Sunway Lagoon is a great place for adults to have fun! Guide to Prices and Things to Do

During my visit to Malaysia, I went to Sunway Lagoon, one of the largest water parks in Asia.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations before I went, thinking that it wouldn’t be that different from Japanese pools.

But I was surprised when I went there! It was a fun water park that even adults would have a blast at.

This time, I’m writing a blog about the local scene based on my actual experience there.

The blog covers the attractiveness of Sunway Lagoon, the experience, discount information, and the secret to enjoying 120% of the day.

It’s a great spot for families with children and couples as well.

Sunway Lagoon is one of the largest water parks in Asia.

Sunway Lagoon is the largest water park in Asia, located about 20 minutes drive from the center of Kuala Lumpur.

First, let me briefly introduce the three attractions.

Attraction 1: Unlimited rides on 80 different attractions!

Sunway Lagoon is not just a facility with a pool.

There are more sliders than you can ride, an amusement park, and a zoo.

There are more than 80 different attractions in total.

As long as you pay the entrance fee, you can enjoy all 80 attractions for free.

There are about four attractions, such as go-karts, that require an additional fee, but the fact that you can enjoy 80 different attractions for free is a great point.

Attraction 2: The main attraction, the Vuvuzela, is amazing.

Sunway Lagoon is very large and has many different types of sliders.

The highlight is the “Vuvuzela”. You go back and forth in a big tube.

It was a thrilling and exciting slide that made me feel as if I was being thrown outside!

Attraction 3: The facilities in the lagoon are extensive.

There are many places to eat in Sunway Lagoon.

For $5 per person, you can have a full meal.

Shower rooms and toilets are also available free of charge, and the place was as clean as a Japanese swimming pool

Also, the area around Sunway Lagoon is quite well maintained for tourism, with hotels and shopping malls.

Basic information about Sunway Lagoon

Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Closed: Basically, no holidays
Address: No 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

[My experience] Far beyond my expectations! We had a blast at Sunway Lagoon.

In this article, I will report in detail about the day we actually went to Sunway Lagoon.

It turned out to be a much more fun day than I ever imagined!

From the hotel to the Sunway Lagoon by Grab.

This day, we took a Grab from our hotel in central Kuala Lumpur to Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Lagoon is a 20-minute drive from the center of Kuala Lumpur.

It cost us 25 ringgit ($6.5) from our hotel.

If you try to go there by public transportation, it will take you at least an hour, so I recommend using a cab or Grab.

Exchange voucher for ticket.

It was a Sunday. The ticket counter was amazing with people lined up.

This time, I had booked a ticket on the web for a discount of more than $20. (Reference: [Kuala Lumpur] Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Discount Admission Ticket $32)

We were ushered into the reservation-only queue and barely had to wait in line!

We were asked to change our voucher (E-ticket) into an admission ticket.

It was a type of ticket that you wear around your wrist.

Entry to the Sunway Lagoon.

Finally, we entered the Sunway Lagoon. I was thrilled.

I thought there would be lockers and changing rooms, but it was more like an amusement park zone.

It’s too big, so you have to look at the map properly.

I came to a locker close to the gate, but it was already very crowded.

It was Sunday, so there must be a lot of people coming…

We decided to go to the lockers at the back of the park.

Charge money to spend in the park.

I safely found a relatively empty locker.

There are restrooms, changing rooms, and shower rooms nearby.
We decided to charge money to spend in the park.

At Sunway Lagoon, you can charge your wristband and enjoy the park without carrying any cash.

We were able to charge at this square booth near the lockers.

By the way, you can get back the money you didn’t use after you charged it when you leave the park.

Leaving your luggage in a coin locker.

After successfully charging, I put my luggage in the locker.

The lockers are charged and can be opened and closed many times a day.

The small one costs 25 ringgit ($6.50) and the large one 45 ringgit ($11.70).

We packed our stuff in the smaller locker and were ready to go!

To the pool we’ve been waiting for!

We decided to go to the pool near the lockers first.

This pool looked shallow, but it gradually got deeper and deeper.

There was one part that was so deep that my feet couldn’t touch the floor, and it was quite interesting!

In Japan, it’s hard to find a pool where you can’t touch your feet…

Also, there was a sandy beach next to the pool here.

It was perfect for children to play.

The shallow part of the pool was covered with sand so that small children could play without slipping.

Different from Japan? A powerful slider.

After this, we enjoyed the sliders.

But there were so many sliders that I couldn’t slide at all.

And all of them were very powerful, which you can’t find in Japan.

I don’t know why the slider in the photo was going backwards, but it was really scary.

For lunch

After enjoying the sliders, we decided to have lunch.

I forgot to take a picture of what we ate, but it was about $5 per person for a full meal.

Compared to Japanese swimming pools, the cost of eating and drinking is quite cheap.

By the way, there were quite a few restaurants, including Malaysian food, pizza, Burger King, and ice cream.

You can’t go wrong with food.

To the eye-catching vuvuzela.

After taking a break for lunch, we went to the main attraction, Vuvuzela.

There were quite a few people in line and we had to wait for about 40 minutes.

But it’s really fun and you should try it!

It’s fun not knowing how you’re going to make your way through the giant hose.

To flowing pools and sliders.

Now we went to the flowing pool. The current wasn’t very strong here, but it was a shallow pool that would be perfect for small children.

The jungle-like decorations made for an interesting pool to watch!

By the way, you can also rent floats and banana boats in the park.

We also went to the 5D attraction that was near the sliders.

I wasn’t expecting this one at all, but it was surprisingly fun!

It’s nice to know that once you pay the admission fee, everything is free to enjoy–!

Only once a day! Wave Pool.

The first big pool we came to was a wave pool, only once a day

These waves were so powerful again!

It was so much fun.

Everyone splashed water on each other and had a great time.

The time is from 16:00-16:30, so don’t miss it!

Play on the beach, change clothes and get ready to go home.

After enjoying the wave pool, we decided to play on the beach and get ready to go home.

The showers and toilets were clean and easy to use.

Looking back, we didn’t even make it halfway around the park.

It’s so big, you could come for two days and still have fun!

On the way back, we had dinner at the shopping center next door.

Right next to the Sunway Lagoon is the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center.

There was a food court in front of AEON, so we decided to have dinner here.

There was everything from Malaysian, Indonesian, and Chinese food.

The Chinese rice bowl I had was only 11.5 ringgit ($3).

I recommend eating here for dinner!

On the way back, I took a Grab back to the hotel.

Tickets and discount information for Sunway Lagoon.

Types of tickets

Sunway Lagoon tickets are priced as follows when bought at the official website or locally.

Official 1-day

Adult: RM202 ($52.52)
Children: RM170 ($44.20)

Official 2-day

Adult: RM303 ($78.78)
Children: RM255 ($66.30)

With this admission fee, you can enjoy about 80 different attractions.

(Attractions charged separately from the admission fee)
Bungy Jump
G-Force X
Go Karting
Paintball War Game

Save $20! KKday to book.

When you hear about a $50 pool, many people may think it is expensive.

In fact, there is a way to save $20 on Sunway Lagoon.

If you book through KKday, a website that sells tours and tickets around the world, you can buy an adult ticket for $32. (Reference: [Kuala Lumpur] Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Discount Admission Ticket $32)

I booked mine from KKday too~!

Prices at KKday

Adult: $32
Children: $27

KKday only offers 1-day tickets, but it’s cheaper to buy two 1-day tickets from KKday than the official 2-day tickets.

Features of KKday

You can book through the Japanese website.
Customer support is also available.
Tours to over 60 countries around the world are available.
The lowest price for each ticket is often available.

How to use KKday

Go to the following website to specify the date and book your ticket.
[Kuala Lumpur] Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Discount Admission Ticket $32

You will receive a voucher (E-ticket) via email, and you can show the voucher at the local ticket counter to have it converted into an admission ticket.

When I was there, the regular line to buy tickets was quite crowded, so advance reservations are recommended.

>>See the best ticket deals for Sunway Lagoon on KKday

Reviews from people who went to Sunway Lagoon with KKDay.

I thought the price of Sunway Lagoon tickets was pretty steep, but I was very grateful to KKday for getting them at a discount. There are so many areas in the vast site that we couldn’t visit them all in one day, but the whole family enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

We were able to make the cheapest arrangements and my 6 year old daughter was able to fully enjoy the whole day. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs.
I’m glad I was able to buy a ticket without waiting in line at a discounted price, and I enjoyed it so much that one day was not enough! I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but it’s a good idea.

>>See the best deals on Sunway Lagoon tickets at KKday

How to get to Sunway Lagoon.

The recommended way is by cab or Grab.

Sunway Lagoon is at least an hour away from the center of Kuala Lumpur if you take public transportation

By car, it takes about 20-25 minutes, so I recommend using a cab or Grab to get there.

I took a Grab from the center of Kuala Lumpur and it cost me 25 ringgit ($6.50).

Getting there by public transportation.

If you must go by public transportation, there are two ways to get there.

1) Take Rapid KL bus U63 or U67 from KL Sentral and get off at Sunway Pyramid.
2)Take the train from KL Sentral to Setia Jaya Station. Transfer to the elevated train directly connected to the station and get off at Sunway Lagoon.

Guide to enjoy Sunway Lagoon 120%.

Here’s a list of things we wish we knew in advance so that we could enjoy Sunway Lagoon 120% on the day of our visit.

Go on weekdays as much as possible.

If you can pick a date to go to Sunway Lagoon, I would recommend avoiding Saturdays, Sundays and Malaysian public holidays.

We went on a Sunday, and it was quite crowded.

Because of the time it takes to wait in line for the sliders, I think it’s best to go on weekdays as much as possible to fully enjoy the experience.

Go in the morning.

If you want to fully enjoy Sunway Lagoon in one day, you should try to go there in the morning.

We tried to arrive before noon, but the park was so big that we couldn’t even get around half of it.

The park seems to get crowded especially around noon, so we recommend going from 10:00 when the park opens.

When you arrive, decide which attractions you want to ride.

When you arrive at the park, you should first decide which attraction you want to ride.

The park is very large, so it’s best to decide what you want to see first.

If you want to decide before you go, you can check out the map below.
Reference: Map of Sunway Lagoon|Official Website

Put your luggage in a compact size.

It’s a good idea to keep your luggage as compact as possible.

Lockers are charged, so if you have a lot of luggage, you will have to pay extra.

Non-valuable items such as towels and drinks can be left at the poolside.

Start changing 20 minutes before the park closes.

At Sunway Lagoon, the pool becomes unusable at 18:00.

Then suddenly the changing rooms and showers are very crowded.

It is recommended to change and get ready to leave around 17:30.

What to bring to Sunway Lagoon

Finally, we have compiled a list of things you should bring to Sunway Lagoon.

Try to be prepared for a more fulfilling day.

Waterproof phone case

It is useful to have one of those waterproof phone cases.

You can wear your phone around your neck even in the pool.

If you leave all your phones and cameras in a coin locker, you may find that you didn’t take any pictures at all during your trip…

If you have one phone case, it is easy to capture even the most casual moments in your memories.

A waist pouch type waterproof case is also available.


It is convenient to bring a sheet to lay out by the pool or on the beach.

The compact, foldable type is recommended for travel as it is less likely to become luggage.


Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit with you.

Since Malaysia has a large Muslim population, most people at this pool wear swimsuits with long sleeves and long pants.

Foreigners can wear any kind of swimsuit, but bikinis and other revealing types were easily noticeable.

One-piece type swimsuits are safer, I thought.


Towels cannot be rented locally, so don’t forget to bring your own.

A quick-drying towel that dries easily after getting wet is a great thing to have on hand.

Make great memories at the park for both adults and children!

Sunway Lagoon had both zones that were kept safe for children and exciting zones that adults would get excited about.

I think this is a fun park to visit with family, couples, or friends.

You can even book tickets that officially cost as high as $50, for as little as $30, so go ahead and give it a try!

>>See the best deals on Sunway Lagoon tickets at KKday

Have a great trip!


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