Shanghai Disneyland can be visited in one day! A guide to the crowds and attractions of the park

Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016. We don’t hear much good about it in the press, but many people are curious about what the place is actually like.

Shanghai Disney is bigger than Japan’s Disney, but even one day was enough to ride the famous attractions and go around the park. The crowds are about the same as the Tokyo parks, or a little less crowded.

In this article, the author, who has traveled to Disney parks around the world, will explain what I really found out about Shanghai Disneyland and its attractions.

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How many days do I need for Shanghai Disneyland? How crowded is it?

If you just want to visit the attractions, you can do it in a day.

If you want to visit Shanghai Disneyland mainly for the attractions, you can fully enjoy it in one day. If you want to visit Shanghai Disneyland for the parade, attractions, and food, you can do it in two or more days. So, if you want to conquer the parade, attractions, and food, it would be better to go for two or more days.

If you mainly want to visit attractions, I think you can fully enjoy the park in one day. We didn’t have much time to look at souvenirs or parades, but…

Crowded conditions at Shanghai Disneyland are comparable to Tokyo

The crowds at Shanghai Disneyland are about the same as in Tokyo. It’s a very large park, so it doesn’t feel too crowded, but I thought the waiting time for attractions was about the same as in Tokyo.

I felt that the park was surprisingly crowded, so I wouldn’t expect it to be too empty.

5 True Things I Learned from Visiting Shanghai Disneyland.

When it first opened, there were a lot of negative reports about Disney in Shanghai, such as garbage everywhere, no proper lineups, dirty, etc. But this time, I’ll explain the real things I found out after visiting there.

1. The park is full of garbage!?→There is hardly any trash on the ground!


It was reported that Disneyland in Shanghai was full of trash, but in reality, there was hardly any trash in the park. In fact, there was almost no trash in the park, and it was as clean as a Disneyland in Japan.

In addition to the Cast Members in charge of cleaning like in Japan, there were many Cast Members with magic hands so that they could throw away trash immediately.

So there was hardly any trash in the park, but only after the night show, when many people gathered all at once, trash was scattered all over the place.

However, after the show at night, there was a lot of garbage scattered all over the place.

2. Can’t see the castle due to air pollution!


I heard that the air pollution was so bad that even the castle, the symbol of Disneyland, could not be seen clearly, but on the day we went, the sky was clear and blue and we were able to take beautiful pictures of the castle.

Incidentally, the effects of pm2.5 seem to be worse in Beijing than in Shanghai. On the days we visited Shanghai, the sky was hazy in the morning, but there were many days with blue skies during the day.

3. Food is too expensive and rip-off! →This is average compared to Disneyland around the world!


I’ve heard people say that the food prices are too high and that they are ripping you off, but compared to Disneyland around the world, it’s pretty average.

By the way, this pizza was about $10. If you eat in a non-tourist area in Shanghai, you can fill up on $5 to $10 for two people, so it is certainly expensive compared to Shanghai prices.

However, in Japan and the U.S., many Disneyland items cost $13 to $15, so if you think of it as a Disneyland, the price is average. The food at Shanghai Disneyland is very good!

4. Chinese people don’t wait in line, they just interrupt!

I’ve heard people say that Chinese people have a hard time standing in line at Disneyland, but when I actually went there, I didn’t notice any interruptions.
Basically, all the fences are tall and narrow, so you just have to follow the line. It is difficult to overtake or cut in through the gaps.

In addition, I noticed more overtaking in town than at Disneyland, so maybe people in Shanghai have the perception that they have to wait in line at Disneyland.

It seems that Chinese people have always been aware that if there is a gap, it is okay to get in between.

5. Is there a fake Mickey?


As expected, there are no fake characters. Since it’s an official theme park, the other characters and goods are of course real (laughs).


The costumes are also exclusive to Shanghai Disneyland, and the gorgeous Chinese costumes are fresh.

The costumes are also exclusive to Shanghai Disneyland, and the gorgeous Chinese costumes are very refreshing. On the train to Shanghai Disneyland, however, some people were selling unofficial goods. I can’t imagine how this would be possible in Japan.

What is the appeal of Shanghai Disneyland? Five things you can’t experience at Disney in Japan

Attraction 1. Never landed in Japan! Attractions that make use of the latest technology are still amazing!

The world’s fastest roller coaster at Disney! Tron, a roller coaster that leans forward.



Tron” is one of the main attractions at Shanghai Disneyland. This roller coaster requires you to lean forward and ride through the ride at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The speed of 100 kilometers per hour is the fastest of any Disney ride in the world.

The sensation is similar to that of Space Mountain in Japan, but the way it accelerates and the forward leaning roller coaster that you have never experienced before is addictive.

The best attractions that you had to go to the US to ride can now be ridden in Asia! Soarin’, the No. 1 attraction at Shanghai Disneyland

Soarin’ is an attraction that allows you to travel the world while flying through the sky in a hang glider.

Soarin’ is an attraction that allows you to travel the world while flying in a hang glider. It is available at Disneyland in the United States, but not in Japan or Hong Kong. Soarin’ has come to Shanghai Disneyland!

When you ride the attraction, you will feel as if you are really flying in the sky, and it is so realistic that it is a little scary the first time you ride it.

It was the first attraction to run out of Fastpasses at Shanghai Disneyland, and it was the most popular attraction of all time.

This is what makes Shanghai Disneyland worth visiting! Everyone raves about “Pirates of the Caribbean”

There are pirates of the Caribbean in Japan, but what’s the difference? I know some of you may be thinking, “What’s the difference?

By making full use of the latest technology, they have created an attraction that has never existed before in the world of Disney. I was impressed by how much technology can transform an attraction.

I don’t want to go into too much detail because it would be a spoiler, but I really want everyone to experience it!

The Pirates of the Caribbean has an elaborate Q-line, so you can spend your time waiting in line with excitement.

Attraction 2. Don’t miss the shows that you can’t see in Japan!

The projection mapping “Ignite the Dream” projected on the world’s largest castle is a powerful experience.

Like Disneyland in Japan, the main show at night is projection mapping on the castle.

But the castle at Shanghai Disneyland is the tallest in the world. The projection mapping on such a large castle was very powerful!

Unlike in Japan, the projection mapping was also projected on the fountain in front of the castle, and the fireworks were very powerful. Unlike in Japan, projection mapping is also projected on the fountain in front of the castle, and fireworks are set off.

Can you see the acrobats at Disneyland? Musical Show “Tarzan”


The musical show, Tarzan, is a very special show that can only be seen at Shanghai Disneyland.

This is because you can see a very Chinese show at Disney that combines Tarzan and the Shanghai Acrobats.

And it’s a very authentic acrobatic show. You can enjoy the thrill of the show as the elements of the troupe are stronger than the elements of Tarzan.

Donald and Chip dancing Tai Chi is adorable! Tai Chi with Characters”.



This is another show with a Chinese flavor. Donald, Chip and Dale are dancing Tai Chi.

They all wear Chinese costumes and perform Tai Chi. They look so cute! There are no lines and they perform through dancing, so you can enjoy the show without worrying about your Chinese.

Attraction 3: The food is also full of Chinese flavor!

Peking duck flavored standard pizza!

Pizza is a standard menu item at Disney, but in Shanghai, they had a Peking Duck flavor with a Chinese twist. And it’s in the shape of Mickey, how cute!

These cost about $10 each, and the large pizzas filled us up!

This is a bowl of pork, and I was very satisfied with my meal, which cost less than $10.

Attraction 4: Many Shanghai Disney limited edition goods! The Chinese style goods are cute and a must-see.

Of course, Shanghai Disneyland has many limited edition goods. The Chinese costumes of Mickey and Minnie are very cute.


At Disney in the U.S., there were not many goods that I found cute, but at Disney in Shanghai, there were many Chinese-style characters that you could tell at a glance were exclusive to Shanghai Disney, and there were many things that I wanted to buy.


Attraction 5: Meet and greets are unbelievably empty in Japan! You can play with the characters all you want!

The greeting service at Disneyland overseas tends to be empty, and Shanghai Disney is no different.

It’s unbelievable that you can meet Mickey in 10 minutes. Chinese people don’t seem to be too interested in greetings either?


Since there is not much of a line, you can play with the characters all you want.

Three things to keep in mind when visiting Shanghai Disney.

1. Basically, everything is in Chinese. Not many staff speak English.

All shows are in Chinese, brochures are available in Chinese and English, but few cast members can speak English.

If you can’t speak English, you can’t speak English at all, so if you need to ask something, ask to find an English-speaking cast member. If you speak to them in Chinese, such as Ni Hao, they will reply in Chinese, so it is quicker to speak to them in English from the beginning.

2. Many attractions are shut down due to breakdowns, so be flexible with your plans.

There are a lot of breakdowns, probably due to all the newer machines. We were unable to ride two attractions that we had fast passes for because of breakdowns.

So keep in mind that there are many breakdowns, and be flexible in your actions. Don’t get discouraged!

Shanghai Disneyland is as crowded as Tokyo. Act early in the morning!

Depending on the day you go, the crowds at Disneyland in Shanghai are about the same as in Tokyo, or maybe even a little less.

It’s not crazy empty, so I recommend arriving at the park in the morning at the entrance time.

By the way, when the park opens in the morning, be sure to get a Fastpass for Soarin’ first. It will be the first one to disappear.

How to get to Shanghai Disneyland? Introducing the basic way to get there.

Shanghai can be reached in about 4 hours by direct flight from Japan. If you are worried about traveling abroad, we recommend you take a tour, or if you want to save on travel expenses, we recommend you travel independently.

For those who are nervous about traveling abroad, I recommend using a tour that deals with Shanghai Disneyland.

It takes less than an hour to get to Shanghai Disneyland from the airport or from the city center, but if you are worried about getting around locally, a tour is recommended.

HIS is the cheapest tour to Shanghai. When we went to Shanghai, we were able to get a round-trip ticket to Shanghai for $200.

Tours that include a hotel are also inexpensive, so it’s a good idea to check them out.

Tours are recommended for people like this

If you are not familiar with international travel, you may want to consider taking a tour.
I’m not used to traveling overseas and I’m worried.

I think the good thing about taking a tour is that there is someone you can rely on in case you have any trouble. It also has the advantage of being easier since you don’t have to make various arrangements such as park tickets and airline tickets.

Independent travel is recommended for those who want to save money.

For those who want to save money, independent travel is recommended.

We also went on an independent trip, and the total cost for airfare, hotel, and tickets was about $500.

Airfare: $300 round trip
Two nights in a five-star hotel: $120
Disney ticket for one day: $80

We stayed in a 5-star hotel this time, but the market price of hotels in Shanghai is much cheaper. 30 dollars per night is enough to stay in a beautiful hotel.

So, if you want to save more than the tour price, I recommend you to travel independently.

When looking for tickets and hotels on your own, try looking on Expedia. It is cheaper to look for a combination of airfare and hotel. You can get up to a free hotel room.

Search at [Expedia]

Independent travel is recommended for the following people.

Those who want to save money as much as possible.
Those who want to choose their own flight time and hotel.
People who are used to traveling abroad.

You can do it right away! How to buy tickets for Shanghai Disneyland.

How to buy tickets for Shanghai Disneyland is simple.

(1)The first step is to go to the official website and enter the date and number of people you want to visit.

Shanghai Disneyland Official Website

(2) After confirming the number of people and date you have entered, you can create an account by entering your passport number, credit card information, and email address.

(3) On the day of your visit, just show your passport and they will exchange it for your ticket.

Also, Shanghai Disneyland costs about $80 on weekends and holidays, but on weekdays it costs about $50.

If you can go on weekdays, you can get a better deal on weekdays!

Summary: If you like Disney, you must go there! Shanghai Disneyland.

Before I went to Shanghai Disneyland, I was a little worried about whether I would be able to have fun because I had seen some not-so-good news reports.

But when I went there, it was still Disneyland. It was fun, I was happy, and I didn’t feel bad at all.

I can say that now, but there was one time when I almost had a bad feeling.

It was when I was going to ride the Seven Dwarfs roller coaster. I had a fast pass, so I was excited to get on it, but unfortunately, it seemed to have broken down.

I found an English-speaking Cast Member and asked, “What do I do with this Fastpass? He explained to us in a simple and sincere manner, “This attraction has broken down, so you can use it for another attraction.

After that, we immediately went to the popular attraction “Soarin'” and tried to enter with our Fast Pass. However, for some reason, they wouldn’t let us in even after we explained. It seems that it is not well coordinated with other attractions.

After we arrived at Soarin’, people who couldn’t ride the 7 Dwarfs roller coaster started arriving one after another. The Chinese people gathered around, and the place was in a mild panic.

It’s not like we can come back many times, and the cast member earlier said we could use it for other attractions! So, after explaining over and over again to the cast members who could speak English, one cast member asked us to follow him.

I don’t know what that cast member thought of us, but as it turned out, he led us through the exit and gave us a ride. I don’t know what the Cast Member thought of us, but as it turned out, he led us out of the exit and picked us up at the perfect time, without being spotted by anyone else.

At that moment, I was convinced that I would never have a bad experience at Disney.


It’s true that the park is still in its infancy, but it’s still Disneyland. It’s a space where you can spend time with a huge smile on your face.

I would highly recommend visiting this park to anyone who loves Disney.


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