A selection of 10 cute sundries in Singapore! Perfume containers and stylish pouches!

Singapore is not only home to the local Malay culture, but also to various other cultures such as Chinese, British, Indian, and Middle Eastern.

As only a multi-ethnic country can, there are cute sundries from many different cultures!

In this article, I would like to introduce some cute souvenirs from Singapore that I would like to recommend to people who like miscellaneous goods.

Recommended spots for shopping are also explained, so please refer to them if you are going to Singapore.

★There is a smart way to buy souvenirs for your company or friends by mail order. You can buy Merlion cookies and chocolates by mail order for not much more than the local price. Enjoy shopping for yourself in Singapore.
Singapore souvenir shopping at JTB

Prakanan tableware in lovely pastel colors.

Prakanan tableware is the most recommended general merchandise in Singapore.

Placanang is a mixture of Malay and Chinese culture. .

In the past, people from China were often rich and wealthy, which helped them to build a luxurious and beautiful culture.

The beautiful pink and green hues of the Prakanan tableware will surely make your room more colorful.

You can buy tableware in the Katong area, where the architecture of Prakanan still remains, or in China Town.

  • Price: $30 for a small container, from $20 for a plate
  • Where to buy: Katong district, Chinatown

The delicate glasswork of “Muslim Perfume” is to die for.

There are many people of Middle Eastern descent living in Singapore.

The “Muslim Perfume” that they make is in a delicate glass bottle and has a look that you will fall in love with.

Muslim Perfume is a non-alcoholic perfume that is gentle on the skin and the scent lasts for up to six hours after application.

You can choose the perfume bottle and perfume of your choice.

It will be a fun time for you to find your favorite one.

  • Price: $10-15 for a bottle of perfume. Perfume is $12 for 6ml, $20 for 12ml
  • Where to buy: Arab Street

There are several Muslim perfume stores on Arab Street, but the most famous one is called “Jamal Kazra Aromatics”.

Basic information about Jamal Kazra Aromatics
Opening hours: 9:30 – 19:00 (Fridays: 9:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 19:00)
Closed: No regular holidays
Address: 27 Bussorah St, Singapore

Beautifully patterned “pouches” from India

I was instantly captivated by the beautiful embroidery of this “Indian Pouch”.

I’ve never seen a pouch with such beautiful patterns!

Pink, blue, and golden, the embroidery patterns vary.

I use it to hold my lips and makeup powder!

The price is about $4 for a bag large enough to hold a card case.

It’s reasonably priced, and depending on the design, it can easily be given as a gift to men. .

  • Price: about $4
  • Where to buy: Arab Street

“Indian cotton” with cute ethnic and elegant patterns

I found some cute bandanas with ethnic and elegant patterns that are typical of India.

The price was a whopping $1.50dollarsper piece.

They were cute and inexpensive, so I bought some to give away as souvenirs.

I put it over my kettle to keep it from getting dusty.

It’s a classy pattern that makes the room look all the more gorgeous.

  • Price: $1.50 for a bandana
  • Where to buy: Arab Street

A store called “Dilip Textiles” on Arab Street had a lot of elegantly patterned fabric products.

Dilip Textiles Basic Information
Address: 74 Arab St, Singapore 199771

Turkish tradition intact. “Hand-painted plates”

This is a cute Turkish dish with a rich color.

This is a dish that is hand-painted in the traditional Turkish way.

The dark colors are cute, and the size is like a bean dish, making it easy to use.

You can decorate it with accessories.

In addition to plates, coasters and potholders were also available.

  • Price: from $12
  • Where to buy: Arab Street

The exotic atmosphere is irresistible! Turkish Lamp”

“Lamps” create an exotic atmosphere, as if you have wandered into the world of Aladdin.

The Arab Street was lined with lamps with beautiful patterns.

Depending on the size, some lamps can be bought for as little as 30dollars, and the price is reasonable.

When lit, the colorful hues seemed to shine through and were very beautiful.

They seem to be so beautiful because they are handmade one by one with Turkish glasswork.

Some stores will change the electrical outlet for Japan.

If you find a lamp you are interested in, please check it out.

  • Price: $40 and up
  • Where to buy: Arab Street

Petite but cute! Chinese Tableware”

When you go to Chinatown in Singapore, you will see many Chinese souvenirs.

One of the most petite and cute is Chinese tableware.

Buying in bulk is cheap, and you can buy three small bean dishes for $8.

This is a cute dish with a slightly retro color and pattern that is hard to find in Japan.

  • Price: $10 for three
  • Where to buy: Chinatown

“China Pouches” with a flair for loud colors.

This is another Chinese pouch that I found in Chinatown.

The colors were a bit gaudy, but many of them were cute with detailed embroidery.

If you have a colorful Chinese pouch, it will brighten up your belongings at once!

There were many patterns that you don’t see often in Japan, so try to find your favorite one.

  • Price: from $5
  • Where to buy: Chinatown

Come on in for the retro colors. Indonesia’s “batik pattern accessories”

I also saw a lot of small items with batik patterns from Indonesia, a neighboring country to Singapore.

The colors are a bit retro and recommended for those who like to use clear colors.

Even the prints were finished with a sense of tradition.

This is another souvenir that I often saw in Chinatown.

  • Price: $4 and up
  • Where to buy: Chinatown, souvenir shops in town

It’s a classic, but you want to take it home to remember! Merlion Goods”

When you think of Singapore, what comes to mind is the Merlion.

It’s a classic, but as you travel around Singapore, you’ll get attached to it, so I recommend buying some goods.

Recently, not only the dignified Merlion, but also friendly Merlion goods that look like a loose character have appeared.

The Merlion is loved by the people of Singapore, so be sure to bring it home as a souvenir.

  • Price: around $5
  • Where to buy: Souvenir shops in town

Recommended places to buy sundries in Singapore

“Arab Street” with its attractive ethnic goods

If you like sundries, you should definitely go to Arab Street.

There were all kinds of ethnic goods from Turkey, India, and the Middle East lined up, and they were so cute!

There are many grocery stores, so it’s a fun place to walk around without any guesswork.

There are a lot of grocery stores, so it’s a fun place to walk around aimlessly.

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Petit-Price Goods Heaven! Chinatown.

Pagoda Street” in Chinatown is a paradise for petit goods!

There are many souvenirs of Singapore, including Chinese goods.

Miscellaneous goods can be purchased in bulk, such as “3 for $10,” for even greater savings.

China Town Food Street is also nearby, so you can enjoy strolling around with a meal.

Singapore souvenirs that can be bought by mail order

Singapore souvenirs can actually be purchased by mail order. You can buy the following items from the JTB website.

  • Batik pouch
  • Merlion Ballpoint Pen
  • Merlion Key Chain
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Merlion Cookie

Of course, the boxes containing the souvenirs are not marked in Japanese, so you won’t know that you bought them by mail order.

Advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order

The following are some of the advantages of buying souvenirs in Singapore by mail order.

  • You don’t have to worry about buying souvenirs locally
  • You can get souvenirs rather cheaply (a box of Merlion chocolates costs about 10dollars)
  • The taste is delicious
  • A wide variety to choose from
  • You don’t have to carry heavy luggage while sightseeing
  • No Japanese notation, so you won’t know you bought it in Japan
  • You can specify the time of delivery

It’s a little more expensive than buying locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching around for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal.

Be smart about preparing souvenirs for distribution by mail order, and enjoy sightseeing and shopping for yourself when you are there! There is no need to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away.

You don’t have to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away. You can buy souvenirs on the JTB website, so you can prepare souvenirs to give away here.

Look at the official website of JTB Shopping

Enjoy the unique shopping experience of a multi-ethnic country

Singapore is a country that has been influenced by various countries such as China, England, and India, in addition to the local Malay culture.

Even now, as a multi-ethnic country, people of various cultures live here.

That’s why the sundries also come from many different cultures, and I really enjoyed shopping there!

If you don’t have a lot of time, please try to visit Arab Street at least.

So, have a nice trip!

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