40 Souvenirs from Paris, France! Explanation of sweets and recommended goods that you can’t buy in Japan.

I love to go to France every year to buy sweets at the supermarket and to visit grocery stores.

If you are reading this article, you are probably someone who is looking forward to visiting France and Paris. You are probably excited about what kind of souvenirs you are going to buy.

In this article, we will focus on the souvenirs that we actually purchased and explain recommended sweets, miscellaneous goods, and even cosmetics.

The actual prices and where you can buy them are also listed, so please refer to them for reference.

★ We recommend that you use mail order to smartly prepare souvenirs for your company or acquaintances. You can buy French souvenirs of famous brand chocolates and wine by mail order at prices not that different from local prices. Enjoy shopping for yourself in France!

Exquisite French sweets that are perfect for scattering

The LU series, a classic French pastry

Whenever you go to a supermarket in France, you will find “LU”. It is a national pastry that is loved in France.

Because it is made with French butter, it is moist, rich, and delicious.

The packaging is also very French and cute, so it is recommended as a souvenir to give away.

Price: 1.95€ ($2.53)

You can’t stop eating gavotte

This is also a famous French pastry. It is covered with a thin crepe dough and has a crispy texture.

It’s not too sweet, so anyone can enjoy it.

Price: 1.65 ($2.14)

A classic French souvenir! Mont Saint-Michel Sablefish

This sable is famous in Mont Saint-Michel. This one also has a rich buttery flavor and is delicious.

Actually, you can buy these sablés at supermarkets in Paris!

There are only a limited number of varieties available in Paris, so if you are going to Mont Saint-Michel, you should buy the Mont Saint-Michel limited edition sable.

Price: 1.35€ ($1.75)

Paris souvenirs can be bought cheaply by mail order

By the way, souvenirs from Paris, France can be purchased through travel agencies such as “JTB Shopping“. You can also buy this Mont Saint-Michel sable.

If you want to enjoy your own shopping and sightseeing during your stay there, mail order is also recommended. You can choose from about 100 different types and buy them at a price that is not that different from the local price.

I often buy souvenirs by mail order because I don’t have to carry heavy luggage or have trouble forgetting to buy them.

>>Look at JTB’s mail order souvenirs from Paris, France

Bonne Maman’s series not released in Japan

The Bonne Maman series is popular in Japan. We have compiled a list of unreleased sweets that are not available in Japan.

Madeleine: 3.29€ ($4.27)

Madeleines with a delicious fluffy texture. The contents are individually wrapped and come in a pack of 12.

Not too sweet, not too oily, and light in texture, you can eat as many as you like.

Crepes 2.35€ ($3.00)

This crepe was very tasty, but it has a short shelf life, so just be aware of that.

It has chocolate inside, and the chocolate is elegantly sweet and delicious.

Please check the expiration date carefully when you buy it.

Chocolate Caramel Tart 2€ ($2.59)

A chocolate tart with a sweet caramel filling.

Since it is a small tart, it is easy to eat as a snack.

The caramel inside is sweet, so it’s a good souvenir for people who like sweet things.

Financier 3€ ($3.89)

This financier is superb. They are so moist and soft, I could eat three of them!

They come in individual packages, so I recommend them as souvenirs.

Confectionery available only at Monoprix supermarkets in France

Monoprix, a famous French supermarket, sells many of their own limited edition products.

All of them are of a very high standard, especially the sweets, which are inexpensive but excellent!

The sweets in the photo are caramelized nuts coated with chocolate.

The sweets in the photo are caramelized nuts coated with chocolate, not too sweet, but rich in flavor, and I wished I’d bought more to take home!

Price: 1.8 Euro

“Maxim’s de Paris” is easy to give to a loved one or a man

Maxim’s de Paris” is one of the most famous chocolates in France.

It is sold by Maxim’s, a long-established luxury restaurant in Paris that is loved all over the world.

The price of the chocolates is surprisingly reasonable, and many of them can be bought for around 15 euros.

The chocolates come in a bright red package, typical of France, and are an easy souvenir to give to a loved one or a man.

Price: around 10 to 15 euros

The cute packaging of “Angelina” is also very attractive.

Angelina is a salon de terre that has been loved by Parisians for over 100 years.

It is said that artists such as Coco Chanel and Parisians have frequented the salon.

Angelina is famous for its Mont Blanc, but they also put a lot of effort into their chocolates.

In addition to tasting delicious, the packaging is very cute.

There are many chocolates that can be bought for around 15 euros.

Price: around 15 euros
Examples of where to buy: Monoprix on the Champs-Elysées, department stores

▼ The following article also has a list of recommended snacks to buy in Paris.

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Feel like Paris even when you return home. Food and Tea in France

In addition to sweets, here is a list of foods and teas to buy in Paris.

All of the items listed here can be found at Monoprix supermarkets.

Marron cream for smearing on bread

This marron cream is also a major product in France, and is often found in supermarkets.

Because of the strong taste of chestnuts, it is also delicious smeared on bread.

Price: 2.95€ ($3.83)

Mariage Frères, a long-established tea store in France

If you are a tea lover, you should definitely visit Mariage Frères.

Mariage Frères is a French tea specialty store that began in the 17th century.

The fragrant and sweet tea, which is just like a dessert, has many fans.

Mariage Frères has over 500 flavors, but the most famous is Marco Polo.

This black tea has a sweet aroma of Asian flowers and fruits.

Price: around 15 euros
Where to buy: There is also a store at the entrance of the Louvre.

Cusmi Tea, a representative tea of France

Kusumi tea is known as a representative tea of France. Recently, you can find it in Japan as well.

In France, you can buy it at supermarkets. If you don’t have time to go to a specialty store, you can buy it at a supermarket. .

Price: 13.40€ ($17.43)

Lipton and Russian Earl Grey tea only available in France

Kusumi tea is delicious, but a bit expensive. If you want to buy a reasonably priced tea as a souvenir in France, I recommend Lipton.

Lipton is a British company, but they have a flavor that is only available in France. It is called “Russian Earl Grey Tea”.

I could find it in any supermarket in France. Although it is named “Russian,” it smells of bergamot and citrus. It is a product only available in France, so it makes a great tea souvenir.

Price: 2.39€ ($3.11)

Refreshing Mint Tea

Mint tea was originally drunk in Morocco. It is often drunk in France, where the culture is diverse, and can be purchased at supermarkets.

It is also available at supermarkets. It is hard to find in Japan, so it is a good souvenir to take home.

Price: 1.32€ (1.72$)

Soup base

There is a wide variety of soup-based products in Europe. The one I tried this time and enjoyed was ROYCO.

The juiciness of the vegetables can be felt in the soup.

The level of soups in Europe is very high.

Price: 1.89€ ($2.46)

Eiffel Tower shaped salt

The salt in the Eiffel Tower-shaped container is a unique souvenir of France.

Since France is famous for its delicious salt, many people buy it as a souvenir to take home.

You can buy this kind of Eiffel Tower-shaped salt at Monoprix on the Champs-Elysées or at the Eiffel Tower.

It’s a good souvenir for those who don’t like sweets.

Price: 9.9€ ($12.88)

Eiffel Tower shaped pasta

Pasta in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, isn’t it cute?

This was sold at Monoprix and the Eiffel Tower.

Fine, rich butter

France is famous for its butter. Butter, which is expensive in Japan, can be bought at reasonable prices in France.

If you want to bring butter back to Japan, take a cooling bag and a cooling agent with you. The airplane is cold, so if you can keep it cool the rest of the time, you should be fine.

We also brought butter back from France, but it was still cold in the cooler and the butter was fine.

The butter we recommend is Ecile butter.

It has a rich, yet refreshing taste. The salted butter goes better with bread.

Remember to use Doux (unsalted butter) or Demi-Sel (salted butter).

Price: 2.09€ ($2.72)

Popular petit goods too! Cute French goods

Here are some French goods that you should definitely buy when you go to France. We recommend these souvenirs especially for women.

Eiffel Tower pattern is cute! Monoprix eco-bag

Monoprix is one of the leading supermarkets in France. The Monoprix limited edition eco-bag is very cute.

This one has a pattern of the Eiffel Tower. There are also many other types, from simple plain ones to slightly flashy patterns.

・Price: 2€ ($2.59)
・Where to buy: Monoprix (the types of patterns available seem to differ from store to store)

▼ For more information about Monoprix, see the following article.

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Trays and luncheon mats that are reasonably priced at souvenir shops

Trays and luncheon mats are often found in souvenir shops in France.

They are reasonably priced at 3 to 4€. They make great souvenirs because of their French design.

・Price: 3 to 4€ (about $4.00)
・Where to buy: Souvenir shops near tourist spots

An Eiffel Tower mirror to keep in your pouch

A mirror with a cute Eiffel Tower pattern. You can often find these at souvenir shops near tourist spots.

There was a wide variety of mirrors.

・Price: 4€ (about $5.00)
・Where to buy: Souvenir shops near tourist attractions.

A cute little pouch with simple Paris lettering

These pouches are useful for storing small cosmetics such as lipsticks and glosses.

There were many different kinds, from ones with the simple words “Paris” on them to ones with French designs.

・Price: 3 to 4€ (about $4.00)
・Where to buy: Souvenir shops near tourist attractions

Paris limited edition Starbucks mugs and tumblers

The stubby goods that are only available in Paris are very cute. The Eiffel Tower tumbler was especially cute, so we bought one too.

I am glad that I can go to Starbucks with this tumbler when I come back to Japan.

・Price: 12.9€ (about $16.00)
・Where to buy: Starbucks in Paris. There are not as many Starbucks in Paris as there are in Japan. But there are often some around famous tourist spots and in big train stations, so check them out.

Eiffel Tower mug

Eiffel Tower pattern mug. There are girl and boy versions, so I bought one for each.

There is a store called “les parisettes” that sells a lot of Eiffel Tower goods, so I bought them there.

・Price: 8€
・Where to buy: les parisettes

Eiffel Tower figurine, a standard item but cute when displayed

The Eiffel Tower figurine is a standard and common item. I bought it to decorate my room.

It’s a standard item and very inexpensive, but I like it because it gives the room a French feel.

・Price: 1€ ($1.30)
・Where to buy: Souvenir shops near tourist spots.

The large size was about 6€.

Eiffel Tower Keychain

This key chain is another classic. They come in a variety of colors and are cute. The tricolor pattern is especially cute. .

When you put it on your bag, the little Eiffel Tower sways and looks lovely.

Some of the colors are peeling off, so please look carefully when buying.

・Price: 0.5€ ($0.65)
・Where to buy: Souvenir shops near tourist spots

Exclusive goods that can only be bought in French museums and palaces

Limited edition goods that can only be purchased at French museums also make great souvenirs of France. Here is an introduction to each museum.

Goods from the Louvre Museum

・Postcards of famous paintings

・Mona Lisa Goods

・Delacroix Goods

Exclusive goods for the Palace of Versailles

・Marie Antoinette’s Notebook

・Floral Pouch

Limited edition orangery goods

・Water lilies mugs and posters

A “miraculous medallion” that is said to bring happiness to those who hold it.

Have you ever heard of the Miraculous Medallion? The medal sold at the Church of the Miraculous Medallion is said to bring happiness to those who have it.

It is said that when a nun received a sign from Mary that she should make medals for people, she made and distributed them, and the chorea converged. Because of this story, there are tourists from all over the world who come to this church in search of the miraculous medallion.

I wear it as a pendant top. The church is also very beautiful, with a white and light blue base, so please visit.

・Price: from 0.5€ ($0.64)
・Where to buy: Church of the Miraculous Medallion

Paris landscape painting

Parisian landscape paintings are often seen on the streets. If you buy an original, it costs about 30€, but you can buy a reproduction for about 2€.

If you can’t afford to buy the original, you can try to find your favorite reproduction on the street.

・Price: 2€ ($2.59)
・Where to buy: Streets and souvenir shops near tourist attractions.

Plate found at a general store in Paris

A plastic plate I found at a grocery store. I want to have brunch on this plate…! So I bought it and went home.

It’s a cute plate in pastel colors, which you don’t find in Japan.

・Price: 8€ (about $10.00)
・Where to buy: chez bogato

This store has a lot of kitchen goods and colorful cakes. If you like pastel-colored goods, this is the place to go.

Air France Limited Edition Goods

This may be a bit irregular, but I thought it would be a good souvenir for men, so here it is.

There is a place where you can buy limited edition goods of Air France, a French airline.

We bought a poster and a magnet to take home. It’s not easy to find anywhere else, so we were very satisfied.

Many French goods are cute, but Air France’s designs are cool, so I think they are good souvenirs for men.

・Price: 20€ ($26.00) for a poster, 4€ ($5.20) for a magnet
・Where to buy: Air France Museum

Map of Paris

I really wanted to decorate my room with a map of Paris, so I looked around for one.

The original cost about 100€ and I couldn’t afford it, so I bought this reproduction, but I like the antique look it gives. I also bought this map at Les Parisettes.

Price: 10€ (about $13.00)
Where to buy: les parisettes

Recommended cosmetics you can buy in France

Le Petit Marseille, France’s petite cosmetics

If you want to buy affordable cosmetics in France, I recommend the Le Petit Marseille series.

They are famous for their soaps, but they also have everything from body creams to shampoos and treatments. You can find it in any supermarket in France.

Soap 2.69€ ($3.50)

Hair Treatment 2.59€ ($3.37)

Cleansing water

France has a wide variety of wipe-off type cleansing products.

One famous one is “Bioderma Sunbio H2O”.

French perfume as a souvenir

In France, perfumes are also available in supermarkets.

If you don’t have time to go to Fragonard, the perfume museum, you can try to find perfume at Monoprix.

At Fragonard, you can buy perfumes for about 20€ ($26.00) each.

It is surprisingly affordable, so if you have time, please visit Fragonard.

Macarons are not recommended as souvenirs.

Many people want to buy macaroons as souvenirs when they go to France, right?

However, macarons should not be given as souvenirs to others.

Because of their short shelf life of only three days and their tendency to fall apart, they are not recommended as souvenirs to give to others.

If you are buying for yourself, I recommend buying macaroons at Ladurée after the baggage check at the airport.

Caution! Both chocolate and macaroons are treated as liquids in France

In France, if you have macaroons or chocolate in your carry-on luggage, they will be treated as liquids and confiscated.

In other countries, they are not treated as liquids, but apparently France is special…

To be safe, put chocolates and macaroons in your suitcase and don’t take them in your carry-on.

Also, macarons bought after the baggage check are allowed to be carried on board.

Summary of places to buy souvenirs in Paris

The Monoprix supermarket Champs-Elysées store for sweets and food

Monoprix is a leading supermarket in France. You can find sweets that are not sold in Japan, so be sure to visit.

The Champs-Elysees store in particular has a larger selection of products that can be used as souvenirs for tourists.

You can find anything from Bonne Maman to famous brand chocolates.

Monoprix Champs-Elysées Store Basic Information

Opening hours: 9:00 – 24:00 (from 10:00 on Sundays only)
Closed: Basically, no holidays
Address: 52 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
Access: 3 min. walk from Franklin D. Rosevelt Station

For petite sundries, visit souvenir stores near famous sightseeing spots.

Souvenir shops where you can buy petit goods are always clustered around the major tourist attractions in Paris.

・Around the Louvre Museum
・Around Notre Dame Cathedral

You can always find a souvenir shop if you are touring around the tourist spots. When you visit the major tourist spots, check out the souvenirs along with them.

My personal favorite store for French goods

chez bogato

A store with lots of kitchen goods and colorful cakes. A good place to go if you like pastel-colored goods.

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday
Address: 7 Rue Liancourt, 75014 Paris

les parisettes

This is a store that sells many Eiffel Tower goods. You’re sure to find cute French goods that you’ll want to display in your home.

Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Closed: Sunday
Address: 10 Rue Gramme, 75015 Paris

French souvenirs available by mail order

Souvenirs from France can actually be purchased by mail order. You can buy the following items at “JTB Shopping“.

  • Chocolate crepes from Maxim’s de Paris
  • L’Amour Pral’s caramel sable
  • Mary Antoinette’s Tea
  • Macarons
  • Marseille soap

Advantages of Buying Souvenirs by Mail Order

The following are some of the advantages of buying French souvenirs by mail order.

  • Shorten the time it takes to buy souvenirs in France
  • You can get souvenirs rather cheaply (a box of chocolate crepes from Maxim’s de Paris costs about $13.00)
  • The taste is delicious
  • A wide variety to choose from
  • No need to carry heavy luggage locally
  • No Japanese notation, so you won’t know you bought it in Japan
  • You can specify the time of delivery

It is slightly more expensive than buying locally, but considering the time and transportation costs of searching for souvenirs locally, I felt it was a good deal.

You can buy souvenirs on the JTB website, so you can prepare your own souvenirs to give away here.

>>Look at French souvenirs at JTB Shopping

Paying with a credit card is recommended for shopping in France

When shopping in France, we recommend using credit cards.

This is because if you are pickpocketed and have a lot of cash on you, the damage will be greater.

If you use a credit card, you can stop it right away with a phone call, so we recommend paying with a credit card as a basic rule. In France, you can use your card almost everywhere.

While shopping in Paris, it is safer to be connected to the Internet

While shopping, it is recommended to be connected to the Internet so that you can do some research.

If you can’t connect to the Internet, you may not be able to get to the store you want to go to, or you may have to give up buying something because you don’t understand the words on the product…

But if you have pocket wifi, you can connect to the Internet at any time and shop in comfort.

France has a good selection of petit-price items

In this article, I focused on petite goods and food items that can be purchased at Monoprix.

In France, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy cute goods and delicious food.

If you want to enjoy your own shopping and sightseeing during your stay in France, mail order is also a good option.
>>Souvenir shopping in Paris, France at JTB.

I hope you have a great time shopping in France!

How to book your trip to France at the best price

For tours, HIS is by far the cheapest

If you want to travel to France, you can find cheap tours at HIS.

When I went to Paris for the first time, I went on a HIS tour.

There is a $698 tour that includes airfare (including surcharges), hotel, sightseeing, and meals.

There are tours that include Mont Saint-Michel, Versailles, and Paris city sightseeing, so if you haven’t booked yet, be sure to check them out. →H.I.S. France Travel

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