply (about $10 for a box of Merlion chocolates)
  • The taste is delicious
  • A wide variety to choose from
  • You don’t have to carry heavy luggage while sightseeing
  • No Japanese notation, so you won’t know you bought it in Japan
  • You can specify the time of delivery

It’s a little more expensive than buying locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching around for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal.

Be smart about preparing souvenirs for distribution by mail order, and enjoy sightseeing and shopping for yourself when you are there! There is no need to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away.

You don’t have to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away. You can buy souvenirs on the JTB website, so you can prepare souvenirs to give away here.

Look at the official JTB Shopping website

Having a great time shopping in Singapore

Singapore had many delicious snacks and foods that were influenced by Malaysia and England.

If you don’t have much time during your stay, try to find souvenirs efficiently at supermarkets near tourist attractions.

If you want to concentrate on sightseeing, you can also buy them in advance by mail order.

Look at the official website of JTB Shopping.

Have a nice trip!

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