What are the essentials and useful items for a trip to Malaysia? A female travel writer explains!

In this article, I will introduce what to bring for your trip to Malaysia.

I have spent about two weeks in Malaysia, mainly in Kuala Lumpur, so I will focus on things I found useful to bring with me.

Also, at the end of the article, I’ve added a List of Things to Bring in Malaysia. You can check the boxes to confirm what you have with you.

Here’s a list of useful travel items from a woman’s perspective!

Necessities for Traveling in Malaysia


Passports should never be forgotten when traveling abroad.

If you forget your passport, you can get it locally, but if you forget your passport, you will not be able to leave.

Make sure you check it before you leave! It is also a good idea to make a photocopy just in case.

It is also a good idea to keep a photocopy of your passport just in case. Attach a case to your passport to protect it from dirt and tears.


Airline tickets

These days, there are many electronic types of tickets called e tickets.

It’s a good idea to take a screenshot or print out the page that shows the flight number and time of the flight you’re taking so that you can get it out quickly.

When you arrive at the airport and check in at the counter, you will be given a paper ticket.

Credit Cards

Always take a credit card with you when traveling in Malaysia. .

This is because you will not be able to cope with only the cash you have on hand in case of any problems, such as theft, illness, or aircraft delays.

It’s a good idea to have at least three cards with you, because you may not be able to use the cards you normally use.


Many stores in Malaysia accept credit cards, but there are still some stores that only accept cash.

For a four-day trip, you should exchange $300 in cash. Famous stores accept credit cards, so if you overspend, you can pay with a credit card.

The best rate is to exchange money in the city of Malaysia.

In Kuala Lumpur, the KL Remit Xchange is famous for its cheap rates.

Mobile phones and chargers

Don’t forget your cell phone and charger. Especially check the chargers on the morning of your departure!

If you are worried about theft, it is a good idea to have anti-theft goods for your cell phone.

Conversion Plug

Unlike the shape of outlets in Japan, Malaysia has “BF type” outlets.

However, since there are only a few countries that have the “BF type,” it is better to have a multi-plug that can be used anywhere in the world rather than a BF plug, which is not very useful.

The ones listed above are compatible with outlets in 200 countries around the world, and will make your trip abroad much more convenient.


If you normally wear contacts, don’t forget your contacts.

I bring about 3 contacts for each day of my trip.


Be careful not to forget your glasses, especially if you wear contacts during the day.

I forgot my glasses once and had a tough time traveling abroad…


Be sure to bring the medicines you are used to taking on a regular basis with you to Malaysia.

Some Japanese medicines may not be available in Malaysia.

I try to bring my painkillers EVE and Seirogan with me.

Emergency Contact Information

Make sure you have your emergency contact information down.

  • Credit card contact information
  • Overseas travel insurance support desk
  • Police: 999
  • Embassy of Japan in Malaysia: 03-2177-2600
  • Address and phone number of the hotel where you will be staying


Personal belongings of “Great” importance

Camera and charger

Don’t forget your camera to capture your memories of Malaysia, and make sure you have a set of SD cards and a charger.

Rental WiFi

There are free Wifi spots in Malaysia.

However, if you don’t have internet access in the first place, you may not be able to register for WiFi, or Japanese people may not be able to connect properly.

When traveling abroad, where troubles are bound to occur, it is safer to rent WiFi.

Mobile battery

If you often use social networking and camera functions on your phone, it is recommended that you prepare a mobile battery.

If you use the camera function all day, the battery will run out of charge surprisingly quickly.

To avoid running out of charge in an important scene, prepare a mobile battery.

The one mentioned above is small enough to fit in your pocket and can charge your iPhone more than twice, giving you peace of mind.

Clothes and Underwear

Prepare enough clothes and underwear for the number of days you will be traveling.

Malaysia is a very hot country and you will sweat a lot, so it is a good idea to bring enough for the trip plus one day.

Recently, there are travel bags that can be compressed by simply zipping them up, which is very convenient.


Most hotels in Malaysia do not have pajamas except for luxury hotels.

Don’t forget to bring them with you from Japan!


If you are a woman, don’t forget to bring the makeup tools you are used to using.

It’s hot in Malaysia, so it’s best to use summer makeup.

A flat eyeliner can make a compact makeup bag.

Shampoo and body soap

Hotels have shampoo and body soap, but if you prefer something familiar, bring it with you.

If it’s just for four days or so, I recommend bringing a travel set.

The UV rays and showers can make your hair dry, so women should also bring a treatment.

Lotion, milky lotion, and body cream

Hotels can be dry, so don’t forget to bring lotion, milky lotion, and body cream.

Transfer them to small containers and take them with you.

The following travel pouches are compliant with carry-on regulations.


Hotels in Malaysia do not provide toothbrushes except for luxury hotels.

So don’t forget to bring one from Japan!

Rain gear

In Malaysia, it often rains suddenly.

A folding umbrella for rainy weather is useful.

Recently, waterproof parkas are also available.


The sun is very strong in Malaysia, so don’t forget your hat!

It’s a good idea to bring a wide brim type.


Be sure to apply sunscreen every day!

You can find Japanese sunscreen in Malaysia, but it was quite expensive, so I recommend bringing some from Japan.

Bug Repellent Goods

In Malaysia, mosquito bites can cause dengue fever.

Dengue fever can cause death in the worst case scenario, so be sure to take insect repellent measures.

There are various kinds of insect repellents such as sprays, sticker types, bracelets, etc., so choose the one that best suits your situation.


Don’t forget to bring band-aids with you so that you can put them on your shoes and scrapes immediately.


For some reason, many toilets in Malaysia don’t have tissues, so it’s a good idea to bring some with you.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes aren’t available in restaurants abroad, so if you’re worried about hygiene, bring some with you!


You will sweat a lot while sightseeing in Malaysia, so make sure you have enough handkerchiefs for a few days.

Major Travel Items for Malaysia

Security Pouch

Valuables such as passports, cash and credit cards can be kept in a security pouch.

You can wear it under your clothes without feeling uncomfortable and hide your valuables.

It is convenient to have one with you.


It is recommended to have a mask with you to prevent dryness on the plane or in the hotel.

These days, there are masks that can moisturize you, and I wouldn’t want to be without one!


If you are planning to go to the beach, many hotels in Malaysia have swimming pools.

Check the hotel you have booked again and decide if you want to bring a swimsuit.

These days, some swimsuits can be bought for less than $30, so it is recommended to have your favorite one ready.


The sun is strong in Malaysia, so it’s a good idea to bring sunglasses.

For women, it’s a good idea to bring something with UV protection.

Compact sheet

This compact sheet is recommended for beach goers.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket, but can be used as a great seat.


In addition to sneakers, sandals are also useful when playing at the pool or ocean.

If you have one pair of black sandals, you can easily match them with any outfit.


I bring a lot of Ziplocs in different sizes.

They are handy for storing wet or dirty items, or snacks that are about to be eaten.


When you buy souvenirs and drinks while sightseeing, it is convenient to keep them in your eco-bag.

Keep one that folds up small.

Neck Pillow

Recently, there are also neck pillows that fold up compactly.

The one above is recommended where it can be easily inflated with a hand pump.

They’re great for in-flight comfort without being a piece of luggage!

Hair irons for overseas use

The voltage in Malaysia is different from that in Japan, but if you have an overseas compatible hair iron, you can use it without a transformer.

And these days, you can buy a hair iron that can be used overseas for only $30!

For women who want to curl their hair, it is a good idea to have a hair iron that is compatible with overseas countries.

Goods to pass the time on board

If you are flying to Malaysia on an LCC, please be aware that there are no individual monitors on board.

You will spend a very boring 7 hours with no internet connection…

The best thing to do is to download a movie.

As long as you download them, you can watch movies on your phone even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Converting plugs are a must. In many cases, you don’t need a transformer

The shape of electrical outlets in Malaysia is different from those in Japan, so conversion plugs are a must.

The voltage is also different from that of Japan, but in most cases, you don’t need a transformer.

Recent smartphone and camera chargers are designed to work with overseas voltages, so you can use them without a transformer.

If you want to bring other electrical appliances with you, make sure that the voltage of the appliances is within 220V frequency 50Hz before you bring them.

Recommended apps for traveling in Malaysia

Grab App

Grab App
Developed by :Grab.com

Grab” is a cab dispatch app that is indispensable for getting around in Southeast Asia.

It was actually born in Malaysia and is now a Singaporean company.

It is also very widely used in Malaysia.

Grab is cheaper than regular cabs, and since the price is fixed in advance, there is no need to argue with the driver.

SMS verification (phone number required) is required for registration, so be sure to download and register while you are in Japan.

For your first ride, try using the coupon code below.


What to wear when traveling in Malaysia

Cool clothes are recommended

It is hot in Malaysia, so it is recommended to wear cool clothes.

If you are a woman, I think a dress is the coolest and most convenient.

There are many cute dresses available in Malaysia, so it’s fun to buy one locally.

You can rent robes for free at famous mosques

I’ve often seen people say that Malaysia is an Islamic country and you shouldn’t expose yourself too much….

You can get a robe for free when you enter a famous mosque, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

The following spots were all free to use!

  • Pink Mosque
  • Blue Mosque
  • National Mosque

I also went to the mosque in a sleeveless dress and wore a robe for the tour.

When wearing a robe, make sure to hide your hair so that it does not show.

Outside of the mosque, there are no clothing restrictions placed on tourists.

For bags, shoulder bags are recommended

While sightseeing in Malaysia, it is a good idea to take a shoulder bag with you.

If you take one with a tightly closing lid, it will help prevent pickpockets.

Shoulder bags can be held in front of your body, and you are less likely to be snatched if you carry the bag diagonally.

Keep an eye on your valuables and manage them well.

Luggage to be carried on board

Keep your valuables close to you

Suitcases are meant to be left with people, so never put valuables or expensive items in them.

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Cameras
  • Computers and tablets

Even if you don’t plan to use it right away, if you don’t want it to get stolen, put it in your carry-on instead of in your suitcase.

Put items that are hard to find locally in your carry-on

There is no compensation for suitcases that always arrive in Malaysia.

I don’t check in things that I would have trouble with if my suitcase didn’t arrive, such as contacts, glasses, and familiar cosmetics.

  • Contacts
  • Glasses
  • Familiar cosmetics
  • Charger
  • Mobile battery

Mobile batteries are not allowed in the suitcase according to airline rules.

Easy to see list! Checklist of things to bring on your trip to Malaysia

We have compiled a checklist of things to bring on your trip to Malaysia.

You can check the boxes on the left side, so please use it to check your luggage.

Necessities and most important belongings

passport Passport is required. Bring one copy.
Airline Tickets If it is an electronic ticket, print it out.
Credit Card Have at least two copies, preferably three.
Cash You can exchange money in Malaysia, so take dollars with you.
Overseas travel insurance documents Bring international travel insurance or a credit card that covers international travel insurance.
Cell phones and chargers Especially don’t forget your charger.
contact I’ll keep a spare in my bag.
glasses Make sure you put it in your bag the morning of the event.
BF Plug The shape of electrical outlets is different between Malaysia and Japan.
sling bag Use for walking around town
medicine Familiar medicine and seirogan
A note of emergency contact information Note down contact information for credit cards, embassies, etc.
Malaysia Guidebook Kotoricp is recommended for girls.
Cameras and chargers Check the camera for a set of SD cards, batteries, and a charger.
Grab Apps Complete the registration in Japan.
Rental Wifi Global WiFi is recommended.
Change of clothes, underwear, socks Malaysia is a sweaty country, so a change of clothes is a must!
Makeup Tools Have makeup tools for everyday use.
Shampoo, etc. If you want to use something you normally use, take it with you.
Lotion, Emulsion, Cream Hotels are dry, so I need something that can moisturize my whole body.
toothbrush Check the hotel’s animations.
pajamas The hotel doesn’t have pajamas, so I’ll bring my own.
slippers Hotels often do not have slippers.
sandal It’s hot, so sandals are handy.
Rain gear (folding umbrella) Because of the sudden and frequent rain.
hat A hat is a must to prevent heat stroke.
sunscreen It’s something you put on your skin, so you need something you’re familiar with.
Insect repellent products Also needed to prevent dengue fever.
adhesive bandage For when you get scuffs and scrapes on your shoes.
(facial) tissues Because some places do not have toilet paper.
wet wipes Wipe your hands before eating
Towel for wiping sweat I sweat a lot, so I have enough towels for a few days.

Personal belongings of medium importance

Mobile Battery If you take pictures with your phone, you’d better take it with you.
Security Pouch You can hide your valuables under your clothes.
swimsuit Take it with you if you swim in the pool or ocean.
Sunglasses Malaysia is a very sunny country.
reusable shopping bag Keep the souvenirs and guidebooks you bought in it.
Ziploc Convenient to keep wet things in.
A large bag to hold souvenirs. A bag to hold more souvenirs on the way home.
plastic bag Keep trash and wet items in it.
Hair irons that can be used overseas It is convenient to have a hair iron that is compatible with foreign voltages.
Mask It’s good to have something to keep you dry on the plane.
neck pillow To be comfortable in the plane
Things to do to pass the time in-flight LCCs don’t have personal monitors, so it’s something to pass the time.

Summary: Be prepared and enjoy your trip to Malaysia!

I have introduced some essentials and useful items for traveling in Malaysia.

Please use the checklist to prepare your belongings before your trip.

Have a great trip!

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