Do you need a security pouch? It’s not tacky anymore! Manage your valuables well with a stylish pouch

When you travel abroad, you may be wondering how to manage your valuables. You don’t want to get pickpocketed, so should you have a security pouch?

I’ve traveled abroad more than 30 times and have never been pickpocketed or stolen. I believe that the reason I have never been pickpocketed is because I have been using a security pouch.

Some people say that security pouches are lame, but I recommend using them for the following reasons.

  1. The great advantage of hiding valuables under your clothes
  2. Enables you to travel with peace of mind
  3. Nowadays, there are also pouches that are well designed

Our recommended security pouches, based on design and function, are the ones below!

This article introduces the benefits of security pouches, how to choose one, and even reviews their use.

If you’re on the fence about using a security pouch, read on!

3 reasons why you should use a security pouch

You can hide your valuables under your clothes

The first thing I want to tell people who are wondering whether to bring a security pouch is that a security pouch is the perfect way to manage your valuables

Vicious pickpocketing and theft occur overseas in ways that are unimaginable in Japan. Even in Paris, France, where I often go, the following thefts often occur.

  1. They cut your bag
  2. They put ice cream or ketchup on you and steal from you
  3. Children and women approach you and steal your valuables

To be honest, it seems like there is nothing you can do about any of these…right?

When you are abroad, if someone thinks you have valuables in your bag, you will be targeted immediately.

However, no matter what the pattern of theft is, they are not going to put their hands under your clothes, are they?

Security pouches that allow you to hide your valuables under your clothes, out of the reach of others, are the most powerful.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recommends that you “keep your valuables out of sight” in Paris.

Close the clasps and zippers tightly on handbags, etc., and disperse wallets and valuables in places where they cannot be easily seen by others

By the way, some people think that if you wear it under your clothes, it will stand out. Some people think that it will stand out if you wear it under your clothes.

In the picture below, I am wearing a pouch under my clothes, but it is not noticeable and you can’t even tell that I am wearing it from the outside.

Also, when you wear a jacket, you can put the pouch around your back and you won’t know that you are wearing it at all.

Keep your valuables close at hand

When traveling abroad, you should keep as much of your valuables with you as possible. Unlike in Japan, you never know when you might get pickpocketed.

Security pouches are tightly fitted to your body, and once you put it on, you will not misplace it.

When you sleep on the plane or take a bathroom break on the bus, you can keep your valuables close to your body with the security pouch.

I think it’s the most perfect thing to keep your valuables close to your skin!

Enjoy your trip with peace of mind

Since I have had my security pouch, I have been able to enjoy my trips abroad with peace of mind.

If you are worried about pickpocketing or theft, you will not be able to enjoy your trip, so if you are worried about managing your valuables, I recommend that you use this product.

If you are worried about keeping track of your valuables, I recommend that you use this product. Also, if any of the following apply to you, I highly recommend that you take a security pouch with you.

  • People who have traveled abroad 5 times or less
  • Visitors to France, Spain, Italy, Central and South America
  • People who don’t want to be pickpocketed
  • People who are worried about managing their valuables

If you have not traveled abroad many times, you are more likely to get pickpocketed, so please be careful.

Also, my friends who went to Spain and Italy all came back with their wallets and phones stolen… There are really a lot of pickpockets, so be careful.

Not tacky! Security pouches these days are stylish

I’m thinking of buying a security pouch, but I don’t want a lame one! There are some people who think so.

I used to think that security pouches were tacky before I started using them, but nowadays there are stylish looking ones.

Especially this one, LiberFlyer’s “Securipo.” It’s a best seller on Amazon and Rakuten!

  • One of the best sellers in the money belt category on Amazon
  • Ranked #1 in the security pouch category on Rakuten

The concept is to “protect your valuables in style when traveling

This is a multifunctional security pouch that looks so sophisticated that you can wear it over your clothes without looking strange.

  1. Sophisticated look
  2. With anti-skimming function
  3. Waterproof function
  4. Fits larger smartphones

Detailed comfort is written in the second half of the article.

How to choose a security pouch

There are many security pouches available from many manufacturers, but it is recommended to buy one that meets the following requirements.

    1. Waist pouch type
    2. With anti-skimming function
    3. Waterproof function
    4. Storage capacity

Waist pouch type

There are two types of security pouches: the waist pouch type and the type that is worn around the neck.

I have used both types, and personally I find the waist pouch type easier to use.

Because you can quickly take out your valuables by turning up the hem of your clothes.

If you are a woman who often wears dresses, you may want to use the following neck pouch type as well.

The drawback is that you can see the string around your neck, but you can easily hide it with a scarf.

For men, the waist pouch type is probably the best choice.

With anti-skimming function

One of the most common problems that occur overseas is skimming. This is a crime in which the information on your credit card is read by a special magnetic device without your permission and used fraudulently.

Skimming can be done without direct contact with the card. For example, it is possible to use a small reader to read card information in a crowded train.

To protect your credit card information, choose a pouch made of anti-skimming material.

Water resistant

If possible, choose a security pouch that is waterproof, as it will hold your passport, banknotes and other important items.

Not surprisingly, if your passport is torn and damaged, you will be denied entry into the country.

For a smooth trip, it is a good idea to put your important things in a waterproof one.

Also, if you are staying in a dormitory, you have the advantage of being able to take your security pouch with you to the shower room.

Storage capacity

Before buying a security pouch, think once about what you want to put inside the pouch.

Identify what you want to put in it, and then choose a pouch with enough storage capacity to hold it.

There are many different types of security pouches, from those that can hold a large smartphone to those that are small enough to hold a passport.

If you are looking for a pouch that can hold a large smartphone or a small passport, please check the product label.

I don’t recommend the hundred-yen bags

Security pouches are also available in the hundred-yen stores, but they are not anti-skimming or waterproof.

I think it’s better to have a fully functional one, since it’s what you put your precious items in.

Please try to choose one with anti-skimming and waterproof functions.

How to use the security pouch

The following is what we keep in our security pouch

  • Passport
  • Cash
  • Credit cards

These are all things you don’t want to lose while traveling.

I keep small change and money of about $20 in a pocket of my clothes or bag so that I can take it out quickly.

I feel safer keeping any amount over $5,000 in a security pouch.

When flying, I also keep a ballpoint pen in my security pouch. I also keep a ballpoint pen in my security pouch when I fly because I use it to write on my entry card and documents.

Security Pouch Usage Review

This time, I’ll include a review of “Security Po” by “LiberFlyer”.

They’ve won awards on various sites, so if you’re not sure which one to buy, this security pouch is the one for you!

  • One of the best sellers in the money belt category on Amazon
  • Ranked #1 in the security pouch category on Rakuten

The following are some of the points that I actually like about the product.

  1. Sophisticated look
  2. Full of storage capacity
  3. Full of pockets
  4. Mesh backing to prevent steam
  5. Waterproof and anti-skimming function
  6. Smooth zipper and easy to open
  7. Elastic waist belt fits

I’ll show you the points one by one.

Love the sophisticated look

The most important point to push is that it looks sophisticated. It’s important not to look tacky…

Thank goodness it doesn’t look tacky when you wear it over your clothes!

I usually hide it under my clothes, but when I wear a dress, I wear it diagonally over my clothes.

It has a lot of storage capacity

This security pouch can easily hold a larger phone.

It can also hold a large iPhone X or iPhone 8 PLUS, so it’s quite a storage capacity.

It can hold cash, phone, cards, pens, and anything else you often use when traveling abroad.

Full of pockets

The storage area is divided into three sections, making it easy to organize.

I especially like the fact that it also has a pocket for credit cards. It keeps the inside of the pouch free of clutter.

I don’t have to worry about not knowing where I put my credit cards.

The mesh on the back side keeps it from getting stuffy

The back side of the pouch that adheres to the body is mesh, so it does not steam up.

I actually used it in Southeast Asia where the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, but I did not feel uncomfortable.

The mesh pockets also make it easy to check the contents.

Perfect waterproof and anti-skimming features

It is of course anti-skimming and waterproof.

The entire pouch is made of 100% anti-skimming material, so it seems to be able to prevent skimming in 360 degrees. I would like to keep my credit cards in this pouch.

It is also made of water-repellent and waterproof material that is also used for swimming wear, so you can rest assured that it is waterproof.

In fact, even if the outside of the pouch got wet, the inside didn’t!

The waterproof function expands the scenes in which it can be used.

Easy to open zipper

I also like the fact that the zipper of the pouch is easy to open.

The security pouch is used for passports, credit cards, etc., so there are many situations where I need to open it in a hurry.

Therefore, I felt that the ease of opening the zipper was also important.

Since it uses a zipper made in Japan by YKK, which is said to be the number one company in the zipper industry, it seems to be able to open and close smoothly.

Elastic waist belt fits well

Although it is modest, I also like the elastic belt at the waist.

The length of the belt can be fine-tuned, and the soft belt fits my body and doesn’t feel oppressive at all.

It fits my body so well that I forget I have it on, so I don’t think it puts any physical burden on me at all.

It’s easy to put on and take off!

Comes in two colors, black and gray

LiberFlyer security pouches are available in black and gray.

Both shades are easy to use for both men and women. If you are a husband and wife or a couple, you can buy one to use for both.

Two different sizes

It also comes in two sizes. The normal type has the capacity to hold a large smartphone, but the L type is designed to hold an even longer wallet.

If you want to carry a larger item, choose the L type.

Carry as little cash as possible

Finally, I will explain whether you should use cash or credit cards.

We recommend using credit cards rather than cash when shopping overseas.

The reason for this is that when you are pickpocketed, if you have a lot of cash on you, the damage will be greater.

If you use a credit card, you can stop it right away with a phone call, so basically paying with a credit card is recommended.

Security pouches for safe overseas travel

I have introduced the advantages of security pouches and how to choose one.

I am a big fan of security pouches because they make a big difference in my sense of security when traveling abroad.

If you are frightened of pickpockets and theft, you will not be able to enjoy your trip 100%.

But if you can manage your valuables with a security pouch, you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

I actually felt safer after using a security pouch.

If you are worried about pickpocketing or theft when traveling abroad, I think it is a good idea to prepare one.

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