What are the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay?

If you are planning to visit Gardens by the Bay, you may be wondering if you should go to the Flower Dome & Cloud Forest.

The Flower Dome is one of the world’s largest greenhouses with a wide variety of rare flowers and plants.

The Cloud Forest is a mystical spot with large mountains and waterfalls.

Both were air-conditioned places where we were happy to be able to enjoy cool sightseeing.

I actually went to both of them this time, and I’m writing a detailed summary of my experience there.

[Experience] Enjoying the Mysterious World at the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

This time, I actually went to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, so I’ll give you a detailed report on the site.

Arriving at the big dome

We were staying at Marina Bay Sands that day, so we walked there from the hotel.

But still, Gardens by the Bay is huge!

More than 20 times the size of Tokyo Dome

It costs $3, but we could have taken the shuttle bus that leaves from the front of Marina Bay Sands.

The garden is quite hot, so I think the shuttle bus is a good idea.

First to the ticket office

This time, I had booked tickets to enter the two domes on the web. (Reference: [Singapore Botanic Gardens] Gardens by the Bay Admission Ticket $18.34)

The ticket counter was very crowded, but thanks to my advance reservation, I was able to get my ticket smoothly.

The line to buy regular tickets is quite crowded…a popular spot indeed.

Entry to the Flower Dome

We’ll start with the Flower Dome, which I was curious about!

The moment you enter, a beautiful display of flowers spreads out, and your expectations rise…

I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Plenty of light, but very cool and air-conditioned!

It was very hot in the garden, so I’m coming alive~!

This flower dome is said to reproduce the cool and dry climate of the Mediterranean region.

There is also a large photo spot. The colorful exhibit looks great.

I climbed up to a slightly higher part of the dome. It’s breathtaking to look down on.

You can see the diversity of plants.

Moving on, we come to the cactus area.

A tiny cactus with a flower! How adorable…

This area seems to have a collection of desert plants from all over the world.

I’ve always wanted to see one, even a baobab tree!

It’s not easy to see these things in Japan.

There are also cute flower arches. The flowers in bloom seem to vary depending on the season.

Even so, this dome is really big.

By the way, the Singapore government spent about $814 million to build the Gardens by the Bay.

I’m not sure how much effort they put into it.

I came to the Phalaenopsis area.

What a luxury! I’ve never seen so many orchids in my life!

There are many cute photo spots to match the colorful flowers.

If you want to take colorful photos, this is a highly recommended place.

I also took a lot of pictures and left the Flower Dome.

Some souvenir shops in between the two domes

There was also a souvenir shop between the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

A variety of plant-themed souvenirs. .

If you like miscellaneous items, you will enjoy picking up souvenirs here.

Go to Cloud Forest

Now, let’s proceed to the Cloud Forest.

The two domes are located next to each other and the entrance is close to both of them.

The centerpiece of the Cloud Forest is a 35-meter high mountain. There’s also a powerful waterfall running through it!

It’s amazing that the Singapore government can build something like this with population…

The mountains are covered with rare plants.

And this mountain can be climbed.

We climbed the mountain and came to the back side of the waterfall. It’s so powerful that it’s hard to believe it’s populated.

There is also an area that looks like a limestone cave.

The Cloud Forest also has a lot of rare plants that I’ve never seen in Japan.

The two domes were well worth seeing.

Both were cool and really easy to sightsee.

After this, we left the domes and continued our walk around Gardens by the Bay.

My Thoughts on the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

This is a summary of my actual impressions of the two domes.

・Many rare flowers and plants
・Lots of colorful photo spots.
・Cool and air-conditioned.
・The park is very spacious, so you don’t have to worry about crowds.

Recommended for people like this

・People who want to go sightseeing in a cool place.
・People who like plants, nature, and flowers.
・People who want to take colorful pictures.

Singapore has many tourist attractions that are not very air-conditioned.

So these two cool domes were a big help.

Basic Information about Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00
Closed: No regular holidays
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Rates and Discounts

This page summarizes the prices and discounts for the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

If you purchase at the official website or at the local ticket counter, the prices are as follows

[Official rates]
・Adult: $28
・Children: $15

This ticket allows you to enter the two domes.

Lowest price is KKday, save $4!

Officially, the ticket costs $22.40, but if you book in advance through the KKday website, you can buy it for $18.34.

Reference: [Singapore Botanic Gardens] Gardens by the Bay Admission Ticket $18.34

[Price for KKday]
・Adult: $18.34
・Children: $11.16

As with the official website, this price will get you into the two domes.

KKday is a website that sells travel tours around the world in Taiwan.

I booked mine through KKday and went!

Features of KKday

・Bookings can be made in English.
・Customer support is also available.
・Tours to over 60 countries around the world
・Lowest price for each ticket in many cases

>>See the best deals on tickets for two domes at KKday

How to use KKday

Go to the website, specify the date, and write your ticket.

You will receive a voucher (E-ticket) by email, and you can show the voucher at the local ticket counter to have it converted into an admission ticket.

By the way, there is a line at the local ticket counter only for people with reservations, so you don’t have to wait in the regular line. .

When I was there, the regular line to buy tickets was quite crowded, so advance reservations are recommended.

Reviews from people who went to the two domes on KKDay

We went on a Sunday, and I can tell you how grateful I am that I was able to enter the park without stressing over the long lines. I thought it was great that I didn’t have to wait in line in the heat, and on top of that, I could buy in advance at a discount.

Because I paid first, I could easily get in by just reading the barcode on my cell phone! I’m so happy that I was able to get a good deal as well…

Many people say they are glad they didn’t have to wait in long lines.

Look at the great ticket deals for the two domes on KKday.

How to get to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are located in the Gardens by the Bay.

The closest station is Bayfront

The closest station to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest is Bayfront Station (Bayfront).

The closest station to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest is Bayfront Station, which is the starting point for sightseeing in the marina area.

The two domes are located at the back of the garden

Reference: The official website of Gardens by the Bay.

At the bottom of the map are the main entrances to Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay, with its two domes, is over 20 times the size of Tokyo Dome.

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are at the far end of the Gardens.
Don’t just casually walk around, make sure you know where you are.

If you are coming from Bayfront Station, continue towards Marina Bay Sands and enter the main entrance of Gardens by the Bay.

Shuttle buses are also available from Bayfront

There is also a shuttle bus on Bayfront Road in front of Marina Bay Sands that goes to the two domes.

You can buy a ticket for the shuttle bus at the information center near the MRT entrance.

There is a fee and it costs $3 each way, but if you don’t want to walk in the heat, you can use it.

Let’s heal surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are home to more than 400 species of plants, more than 87,000 in all.

You will definitely feel the full power of nature and be healed.

Personally, I highly recommend this spot just for its coolness.

Try to cool down from the Singapore heat at these two domes.

And don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance for the best deals!

See the best ticket deals for the two domes at KKday

Have a great trip!


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