The Best 14 Souvenirs from Vladivostok! Explanation of Cute Gadgets and Limited Edition Russian Sweets

What kind of souvenirs are available in Vladivostok, Russia? We have compiled information on souvenirs for those who are wondering what kind of souvenirs are available in Vladivostok, Russia.

We have carefully selected chocolates, tea, cute Russian goods and cosmetics that can be purchased in Vladivostok.

The stores where we actually purchased these items and their prices are also listed.

In the latter half of the article, we even introduce recommended stores for buying souvenirs in Vladivostok, so please refer to it.

Prices in Russia are a little cheaper than in Japan, so you can have an enjoyable shopping experience.

“Matryoshka”, an unmissable Russian souvenir.

Matryoshka is a popular Russian souvenir. The souvenir shops in Vladivostok also have a wide variety of colorful matryoshkas.

Prices range from $8 for the cheapest ones to over $100 for the most expensive ones.

The price is determined by the size of the whole, the number of children inside, and the precision of the picture.

The colors and faces vary slightly, so try to find your favorite child.

Decorating your home will instantly bring back memories of your trip to Russia.

You can find them at any souvenir shop in Vladivostok, but the most common type was “Blood Gifts.

Price: $8
Where to buy: Blood Gifts

Ushanka, the fluffy Russian hat of my dreams

The fluffy and comfortable Russian hat “Ushanka” is also something I would love to get in Russia.

The one in the photo cost about $24 and was well made.

Some hats made of rabbit hair cost more than $100, but there are also many affordable ones, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

If you take a picture wearing a Russian hat, it will be a great memory of your trip.

You can find them at any general store in Vladivostok, but they become scarce during the warmer months, so it is best to go to a larger souvenir shop.

Price: $24
Where to buy: MADAM XL

“Knorr’s Borscht” for a casual taste of tradition

Knorr is selling a limited edition of Borscht flavor, a traditional Russian dish.

This borscht flavor is something I must get my hands on!

I actually drank it at home, and it brought back the feeling of traveling as I could easily enjoy the taste of borscht.

At $0.50 per bag, it is quite cosy and perfect as a souvenir to give away.

There were also a wide variety of other soup flavors, including mushroom and cheese and sole flavors.

Their mushroom and cheese soup is pretty darn good!

Price: $0.50 per bag
Where to buy: Chico Mini Market, Smenovskaya Street

In Vladivostok, the borscht flavor was only available at the Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street store.

Alyonka, Russia’s representative chocolate

Alyonka”, with its impressive baby package, is a representative Russian chocolate.

It is the most famous chocolate in Russia!

Even in Vladivostok, if you go to a supermarket, you will find a wide selection of Alyonka chocolates.

They come in a variety of sizes, from the size of a regular chocolate board to smaller ones.

The slightly retro packaging is very Russian, making them easy to give away as souvenirs.

The flavors range from regular milk chocolate to more unusual flavors such as maroon.

The popcorn popping package is my favorite because of the strange crackling texture!

Price: 95 rubles ($1.60) for a large piece of chocolate.
Where to buy: You can buy them in any supermarket in Vladivostok.

Platok, a cute stole with colorful colors

Pratok, a traditional Russian scarf with clear and colorful colors.

It would be fashionable to take a picture with a scarf like this wrapped around you!

Even in Vladivostok, I occasionally saw women wearing platoks.

In Vladivostok, I sometimes saw women wearing platoks. In souvenir shops around the city, you can buy a polyester one for $10 to $20.

However, the original Pratok is made of silk and costs more than $40.

If you are looking for one made of silk, try the Gumu department store.

Price: $10 to $20 for polyester ones. Silk ones start at $40.
Where to buy: For silk ones, go to Gumu Department Store.

“Grandma Agafia’s Recipe Series”, a very popular cosmetic line in Russia

The “Grandma Agafia’s Recipe Series” cosmetics are popular in Russia.

Recently, it has become very popular among Korean girls and seems to be out of stock in Vladivostok.

If you want the most popular hand cream, go to “Blood Gift”.

There are also shampoos, treatments, face creams, and other products. You can buy those at supermarkets, too.

The hand creams are $2.6 each and are quite affordable & good looking

It is moisturizing and has a sweet scent that is quite nice. I recommend it as a gift for your girlfriends.

Price: $2.60 for hand cream
Where to buy: If you want hand cream, go to Blood Gifts. Other products are available at supermarkets.

“Matryoshka Key Chain” with its cute little swinging figure.

These matryoshka key chains have a bit of a silly face, but they are adorable.

The price is quite reasonable at $1.00 per piece, so it is perfect as a souvenir to give away.

It’s a great souvenir with a Russian feel that can be easily given away.

Price: $1.00
Where to buy: Blood Gifts

Available for ! Practical and cute “Matryoshka Spoon”

There are many matryoshka goods in Vladivostok. One of the most practical and cute ones is the “Matryoshka Spoon.

They are reasonably priced at $3 each and come with a cute matryoshka.

They are sturdy and I use them at home.

They are practical and cute, so I think they would be a great souvenir to give to your girlfriends.

Price: $3
Where to buy: Blood Gifts

Kelp-flavored chocolate! Primorsky Konditor

Primorsky Konditor is a chocolate company headquartered in Vladivostok.

The company makes unique chocolates such as salt flavored and kombu flavored chocolates by utilizing the characteristics of the Primorsky Krai in Vladivostok.

I actually tried the kelp-flavored one, and it didn’t have a rocky smell, but was strangely delicious as regular chocolate!

I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a souvenir unique to Vladivostok, and I think it will be a great talking point.

Price: large 95 rubles ($1.60), small 50 rubles ($0.85)
Where to buy: Supermarkets

Russia’s Tea Powerhouse! Russia’s Greenfield Tea

In fact, Russia is the fourth largest tea consumer in the world. Black tea is very much loved in this country.

Even in the supermarket in Vladivostok, the tea section was very large.

Among them, Greenfield, the most famous in Russia, had a wide selection.

They had a wide variety of herbal teas and fruit teas, including the popular “Golden Ceylon”.

It had a rich, full-bodied flavor that I enjoyed even after I came back to Japan.

Price: 109 rubles ($1.85)
Where to buy: Supermarkets

Crab and lobster flavors too! Vladivostok’s unique seafood-based “raises”

The potato chip “Raise” was also sold in Vladivostok-only flavors such as crab and lobster.

It seems that many of the flavors are seafood-based, which is very much like the port city of Vladivostok.

The actual taste of the dish had a strong seafood flavor, so I thought I could recommend it to people who like crab and other seafood.

Price: 140 rubles ($2.40)
Where to buy: Supermarkets

Russians love & special “honey”

Russians love honey. The supermarkets in Vladivostok also had a lot of honey on sale.

There also seem to be places in the coniferous forests of the Siberian region where you can get delicious honey.

If you have time during your stay in Vladivostok, be sure to visit the honey specialty store “Primorsky Myod”.

There are also various kinds of honey in the supermarket, and I found honey for each flower, such as redcurrant.

Price: 200 rubles ($3.40) for honey in a bear container.
Where to buy: Supermarkets

Chocolates in cute packages! Chocolate by measure

These chocolates are sold by measure and are recommended for distributing.

You can buy it for 100 grams for 30 rubles ($0.50), which is quite a bargain!

You can buy your own favorite chocolates or cookies in a bag.

The famous chocolate “Alyonka” is also available in an easy-to-eat bite-sized package.

Each package has Cyrillic characters on it, making it a souvenir with a Russian feel.

Recommended as a souvenir to give away at work and other places.

Price: 100 grams, 30 rubles ($0.50)
Where to buy: Gipermarket Samberg Store

“Notebook” with a cute Cyrillic cover

The notebooks, which can be purchased for only one dollar each, are also perfect for handing out as Russian souvenirs.

With the Russian flag and Cyrillic characters on the cover, they have a very Russian feel to them.

They also had cute notebooks with Russian designs.

The notebooks are reasonably priced and practical, making them a good choice for a souvenir to give away.

Price: $1 and up
Where to buy: At the “Blood Kunigi” bookstore on Fountain Street.

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Recommended supermarkets & general stores for buying souvenirs in Vladivostok.

Anyway, it’s very convenient, “Chico Mini Market Fountain Street supermarket”.

The Chico Mini Market Fountain Street store is a good place to buy souvenirs in Vladivostok.

It is located on Fountain Street and has excellent accessibility. It is also a everything you need supermarket that sells matryoshkas and other items.

Stop by when you are sightseeing on Fountain Street.

Basic Information about Chico Mini Market Fountain Street store

Opening hours: 8:00 – 24:00
Closed: Basically no holidays
Address: Ulitsa Admirala Fokina, 3, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690091
Access: 8 min. walk from Central Square

The only place to find Knorr’s borscht flavor! “Chico Mini Market, Smenovskaya Street store”.

If you want to buy Knorr’s borscht flavor, go to the “Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street Store”.

This is the only store in Vladivostok that had the borscht flavor in stock.

First, take a look at the Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street Store. It is an easily accessible supermarket in the center of Vladivostok.

Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street Store

Access: 5 minutes walk from the central square

※It was not yet registered on googlemap, so I adapted it to a nearby store.

Cheaper than a supermarket in the city! Gipermarket, Samberi.

The Gipermarket Samberi store is about 30% cheaper than the supermarkets in Vladivostok city.

It is recommended for people who want to buy souvenirs as cheaply as possible.

You will need to take a bus from the center of Vladivostok, but it costs less than 100 yen round trip, so you can easily pay for the bus fare.

Anyway, it’s a big supermarket with everything you need, so if you have time, go there.

Information of Gipermarquette Samberi Store

Opening hours: 8:00 – 23:00
Closed: Basically, no holidays
Address: Ulitsa Krygina, 23, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690065

Lots of variety! “Blood Gifts” for all kinds of goods.

Blood Gift is a famous souvenir store in Vladivostok. It offers a wide variety of souvenirs and miscellaneous goods.

Compared to other souvenir stores, the prices are a bit higher. The prices are a bit higher than other souvenir shops, but Blood Gift often has things that other stores don’t, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, go to Blood Gift.

Basic information about Blood Gift

Business hours: 9:00-18:00
Closed: No holidays
Address: Korabel’naya Naberezhnaya, 1А, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690091
Access: Directly connected to the central square (tourist information center on the 3rd floor, souvenir shops on the 1st and 2nd floors)

If you want something a little different, go to Buro Nahodag behind Gumu.

The area behind the GUM department store, commonly known as the back of GUM, is one of the hottest spots in Vladivostok.

Old buildings have been renovated and stylish general stores and cafes are opening one after another.

Among them, “Buryonahodag” is a store that sells slightly unusual goods using Cyrillic characters.

If you want unusual Russian goods, go there.

Basic Information about Buro Lonahodag

Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00
Closed: No holidays
Address: Svetlanskaya St, 31/2, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690091
Access: Short walk from Central Square

Souvenirs of Russia that you can buy by mail order

It takes time to choose the right souvenir. In fact, you can buy Russian souvenirs by mail order.

You can buy the following items on the JTB Shopping website. You can be absorbed in sightseeing and shopping for yourself during your stay there.

・Tea in a matryoshka tin
・Russian assorted chocolates
・Russian Vodka

Advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order

The following are some of the advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order.

・You don’t have to worry about buying souvenirs at the destination.
・You can get souvenirs rather cheaply (about 1,200 yen for a tea with matryoshka).
・The taste is delicious.
・A wide variety to choose from.
・No need to carry heavy luggage.
・You can specify the time of delivery.

It is a little more expensive than buying locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal. .

Be smart about preparing souvenirs for distribution by mail order, and enjoy sightseeing and shopping for yourself when you are there! There is no need to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away.

You don’t have to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away. You can buy souvenirs on the JTB website, so you can prepare souvenirs to give away here.



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