Singapore’s cable cars offer spectacular views! Summary of prices and how to ride

The Singapore Cable Car, also known as the Flying Cable Car.

I want to take this cable car to Sentosa Island. There are many people who want to take the cable car to Sentosa Island, but are wondering about the fare and how to get on.

In this article, based on my experience of actually riding the Singapore cable car, I have compiled information on prices and how to ride in an easy-to-understand manner.

I have researched and written about things that I myself did not understand before riding the cable car.

If you read this article, you will be able to ride the Singapore Cable Car without hesitation.

Don’t miss the spectacular view from the cable car!

The cable car to Sentosa Island also offers a 360-degree panoramic view

The Singapore Cable Car is one of the means of transportation that can take you to Sentosa Island.

It is not just a ride, but a cable car that is known for its spectacular views.

Because it crosses the ocean, it is also very powerful.

To be honest, when I rode it, I was a little scared.

There are other ways to get to Sentosa, such as monorails and buses, but no matter how you look at it, the cable car wins when it comes to excitement!

I recommend the cable car, which you can enjoy even before entering Sentosa Island.

I’ve even uploaded a video on Istagram for you to check out!

Singapore Cable Car Basic Information

Opening hours: 8:45 – 22:00 (last boarding at 21:30)
Closed: No specific days

[Route Map] Singapore Cable Car has two routes

There are two lines of the Singapore Cable Car.

・The Mount Faber Line, which goes to Sentosa Island

・The “Sentosa Line” runs east-west within Sentosa Island.

I’ve registered each station in GoogleMap, so you can use it to get an idea of their locations.

1. “Mount Faber Line” to Sentosa Island

The green line connects the main island of Singapore with Sentosa Island.

To get to Sentosa Island, take the MRT to HarbourFront Station, take the cable car, and get off at Sentosa Station.

・Mount Faber Station
This is the station that I almost never use when I go to Sentosa Island. The view from this mountain seems to be beautiful.

・Harbour Front Station
You can take the MRT.

・Sentosa Station
Station on the Sentosa side

“Sentosa Line” which runs inside Sentosa Island

This is the orange line that runs through Sentosa Island and connects three stations.

・Merlion Station

・In-between Lookout Station
You can transfer to and from the Mount Faber Line. The station on the Mount Faber Line side is “Sentosa Station”.

・Siloso Point Station
Zipline and other activities are located in this area.

Cable car fare and discount information

The regular cable car fare is priced as follows

Adults: $35
Children 3 to 12 years old: $25

The ticket price includes the entry fee to Sentosa and the use of the two lines round trip.

Lowest price is KKday. Save 9 dollars

If you want to ride the cable car but think it might be a bit expensive, don’t worry.

You can buy a ticket that costs $28 on the official website for $19.40 on the KKday website.

Like the official site, the price includes the entrance fee to the island and one round trip of the two lines. (Reference: [Discount Price] Sentosa Island: Singapore Cable Car Round Trip Ticket $19.40)

That’s about $9 less per person! There’s no way not to take advantage of this.

I compared several other sites and found KKday to be the cheapest.

I also booked through KKday.

Kkday’s features

・You can book on the Japanese site.
・Customer support is also available.
・Tours to over 60 countries around the world are available.
・Lowest price for each ticket in many cases

Look at cable car deals on KKday

Reviews from people who have ridden the cable car on KKday

Because it is called a flying cable car, the night view was amazing. The best time was around sunset. The cable car (gondola) is also a good way to get around Sentosa Island.

It is much cheaper than buying locally. Be sure to buy a voucher in advance to enter. You can get to Sentosa quickly without having to wait in line.

Many people said that it was cheaper than buying tickets locally and that they were glad they could buy tickets without waiting in line.

Look at cable car ticket deals on KKday

Cable car tickets can also be used for stopovers

The cable car ticket includes one lap of the two lines.

You can use it for a round trip, or even take a stopover, as long as it fits into one lap.

There is no extra charge for getting off at a stopover.

KKday tickets can also be used in the same way with a stopover.

How to get to Sentosa Island by Singapore Cable Car

How to take the cable car from the city to Sentosa Island

Take the MRT to the HarbourFront Station

The cable car stop is about a five-minute walk from HarbourFront MRT station.

So, if you want to take the MRT to the nearest cable car station, go to HarbourFront Station first.

From the HarbourFront Station, just follow the directions to the cable car stop.

HarbourFront Tower2 is the building where the cable car ticket office and boarding area are located.

To take the cable car to USS

To take the Singapore Cable Car to Universal Singapore, first take the cable car and get off at Sentosa Station on Sentosa Island.

From the Sentosa Cable Car Station, you can take the monorail to Sentosa Station, so take the monorail.

Take one stop and get off at “Waterfront Station”, which is a 3-minute walk from the entrance of the USS.

By the way, the monorail is free on the island, so don’t hesitate to use it.

The cable cars are not crowded

I know some people are concerned about the level of congestion, but the cable cars are hardly crowded.

We had to wait in line for about five minutes when we went to Sentosa Island, but when we got on elsewhere, we didn’t have to wait nearly as long.

Monorails can have quite a line, but you don’t have to worry about crowds with cable cars. .

What to bring with you to Sentosa

Finally, I’ve included a list of recommended things to bring with you to Sentosa.

Please be prepared to spend some quality time with us.


Only Sentosa Island can you relax on beautiful and spacious beaches.

It is convenient to have a seat where you can put your luggage and relax.

The type that folds up compactly will not be a burden on you when traveling abroad.


Sentosa Island has three beaches and you can swim for free in the beautiful ocean.

You can buy a cute, figure-hugging swimsuit for about $30 these days, so bring your favorite swimsuit~!


On Sentosa, you can use the private showers for free.

If you bring your own towel only, you will not have to worry after you get into the ocean.

Having one quick-drying, compact towel will come in handy.


And don’t forget sunscreen that won’t come off with sweat or in the pool!

Singapore has a lot of sunshine and you can get sunburned easily.

Enjoy the Singapore Cable Car to get to Sentosa Island too!

The Singapore Cable Car is certainly more expensive than other means of transportation.

But I could understand why they call it a flying cable car.

The view was very nice and the cable car alone was like a powerful attraction.

Buy your tickets in advance for the best deal and take a ride!

See cable car deals on KKday

Have a nice trip!


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