Don’t worry if it’s your first time! What to bring for your trip to Singapore

When you go to Singapore for the first time, you may be wondering, “What should I bring for my trip to Singapore? “What is the best thing to bring with me? and “What’s good to bring?

So in this article, I will explain the list of things to bring when traveling to Singapore for those who are going to Singapore for the first time.

I’ve also included some of my mistakes, so please be careful not to make the same mistakes.

The second half of the article also contains a checklist for women.

Try using that checklist to check your stuff!

Absolutely necessary Singapore travel items


Just make sure you don’t forget your passport.

Be sure to check it before you leave!

Keep a copy with you, just in case.

I carry it in a security pouch like the one below.

Airline tickets

These days, many types of tickets are E-tickets, which are sent to you by e-mail.

It is a good idea to print out a proof of your reservation.

Credit cards

Most stores in Singapore accept credit cards.

It is a good idea to bring more than one card with you in case of emergencies.

If you have to leave the country suddenly, or if you have an accident and need to pay for medical treatment at the hospital, your credit card limit may not be enough.


In addition to credit cards, don’t forget to bring some cash with you.

You can exchange money at a better rate in Singapore than in Japan.

Try Changi Airport or money changers in town.

If you are traveling to Singapore for 4 days and 3 nights, it is a good idea to have $300-$400 in local pocket money.

Overseas travel insurance documents

When traveling to Singapore, be sure to take out overseas travel insurance.

Health insurance in Japan is not applicable, and Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in Southeast Asia for medical expenses.

Mobile phones and chargers

Don’t forget to bring your cell phone and charger.

It’s easy to use the charger until morning and forget about it, so make sure you check it before you leave.

Converting plugs

The shape of electrical outlets in Singapore is different from those in Japan, and the “BF plug” is required.

However, “BF plugs” are rare and are only used in the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

I felt it would be a waste to buy only the BF plug, so I bought the type that can be used with outlets all over the world.

This one product can be used in any electrical outlet in 150 countries.


If you normally use contacts, don’t forget to bring them with you.

I try to bring enough for a couple of days in addition to my travel days.


If you use glasses, be sure to check that they are closed in your bag in the morning.

I once went to Europe after putting on my contacts and forgot to put my glasses in my bag…

I forgot to put my glasses in my bag after I put on my contacts… It was a very inconvenient trip, so please be careful.

Important items

Diagonal bag with zipper closure

Take a bag with a diagonal zipper closure for walking around town.

Backpacks are not recommended for international travel.

This is because you will not be able to notice if someone opens it from behind.

Singapore is also a safe country, but it is recommended to use a shoulder bag just in case.


Don’t forget to bring the medicines you are used to taking.

I always bring EVE, a painkiller, and Seirogan with me.

Painkillers are not only painkillers but also fever reducers and are easy to use.

A note of emergency contact information

Make a note of emergency contacts in case of emergencies.

The police and fire department can be reached free of charge from public phones.

  • Police 999
  • Fire/EMS {190554}995
  • Embassy of Japan in Singapore 6235-8855

It is also a good idea to note down the following

  • Emergency contact information for your credit card
  • Support contact for overseas travel insurance

A note of the address of the hotel you booked

Make a note of the address of the hotel you booked.

Often times, WiFi is not available where you thought it would be available, or you thought it would be easy to get to, but you can’t get there.

It’s a good idea to have the address written down just in case.

Cameras and chargers

Cameras are indispensable for making memories.

I try to bring an Olympus camera with me.

I recommend them because they can take beautiful and expressive pictures.

Make sure that your camera comes with a charger, SD card, and batteries.

Grab apps

Grab App

“Grab” is a cab dispatch app that is indispensable for getting around in Southeast Asia.

It was actually born in Malaysia and is now a Singaporean company.

It is also very widely used in Singapore.

Grab is cheaper than regular cabs, and since the price is fixed in advance, there is no need to get into trouble with the driver.

SMS verification (phone number required) is required for registration, so be sure to download and complete the registration while you are in Japan.

Rental WiFi

It is also convenient to have rental wifi.

You can use it to check out stores you want to visit, use Google maps, upload photos to social networking sites, and so on.

You can also use Grab, which I mentioned earlier, but only if you are connected to the Internet.

Changing clothes, underwear, and socks

Singapore is a very hot country, so you should bring a change of clothes, underwear, and socks for the number of days you will be traveling.

Recently, there are travel pouches that can be easily compressed by simply zipping them shut, as shown below.

Make good use of it, and travel with compact belongings.

Makeup tools

Make sure to bring along makeup tools that you are familiar with.

Singapore is hot, and it is easy for makeup to fall off due to sweat.

It is recommended to go with makeup equipment that prevents shine for summer.

Also, if you bring a slightly darker blush or lipstick, your makeup will look good in photos.

Makeup remover

Most hotels do not have makeup remover.

Be sure to bring some with you so you don’t forget and rush out to buy some.

We recommend the sheet type, which is compact and portable.

Shampoo and body soap

Many cheaper hotels have only one soap that can wash your whole body.

It would be better to bring shampoo, conditioner, and body soap from Japan to make your shower time more comfortable.

Lotion, milky lotion, and cream

Staying in a hotel can easily dry out your skin.

Make sure you bring something that can moisturize your whole body.

Also, if you are tired from sightseeing, I recommend “Savolino”, which is a complete skincare package in one mask.


Most hotels in Singapore have toothbrushes, but check the amenities carefully.

A lot of hotels overseas don’t have toothbrushes, so watch your back!


Hotels abroad do not have pajamas.

Don’t forget to bring them with you from Japan.

It is convenient to have a pair of pajamas that can be stored in a compact drawstring!


Slippers are also not available except in high-end hotels.

It is useful to have them with you for a comfortable stay on the plane or in the hotel.

There is a type that folds up for compactness.


It is easy to use one sandal that is easy to walk in and can be used at the beach or pool.

Simple black sandals are easy to match with any outfit.

Rain gear

In Singapore, there are sudden squalls, so a folding umbrella is a must.

An umbrella with UV protection for both rain and shine is also good for daytime sightseeing.


Singapore is a very sunny country, so be sure to take precautions against sunburn.

You should have a hat with a wide brim!


Don’t forget the sunscreen!

By the way, you can buy Japanese sunscreen in Singapore, but it was rather expensive.

By the way, you can buy Japanese sunscreen in Singapore, but it was rather expensive. I recommend you to bring it from Japan.

Bug Repellent Goods

In Singapore, mosquito bites can infect you with dengue fever.

However, if you use the spray type, it may run off when you sweat.

I recommend bracelets or sticker-type products.

It is compact and easy to carry around.


Don’t forget to bring band-aids with you.

It’s a good thing to have on hand in case of shoe scrapes or abrasions.


For some reason, toilets in Singapore sometimes do not have toilet paper.

It is definitely recommended to have tissues with you.

Wet Tissues

When you go to a restaurant, you will not be offered a hand towel like in Japan.

Wet wipes and hand pica gel are indispensable during sightseeing.

Wet wipes run out surprisingly quickly, and once you empty them, they dry out.

Hand pica gel is compact and convenient for going out.

Handkerchiefs and mini towels

You’ll sweat a lot in Singapore, so bring enough handkerchiefs and mini-towels for your trip!

Medium importance items


It is a good idea to have a mobile battery with you in case your phone runs out of charge during the day.

Especially if you are planning to take pictures with your cell phone, you should have a mobile battery.

This is because when you use the camera function, the battery will run out of charge sooner than you think. .

The one shown above is compact enough to fit in your pocket and can charge your iphone twice.

Security pouch

Whenever I travel abroad, I always put all my important things, such as my passport, in a security pouch.

When I wear it under my clothes, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all and you can’t tell that the pouch exists.

When I wear a dress, I use a different one to wear around my neck.


If you are planning to go to Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa Island, don’t forget your swimsuit.

You can buy cute swimsuits for around $20 these days, so bring your favorite one with you.

Quick-dry towel

If you are going to the beach, bring a towel with you.

Quick-drying towels dry quickly and can be stored compactly.


It is a very sunny country, so it is recommended to take sunglasses with you.

If you wear sunglasses, the UV effect will be great.


They can be used to carry souvenirs or to take to the pool or beach.

Don’t forget to bring an eco-bag, as they are easy to use and useful for many things.


Whenever I travel, I always bring more Ziplocs with me.

I always bring more Ziplocs with me when I travel, to put wet things in, or to put snacks I’m about to eat in.

They are very convenient, so it is a good idea to have several of them.

Foldable carry-on bag

I bought so many souvenirs that my suitcase couldn’t close!

Have you ever had that happen to you?

It may be fine on the way to the destination, but on the way back, the luggage will increase.

A foldable carry-on bag can come in handy in such cases.

Hair irons that can be used overseas

You can buy a hair iron that is compatible with foreign voltages for less than $30 these days. .

You can use it all over the world without worrying about the voltage, so it is convenient to have one.

I always take my hair iron with me too!

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is something you want to use in the plane or while traveling.

I used to think they were a hindrance when not in use, but nowadays there are foldable ones that are comfortable to touch.

When you want to use it, just push the button to inflate it, and when you don’t use it, it goes into a small drawstring.

They are very comfortable to the touch, and you should have one.

Goods to pass the time on the plane

If you are flying to Singapore on an LCC, please be aware that there are no individual monitors.

You will spend a very boring 7 hours with no internet connection…

I recommend that you download the movie on your phone.

If you have downloaded the movie, you can watch it even if you don’t have internet connection on your phone.

Transformers are often not needed

The voltage in Singapore is 230V (volts).

In contrast, the voltage in Japan is 100V, but chargers for smartphones and cameras are made to handle 100-240V.

So, if you want to charge your phone and camera, you don’t need a transformer. .

If you want to bring other home appliances from Japan, check the voltage written on the adapter of the product.

If it says “100-240V”, you don’t need a transformer.

Recommended clothing for traveling in Singapore

Sleeveless or short-sleeved dress + cardigan

The basic idea is to have a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress and a ready-to-wear cardigan.

It’s quite hot outside, but some places inside are very cold due to air conditioning…

It’s a good idea to have a cardigan that you can throw on right away.

If you have a white, black, or gray cardigan, it will be easy to wear throughout the trip.

Sneakers if you will be doing a lot of walking. Or sandals if you are going to the pool or ocean

If you are planning to do a lot of walking and sightseeing in Singapore, it is a good idea to wear sneakers.

In addition, if you plan to go to the pool or the beach, you should bring sandals.

One black pair of sandals is easy to use during the trip.

What not to pack in your suitcase

Keep your valuables close to you

Suitcases are meant to be left with people, so never carry valuables or expensive items in them.

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Camera
  • Computers and tablets

Even if you don’t plan to use it right away, if you don’t want it to get stolen, put it in your carry-on instead of in your suitcase.

Put items that are hard to find locally in your carry-on

There is no guarantee that your suitcase will arrive at the destination.

If you have contact lenses, glasses, familiar cosmetics, or other items that you might need if your suitcase does not arrive, put them in your carry-on.

  • Contacts
  • Spectacles
  • Familiar cosmetics
  • Charger
  • Mobile battery

Mobile batteries are not allowed in suitcases due to airline rules.

Please be careful when packing them.

Checklist of things to bring for your trip to Singapore

Finally, I’ve put together a checklist of what to bring for your trip to Singapore.

You can check the boxes on the left and use it to check your luggage.

Essentials and most important things to bring

Passport Don’t forget your passport. Bring a copy as well
Airline ticket Print it out if it is an electronic ticket
Credit cards Have at least two, preferably three
Cash You can exchange money in Singapore, so bring dollars
Documents for overseas travel insurance Bring your travel insurance or free travel insurance card
Mobile phones and chargers Because there are places where the shape of the outlet is different from Japan
Contacts Contacts for everyday use. Also a spare.
Glasses Make sure you put them in your bag in the morning
BF plug Singapore and Japan have different outlet shapes
Diagonal bag Used for walking around town
Medicine Familiar medicine and seirogan
A note of emergency contact information Contact information for credit card, embassy, etc.
Memo the address of the hotel Make a note of the address of the hotel you are staying at
Guidebook for Singapore For girls, aruco is recommended
Camera and charger Make sure the camera has a set of SD card, battery and charger
Grab the app Complete registration in Japan
Rental wifi Global WiFi is recommended
A change of clothes, underwear and socks Since Singapore is a sweaty place, a change of clothes is a must
Makeup tools Makeup tools you usually use
Shampoo, etc. If you want to use something you normally use, bring it with you
Lotion, milky lotion, cream Hotels are dry, so have something that can moisturize your whole body
Toothbrush Check the hotel’s animations
Pajamas The hotel doesn’t have pajamas, so I’ll bring my own
Slippers Hotels often do not have slippers
Sandals Because it’s hot, it’s convenient to have sandals
Rain gear (folding umbrella) Rain gear is a must during the rainy season from April to October
Hat Hats are a must to prevent heat stroke
Sunscreen Because it’s on your skin, it should be something you’re familiar with
Anti-insect repellent goods Needed to prevent dengue fever
Band-Aids For when you get a shoe sore or scrape
Tissue Since some toilets do not have toilet paper
Wet wipes For wiping hands before meals
A towel for wiping sweat Sweat, so have enough towels for a few days

Importance level [medium] belongings

Mobile battery If you take photos with your smartphone, you should bring it with you
Security pouch Hide your valuables under your clothes for peace of mind
Swimwear Bring it with you if you swim in hotels or the ocean
Sunglasses Since Singapore is a very sunny place
Quick drying towel Convenient for use at the beach
Eco-bag Place the souvenirs and guidebooks you bought
Ziploc Convenient for keeping wet things in
A larger bag to hold souvenirs Bag for storing more souvenirs on the way back
Plastic bag Place trash and wet items in the bag
Hair irons that can be used overseas It is convenient to have a hair iron that is compatible with overseas voltage
Mask Good to have to prevent dryness on the plane
Neck Pillow For in-flight comfort
Things to do to pass the time on board LCCs are something you can kill time with because there are no personal monitors

Be prepared and enjoy your trip to Singapore!

So make sure you’re well prepared and enjoy your trip to Singapore!

Even if you do forget something, Singapore is a country where prices are not that high and it is easy to get everything you need.

If you forget something, Singapore is not that expensive and it is easy to get everything you need. A passport and a credit card are all you need to get by, so don’t forget that!

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