8 Sweets to Take Home in Vladivostok, Russia! A selection of food recommendations that have been tried and tested.

What kind of souvenirs and snacks can I buy in Vladivostok, Russia? We have compiled information on sweets and groceries to buy in Vladivostok for those who are wondering.

In this article, we introduce famous Russian chocolates, teas and soups. I’ve eaten all of them and picked up only the ones I thought were delicious.

In the second half of the article, I even introduce recommended supermarkets for buying souvenirs, so if you are going to Vladivostok in the future, please refer to them.

Prices in Vladivostok are cheaper than in Japan, so you should have an enjoyable shopping experience!

A classic Russian souvenir! Alyonka chocolates

One of the must-buy sweets in Vladivostok is “Alyonka” chocolate.

These chocolates have an impressive package with an adorable baby on it.

Alyonka chocolates are very famous in Russia, and you can find them all lined up in every supermarket.

Cute little retro packaging!

The flavor is a little sweet milk chocolate. The chocolate in the package with the popping popcorn was very tasty, with fluffy chocolate and popping crackles.

They come in a variety of sizes and flavors.

95 rubles for a large piece of chocolate.

・Where to buy
Any supermarket in Vladivostok sells them.

Russian flavor! Knorr’s borscht flavor

The “Knorr’s Borscht Flavor” makes it easy to enjoy the traditional Russian dish borscht at home.

The fact that it is a traditional Russian dish and made by Knorr makes it easy to give away as a souvenir.

In addition to the borscht flavor, there are also mushroom and cheese, meat, tomato, and sole soups.

It only costs about $0.5 per bag, so if you find a flavor you like, I recommend buying it and enjoying the taste of Russia at home.

By the way, I tried the borscht and mushroom and cheese soup.

Of course the borscht, the mushroom and cheese soup was quite tasty!

30 rubles per bag

・Where to buy
Chico Mini Market, Smenovskaya Street

Perfect as a bulk souvenir! Chocolate sold by measure

Chocolates that are sold by the measure are perfect for souvenirs to give away. You can select and fill your own chocolates and sweets.

You can buy it for 100 grams for 30 rubles, which is quite a bargain!

The Alyonka, a typical Russian chocolate, is also available in a small version, as well as caramels with cute cats and wafers with peanuts.

All of the sweets have Cyrillic characters on them, so you can get the full feeling of a Russian souvenir.

30 rubles per 100 grams

・Where to buy
Gipermarket Samberg Store

Russia is actually a big tea country! Tea that is easy to take home as a souvenir

In fact, Russia is the world’s fourth largest tea consumer. The supermarkets in Vladivostok also have a wide selection of black tea.

Greenfield, the most popular tea brand in Russia

Greenfield is the most popular tea brand in Russia. All supermarkets in Vladivostok sell it, and it is easy to buy as a souvenir.

The most popular is the Golden Ceylon. It has a rich taste, and I enjoyed drinking it even after I came back to Japan.

There are also a wide variety of other flavors of herbal and fruit teas available.

109 rubles

・Where to buy

Lipton not available in Japan

There was Lipton’s Caramel Chai flavor, which you can’t find in Japan.

The spice of cinnamon and the sweetness of caramel make this tea exquisite.

120 rubles

・Where to buy
Gipermarket Samberg Store

Vladivostok-only flavor too! Potato chip “raises”

The potato chip “Raise” also comes in a variety of Vladivostok-only flavors.

There were crab, lobster, mushroom, and leek flavors. Since Vladivostok is a port city, there are many seafood flavors.

I actually tried it, and it had a slight crab taste to it! If you like seafood, this is a good choice.

140 rubles

・Where to buy

Russians love honey

Russians seem to love honey, and you can find it in any market or supermarket.

There are also places in the coniferous forests of the Siberian region where you can find delicious honey, and there is even a honey specialty store in Vladivostok.

If you have time, please visit the honey specialty store “Primorsky Myod”.

There is also quite a wide variety of honey in the supermarkets, from those containing pine nuts and ginger to flower-specific honey such as redcurrant.

Honey in a bear container is 200 rubles.

・Where to buy

Vladivostok’s unique chocolate “Primorsky Konditel”

Primorsky Konditor is a chocolate manufacturer with its headquarters in Vladivostok.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of Vladivostok in the Primorsky Krai, they make chocolate with unique flavors such as salty and kelp.

I tried the kelp flavor, and it was surprisingly tasty without the rocky smell!

You can also choose from other flavors of chocolate that can only be bought in Vladivostok, such as scallop flavor.

Large: 95 rubles, Small: 50 rubles

・Where to buy

Milka, an unmissable European snack.

“Milka” is a famous confectionery manufacturer in Europe. You can’t get them in Japan, so I often buy them as souvenirs when I go to Europe.

They are delicious sweets without the strange sweetness of foreign sweets!

In Vladivostok, I saw chocolate chip cookies with chocolate inside, and chocolates with Oreos inside.

・Where to buy

3 recommended supermarkets for buying Vladivostok sweets as souvenirs


Chikomini Market Fountain Street Store, where you can find cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, and sweets


This is a very convenient supermarket located on Fountain Street in the center of Vladivostok.

It is a place where you can find everything from cosmetics to matryoshkas.

You can buy all kinds of orthodox Vladivostok sweets here.

Chico Mini Market Fountain Street Basic Information

Opening hours: 8:00 – 24:00
Closed: Basically no holidays
Address: Ulitsa Admirala Fokina, 3, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690091
Access: 8 min. walk from Central Square

The only place to get Knorr’s borscht! Chico Minimarket, Smenovskaya Street.

If you want to buy Knorr’s borscht, go to Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street Store.

Knorr’s borscht, which is often mentioned in guidebooks, is actually not sold in most supermarkets.

In fact, most supermarkets do not carry Knorr’s borscht, which is often mentioned in guidebooks, and the only one that carries it is “Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street”. If you want to buy borscht, please look into this store.

It’s also only a five-minute walk from the central square, so it’s very accessible.

Chico Mini Market Smenovskaya Street

Access: 5-minute walk from the Central Square

※It was not yet registered on googlemap, so I adapted it to the nearby stores.

Cheaper than the supermarkets in the center! Gipermarket, Samberg

If you want to buy Vladivostok souvenirs in bulk at a reasonable price, I recommend the Gipermarket Samberg store.

You will need to take a bus from the center of Vladivostok, but you can buy it for about three times the price of a supermarket in the center.

It’s just so big and well-stocked that if you buy a bunch of souvenirs, you’ll have enough to pay for the bus fare!

Gipermarquette Samberg Store Basic Information

Opening hours: 8:00 – 23:00
Closed: Basically, no holidays
Address: Ulitsa Krygina, 23, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia 690065

Souvenirs of Russia that you can buy by mail order

It takes time to choose the right souvenir. In fact, you can buy Russian souvenirs by mail order.

You can buy the following items on the JTB Shopping website. You can be absorbed in sightseeing and shopping for yourself during your stay there.

・Tea in a matryoshka tin
・Russian assorted chocolates
・Russian Vodka

Advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order

The following are some of the advantages of buying souvenirs by mail order.

・You don’t have to worry about buying souvenirs at the destination.
・You can get souvenirs at a relatively low price (about $12 for a tea with matryoshka).
・The taste is delicious.
・A wide variety to choose from.
・You don’t need to carry heavy luggage.
・You can specify the time of delivery.

It is a little more expensive than buying locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal. .

Be smart about preparing souvenirs for distribution by mail order, and enjoy sightseeing and shopping for yourself when you are there! There is no need to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away.

You don’t have to be exhausted by choosing souvenirs to give away. You can buy souvenirs on the JTB website, so you can prepare souvenirs to give away here.

>>Take a look at Russian souvenirs at JTB Shopping.

So far, I have focused on the sweets and food of Vladivostok.

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