[Review] Osprey Sojourn is a good bag to buy and recommend. Comments on comfort and size comparison.

The Osprey Sojourn is a backpack that can be carried on your back or rolled around.

I bought it six months ago and have been using it immensely, so I will write a review article.

I’ve actually traveled around Europe and Southeast Asia with the Osprey Sojourn as my companion!

In conclusion, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

The reason is that I was able to carry my luggage easier than with the suitcases I had been using.

I had the image that it was often used by people going around the world or on long trips, but I felt that it was recommended for women who are not very strong and want to carry their luggage easily.

This article summarizes the Osprey Sojourn’s features, size comparison, impressions from actual use, and reputation.

Five features of osmoplastic solutions

First of all, what kind of backpack is the Osprey Sojourn? For those who are wondering, here is a summary of its five features.

1. Large tires for easy carrying

The Osprey Pasion is a backpack that can be carried on your back or rolled around.

What surprised me the most when I actually tried it was the size of the tires.

Thanks to these big tires, I can carry my stuff very easily!

Compared to the suitcase I had been using, the difference is obvious.

The tire size of my Sojourn 80L is 9cm in diameter.

The tire size of the suitcase I’ve been using is 4cm, so there is a difference of more than double.

If you compare it to the iPhone 8, can you tell it’s a big tire?

Also, Osprey Sojourn’s tires are two-wheeled.

Since the direction of travel is one way, you can carry your load with ease without distributing the force.

Most ordinary suitcases have four wheels, right? Four-wheeled suitcases have smaller tires and can move more finely, but the force tends to be dispersed.

For those who want to carry their luggage with ease, two wheels with large tires are recommended.

Especially for women who find their suitcases heavy and difficult to roll, I highly recommend using them.

2. It also has a thicker waist belt, making it more stable to carry on your back

The Osprey Pasion can even turn into a backpack you can carry!

I haven’t actually carried it on my back while traveling yet, but it has a lot of tricks to make it stable to carry.

The shoulder and waist belts are thick and stable.

I wonder if it’s this waist belt that makes it surprisingly stable when I carry it on my back.

By the way, a man carrying 80 liters on his back would look like the following.

I tried to carry it on my back too!

My impression of carrying it on my back is that it is not as hard as it looks.

The waist belt provides support, so it is much easier than carrying it on my shoulders alone.

It also comes with a belt that supports it in front of your chest.

That’s a famous backpack brand!

By the way, the shoulder belt and waist belt can all be put away neatly.

So beautiful! You won’t know the belt is in here unless you are told.

3. Can be opened without unfolding

Unlike regular suitcases, the Osprey version does not need to be opened in two.

Just open it up! and you can organize your luggage.

Regular suitcases take up a lot of space to open, don’t they?

With the Osprey, you can take out your luggage even when it’s upright.

It helped me a lot in the following situation.

  • When staying in a small room
  • When I need to take something out of my suitcase in a hurry

When I stayed in a small room in Singapore, I didn’t have room to spread out two regular suitcases.

Even so, I was able to open the Osprey Sojourn without taking up too much space, so I didn’t have to go through that much inconvenience.

4. Full of storage pockets

The Osprey version has five large storage pockets.

The first one is a separate pocket from the main luggage compartment.

This is where I kept my guidebooks, drinks, and other things I wanted to take out quickly without a padlock.

The main zipper opens to reveal two mesh pockets.

Then there are mesh and invisible pockets on both sides.

The mesh pockets allow you to see what’s inside, so it’s easy to know where you’ve put everything.

In the invisible pockets, I closed up my underwear and other things that I didn’t want to be seen.

Thanks to these pockets, it was easy for me to organize my large amount of luggage.

By the way, when I actually put my luggage in it, it looked like the following.

It also comes with a belt to hold the luggage in place, making it easy to organize and prevent it from falling apart.

A padlock can be attached directly to the main zipper.

I made sure to remember to lock the door.

It also has a small card case compartment when zipped in the back.

5. Easy to hold and fit in the hand

The Osprey version is not only easy to carry on your back, it’s also easy to hold!

The extendable handle is slip-proof.

It is also made to fit the shape of your hand, so your hand will not hurt even if you pull it for a long time.

The fixed handle is also thick and soft.

I used to get sore hands when I pulled suitcases, so this is a big help…!

By the way, there is a large handle on the side as well, so it can be carried lying down.

The more I used the osprey solution, the more useful it turned out to be, and I just couldn’t stop loving it!

Osprey Sojourn is available in three sizes: 45L, 60L, and 80L

45L for carry-on

The 45L size is made to be carried on board an airplane.

The official Osprey website has the following explanation.

The 45L is made in a size that can be carried on board most passenger planes.

If you are a minimalist with little luggage for a 2 to 4-night trip or even a mid-term trip, this size will be perfect for you.

External dimensions: 56 x 36 x 23 cm (length, width, depth)
Weight : 3.60kg

60L for about 16kg of luggage

People who travel for a long time often choose 60L or 80L.

If you don’t have a lot of luggage or don’t buy that many souvenirs, 60L will be fine.

It weighs about 16 kilos with a tightly packed bag.

External dimensions: 64 x 36 x 35 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 3.87kg

80 for about 20kg of luggage

The largest size is 80L.

I chose this 80L. I chose this 80L because I wasn’t confident that I could reduce my luggage…

It weighed about 20 to 22 kilograms when I packed it properly.

It’s a big bag, so it might be hard for a woman to carry it on her back…

I didn’t intend to carry it on my back too much, but rather to feel secure in the knowledge that “Well, at worst, I can carry it! .

This sense of security was important to me, even if I never actually had to carry it.

My impressions of traveling around Southeast Asia and Europe with the Osprey Sojourn

I didn’t have to carry it on my back during my month-long trip in Southeast Asia

I spent a month touring Thailand, Laos, Singapore, and Malaysia with the Osprey version as my partner.

As it turns out, I didn’t have a single situation where I had to carry it!

The reason for this is that the roads in all of these countries were beautifully paved.

The reason is that the roads in all the countries were well paved.

There were a few gravel roads, but with the Osprey’s big tires, we could roll them without any problem.

I felt that walking with a suitcase on an unpaved road is not so common even when traveling around the world. I felt that it was.

Walking on the cobblestones of Europe is easy with big tires

Even though I never carried it on my back, I often felt grateful for the osprey sojourn.

  • The cobblestones of Europe
  • Bumpy roads in Southeast Asia

In these places, it is hard to walk around with a suitcase in tow.

But with the Osprey Surgeon, I was able to pull it lightly without any problems.

It was like a lie that I used to have a hard time rolling my suitcase.

I went to Paris every year and every time I went, I had a hard time pulling my suitcase, but this year, thanks to the Osprey, it was a breeze.

I may not be carrying it for a while, but I’m very happy

I don’t think I will ever choose any other suitcase than Osprey in the future.

There is one reason for this: It’s so much easier to carry my luggage.

That’s how big the Osprey Sojourn’s tires are and how easy it is to roll.

I don’t think I’ll ever go on an overseas trip with the suitcase I’ve been using!

Reputation of Osprey Sojourn

I’ve compiled a list of reviews from people who have used OSPREUSION.

If you want to know what others think, please take a look.

I used the Osprey Sojourn 25 (60 liters) carry-on bag for about two years of travel.
It is heavier than a backpack because of the carry-on, but it is very sturdy and unbreakable.

You can carry it on your back, but I kept rolling it. It’s really great that its tires don’t break even on bumpy roads ✨highly recommend it ️.

The usability of the bag is great as expected with the top accessory pocket, the placement of the pockets on both sides inside, and the main zipper that opens with a bang. The large wheels are stable enough to get you over some bumps. It stands on its own, and even when I put it through another business bag on the handle, it stands stable and independent. I also own several Osprey mountaineering sacks, and I’m impressed that this is indeed a travel bag made by a pack manufacturer.

“Osprey Sojourn 60L” just arrived!
It’s a suitcase, but if you open the back, you can use it as a backpack.
The weight is also very light, and more importantly, I can ride my bike to the station and use it as a suitcase from the station.

Some people use it for long trips abroad, some for business use, and some for short trips.

How to buy osmosis at a discount

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I thought I could buy it as cheaply as possible, so I did some research.

As a result, I found out that you can buy it cheaply by using Amazon Charge.

The only way to get a discount on this product is to use point rewards or Amazon’s own discount service, since Osprey Solution only sells it at the regular price.

Accessories that you want to have with Osprey

rain cover

The Osprey version does not come with a rain cover.

It will repel a little rain, but be sure to have a rain cover in case of emergency.


Make sure you have a padlock with you.

It’s a good idea to have two in case you lose them.

Review Summary of Osprey Solution

  • Large tires make it easy to roll
  • Can be carried as a backpack
  • Easy to organize with plenty of pockets
  • Three sizes are available. Choose the one that suits your needs

Until now, I had an image of it being used by people going around the world, but I found it to be an easy to use backpack for short trips as well.

I especially would like women who have trouble pulling heavy suitcases to try it!

Men will also be able to carry their luggage with much more ease than ever before.

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