My dream trip to Europe will cost 2,000 dollars! Budget for a week and tips on how to keep travel costs down.

If you are going to Europe for the first time, you may be wondering how much you need to spend. If you are going to Europe for the first time, you may be wondering how much you need to spend.

When I went to Europe for the first time, I had to do a lot of research because I didn’t know how much it would cost.

To sum it up, you should prepare at least $2,000 for a trip to Europe that lasts from a week to 10 days. The cost of living in Europe is much higher than in Japan, and it is inevitable that you will enjoy yourself more if you have more money, so you should prepare a budget of $2500.

In this article, I will introduce some tips on how to keep travel costs low in Europe, so if you are thinking of traveling to Europe in the future, please refer to it.

If you want to go to Europe for a week, you need to prepare 200,000 yen, preferably more than 2,500 dollars

If you are going to Europe for a week, prepare at least $2,000 for travel expenses for one person.

You can find tips on how to get there cheaply in the latter half of this article, but many countries in Europe are more expensive than Japan. Therefore, if you don’t have much money, you will not be able to enjoy eating and shopping.

To make your trip enjoyable, it is a good idea to have at least $2,000 and preferably more than $2,500 available for travel expenses. .

The following is a breakdown of travel expenses for tours and independent travel.

Cost of going to Europe by tour: 1800-2200 dollars for a week

・Tour cost $1500 – $2200
・Money on hand for souvenirs, etc. $300~.

A tour to Europe that includes a hotel, round-trip airfare, several meals, and some sightseeing can be found for as low as $1500. It often costs $2,000 including souvenirs, local meals, and sightseeing expenses on top of the $1,500 tour cost.

However, the amount of money for tours varies from one place to another. My mother did a multi-city tour of Italy in November for $1200. While there are cheap tours, on the other hand, there are many luxury tours with rich hotels and meals that cost over 300,000 dollars.

Budget tours can be found for around $1,500 to $2,200, and keep in mind that you will have to pay for the tour plus meals and souvenirs.

Independent travel to Europe: $1500-$2000 per week

・Airfare: $700-$1000 (not direct, but transfer)
・Hotel or airbnb $300-$500
・Local sightseeing, meals, and souvenirs $500 and up

If you travel independently, you can find the cheapest tickets to Europe for about $700. This ticket takes about 16 hours with a transfer via Russia.

Also, hotels in Europe are often expensive, so using airbnb, a service that rents out people’s homes, is a great way to reduce the cost of your stay in Europe.

If you are traveling on your own, with cheap flights with transfers and an airbnb, the total cost will be about $1500. If you stay in a hotel, it will cost about $200 more.

If you want to go as cheap as 0, independent travel is cheaper

If I had to choose between tours and independent travel, I would say that independent travel is cheaper.

However, tours are packaged with higher-ranked air tickets and hotels than those that you can arrange on your own, and even expensive tours have the advantage of direct flights and higher-ranked hotels.

When I applied for a tour to France through H.I.S., I was able to take a direct flight to Paris. I found the tour to be a good value for money, as it would be quite expensive to arrange a direct flight to Paris by myself.

From here on, I will divide the tour and independent travel into two categories, and explain the advantages and how to find the best deals.

Merits of tours and how to find the best deals

Merits of Tours

・The best deals on hotels, direct flights, etc. are often combined in a package.
・Everything is included in the tour, so you pay less locally.

The best thing about tours is that they are packaged with great deals on hotels and airfare.

How to find a bargain tour

If you want to find a great deal, be sure to look for tours at H.I.S.. I make sure of the following.

・Make sure to check HIS, which has a lot of cheap tours.
・Check JTB and other travel agencies because they sometimes have cheap tours, although they are few in number.
・There are some travel agencies that sell cheap tours only on the Internet, so I check their websites as well.
・When looking for a cheap tour at a travel agency’s store, take the flyer home with you, because they list cheap tours on the flyer instead of in a color booklet.
・When looking for a tour at a travel agency store, try to bring back the flyer because it lists cheap tours on the flyer rather than in a color booklet.

>Search for Europe travel on H.I.S.

Advantages of independent travel and how to find cheap flights and hotels

Advantages of Independent Travel

・You can freely combine cheap air tickets and hotels by yourself and save a lot of money if you want to.

If you use a private accommodation service such as airbnb, you can save on accommodation costs and also cook and do your laundry.

Here are the best sites to book deals! Recommended sites for individual bookings


Expedia is “the world’s largest online travel agency” that allows you to book airline tickets and hotels around the world.

It’s like an international version of Rakuten Travel.

It has a Japanese website and Japanese customer support.

I once booked a round-trip ticket to France for the low $600s!

They also have a campaign where you can get up to $0 for the hotel if you book your flight and hotel together, so you can often get a pretty good deal.

>>Look at the best deals on flights to France on Expedia


The next best option is Surprise, a subsidiary of HIS. It is a company that sells cheap airline tickets online.

It’s a subsidiary of the major HIS, so you can use it with confidence.

Of course, because it is a Japanese company, customer support is also in Japanese.

If you want to book cheap airline tickets with a Japanese company, I recommend using Surprise.

>>Look at the best airfare deals for France on Surprise

I also use “ for hotel reservations. specializes in booking hotels overseas, and has the largest number of hotels in the world.

It also has a wealth of reviews, so I use it when I want to make a reservation after thoroughly checking the reviews.

>>Look at the best hotel deals in Paris on

You can stay even cheaper with airbnb

You can also stay even cheaper by using airbnb instead of hotels.

We used airbnb for 8 nights in Paris, and we were able to rent out the house for $600 for the two of us. We were very happy with the house, which had the room, bedroom, kitchen, and shower room as shown in the photos below.

I was able to cook and do laundry, and it was a very comfortable stay. In a country where prices are high, you can stay much cheaper than the market rate for hotels.

Local accommodation costs for travel in Europe

When I go to Europe, how much money do I need to spend there? What are the prices? You must be wondering. The following is a list of prices in Paris for your reference. The prices are basically the same in Italy and London.

Prices in Paris

・A cup of espresso costs about $3.
・Lunch at a restaurant: $25 or more
・Dinner at a restaurant: $35 or more
・A croissant from a bakery: $1
・A bucket from a bakery: $2
・Prepared food or refrigerated processed food from a supermarket: $4
・One train ride: $2.40

One of the biggest differences in prices in Europe compared to Japan is the cost of eating out. To put it bluntly, the amount of money you spend on your stay there will vary depending on how many times you eat out or go into a restaurant.

If you are a budget-minded person who doesn’t care much about food, you can spend $500 or more per week

If you don’t want to eat at restaurants every time, you can spend as little as $500 for food, sightseeing, transportation, and souvenirs while using bakeries and supermarkets.

At supermarkets and bakeries, you can buy croissants, buckets, cheese, and cured ham that are much better than in Japan for as little as $1. There are also plenty of refrigerated processed foods that you can heat up and eat. There are also fashionable fast food restaurants that serve pizza and soups that are unique to the country. There are many ways to keep food costs down.

So, if you don’t mind not having to go into a restaurant every time, you should have $500 to $700 for your stay. If your tour includes most of the meals or sightseeing, you can spend a little more freely. On the other hand, if you want to do a lot of shopping, please bring more money with you.

Tips for a cheap trip to Europe

Start looking for airline tickets and tours six months before departure

Try to look for cheap tours and air tickets to Europe six months before your departure.

The cheaper the product, the cheaper it will be. However, the earlier the time of year, the cheaper it is, but the cheaper it is usually six months to three months before.

For this reason, it is important to check what products are available for tours six months in advance, and to check the prices of airline tickets frequently if you are going on your own.

In all honesty, the cost of your trip to Europe and the price of your air ticket will determine most of your trip, so the key is to find a good deal as soon as possible.

Tours also sell out the first time they are offered, so once you have decided when you are going, be sure to check the travel agencies frequently.

Avoid departures on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for lower prices

As with domestic travel, weekend rates for overseas travel are higher on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Therefore, if you depart from Japan on Monday and return to your home country on Wednesday of the following week, your airfare will be much cheaper.

Tours also tend to be more expensive for weekend departures as well.

Airline tickets are cheaper if you change planes instead of going direct

Whether you travel by tour or on your own, it is often cheaper to change planes to get to Europe.

For example, you can fly directly from Japan to France, but it will be cheaper if you change planes once in Russia or the Middle East.

If you want to change planes, I recommend going through Russia. If you change planes in the Middle East, it will take about 24 hours each way to get to Europe, but if you fly via Russia, it will take about 16 hours each way.

Even a direct flight takes about 10 hours, so you can go cheaply via Russia without losing that much time. The cheapest tour is via the Middle East and takes 24 hours each way, so be careful.

Winter is cheaper than summer

Europe tends to be cheaper in winter than in summer. Like Japan, there are four seasons, and many areas are extremely cold in winter.

For this reason, prices are high in the summer when sightseeing is easy. Prices tend to be cheaper from November. Hotel rates can drop to half price.

However, it is quite cold in many places in Europe from November. I also went to Austria and the Czech Republic at the end of November, and it was snowing. The temperature can even go down to minus.

November is not so cold in the Mediterranean area such as Italy. This is a good place in Europe to travel comfortably in November, as the temperature is comfortable enough for a trench coat.

Eastern Europe is also inexpensive

You may have an image that Europe is expensive, but actually Hungary and the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe are about half the price of France and the UK.

When I went to Hungary in March, we were able to stay in a pretty clean hotel for $30 per night for two people. During the summer season it’s a bit more expensive, but…

Restaurants also cost $10 and you can order a drink and get a full meal.

The city is clean, safe, and a very European place, so I would recommend Eastern Europe to anyone who wants to save money on travel but still want to go to Europe.

Buy food from supermarkets and bakeries and you won’t have to pay for food

In Europe, the cost of food during your stay is quite high. In France, for example, eating out can cost up to $20 per person.

You can save a lot of money by not eating out all the time and buying prepared foods from supermarkets and bakeries.

In Europe, you can buy good bread with lots of butter for about a dollar. You don’t have to go to all the proper restaurants to eat good food, so it’s a good idea to explore the supermarkets and bakeries near your hotel.

The money I actually spent in Europe

Actual Money Spent in Europe

This is a list of actual travel expenses I spent when I went to Europe. When I went to Paris for five nights in September on a tour, the total cost was 2500 dollars

Details of travel expenses

・Tour: $1800
・Optional tour $100
・Sightseeing $100
・Meals $150
・Souvenirs: $300

It was a tour with a tour guide, staying at the world heritage site Mont Saint-Michel and three nights in Paris at our disposal.

Key Points

・I was able to take a direct flight to Paris on the HIS tour.
・We stayed at Mont Saint-Michel for 3 nights and had free time in Paris, so we had to pay for meals and sightseeing in addition to the tour fee.
・I had some meals out, but I bought food at the supermarket to keep the cost down.
・The cost of the optional tour to the Palace of Versailles was an additional expense.

The cost of the optional tour to the Palace of Versailles was an added expense. It was a typical price for a trip to Europe.

When I went to Paris and Amsterdam for 10 nights in GW as an independent traveler, the total cost was 1600 dollars

Details of travel expenses

・Round trip airfare: $750
・Hotel + airbnb $350
・Travel from Paris to Amsterdam: $60
・Meals: $150
・Sightseeing and transportation $100
・Souvenirs: $150

We stayed 10 nights at this time, so I think the total cost of $1600 was quite low.

Key points

I found a cheap air ticket via Russia for a Thursday departure.
・I booked six months before departure.
・I was able to rent out a house for 60,000 for the two of us on airbnb for 8 nights in Paris and save money on accommodation.

Independent travel to Hungary and the Czech Republic for 6 nights in March for a total of 1500 dollars

Details of travel expenses

・Round-trip airfare: $1000
・Hotel: $90
・Travel from Hungary to Czech Republic: $60
・Meals: $150
・Sightseeing $100
・Souvenirs: $100

At this time, I couldn’t buy a cheap air ticket because I was too last minute to get one.

Key points

・March is not the best season in Europe, so the hotels were quite cheap.
・We were very happy to stay in a cute hotel for $30 per night for two people. We were very happy to stay in a cute hotel for $30/night for the two of us. In the summer, the price of the same hotel was about three times as much.
・We ate out all the time, but both Hungary and the Czech Republic are quite inexpensive areas.
・We ate a full meal and had two drinks at a restaurant for less than $10 per person.

If you want to go cheaply, it is important to book early and go at the right time

You should have at least $2,000 for your trip to Europe. However, depending on when you book and when you go to Europe, the cost of your trip will vary.

If you want to get a good deal, you can save a lot of money by simply avoiding the best summer season and booking early.

If you can keep the cost of tours and airfare low, you can spend that money on souvenirs and delicious meals.

・For tours, Search for cheap tours at H.I.S.
・For independent travel, Save money by arranging your hotel and airfare with Expedia.

Please find them early and save your money on your trip. Have a great trip!


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