This will make your trip to England comfortable! What to pack for your trip to London from a woman’s perspective

You want to have a comfortable trip to England, but you are worried about what you might forget to bring. We have created a checklist of things to bring on your trip to London, England.

I travel to Europe every year, and every time I go, there are things I wish I had brought with me.

This time, I made a checklist from a woman’s point of view, including things I wish I had brought with me. I made a checklist from a woman’s point of view.

You can check the boxes on the far left, so please try using it until your departure on the day.

Please try to use it until your departure on the day of your trip. Let’s make your trip to England a pleasant one by not forgetting anything.

Save version! Checklist of things to bring on your trip to London, England

The box on the far left can be checked, use it to confirm.

Passport Be sure to check before you leave. Bring a copy with you.
Air ticket If it is an electronic ticket, print it out and hold it.
Credit Card Sometimes cash payment is not possible, so a credit card is required.
Cash It’s a good idea to exchange your money into pounds in Japan.
Overseas travel insurance documents Bring travel insurance or a credit card that can be made for free and provides travel insurance.
BF type (G type) plugs Electrical outlets in the UK are different from those in Japan.
Mdicine Bring medications you are used to taking.
Makeup Tools Makeup tools for daily use
Contact Bring the number of days you will be traveling, plus a spare.
Glasses Always make sure you put it in your bag in the morning of the day.
Camera Make sure the camera is set up with SD card and batteries.
Camera and phone chargers Don’t forget each charger.
Shampoo, etc. The UK tends to be dry. If you want to bring something familiar, bring it with you.
Toothbrush Many hotels in the UK do not have toothbrushes.
Lotion, Emulsion, Cream Hotels are dry, so have something that can moisturize your whole body.
Change of clothes, underwear, socks It’s colder than Japan, so make sure you’re warm.
Pajamas Hotels often do not have pajamas.
Slippers Slippers to wear in London hotels and on flights
Rain gear (folding umbrella) It rains a lot in England, so it’s a must to bring it with you.
Bags for in-flight liquids Zippered bag with a capacity of 1 liter or less
Mobile Battery If you take pictures with your phone, you’d better take it with you.
Rental Wifi Global WiFi is recommended.
Security Pouch You can hide your valuables under your clothes for peace of mind.
Adhesive bandage For when you get scuffs and scrapes on your shoes.
Tissues Because some toilets do not have toilet paper.
Wet wipes For wiping hands before meals.
Reusable shopping bag In the UK, you don’t get a plastic bag at the supermarket.
Plastic spoons and chopsticks For not getting a spoon when buying prepared food at the supermarket.
Ziploc Convenient to keep wet things in.
Foldable travel bag A bag to hold more souvenirs on the way home.
Plastic bag Keep trash and wet items in it.
Maskク Good to have to prevent dryness on the plane or in the hotel.
Hair irons that can be used overseas It is convenient to have a hair iron that is compatible with foreign voltages.
Warm clothes are essential in winter. Heaters, gloves, prevention, etc.

Explaining what to bring on a trip to London, England


You cannot go abroad without your passport. Make sure you put it in your bag in the morning of the day.

It is also a good idea to have a copy of your passport with you so that you can deal with it smoothly in case you lose it.

Airline tickets

These days, electronic tickets called “e-tickets” are often sent to you by e-mail. Print it out and bring it with you on the day of your flight.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are essential when traveling in the UK. In some places, such as London train stations, you can only pay by credit card, and cash is not accepted.

Take more than one card with you in case you can’t use them.


Even if you pay mostly with credit, you should bring cash.

It is more profitable to exchange money into pounds in Japan.

Overseas travel insurance documents

When traveling to the UK, be sure to take out overseas travel insurance. This is because if you have an accident or get sick and need medical treatment, the full cost can run into hundreds of thousands.

BF-type (G-type) plugs

The shape of electrical outlets in the UK is different from that of Japan.

If you use the BF type (G type), you will be able to use Japanese electrical appliances in British outlets.

However, there are not many countries other than the UK that use the BF type, so it is recommended to have a multi-plug-in that can be used anywhere in the world.

If you have one, you can use it in 200 countries!


(designated class 2 drug) ibu quick headache medicine 40 tablets


Be sure to bring your own medication that you are used to taking.

Overseas medicines are often stronger than Japanese ones, and you may not be able to find the right medicine for you right there.

I always bring my painkillers EVE and Seirogan with me.

It is useful to have one type of painkiller.

Makeup tools

Don’t forget to bring your regular makeup tools with you.

Don’t forget to put them in your bag the morning of the trip.

I try to bring a compact viewfinder with me when I travel. It will keep your pouch neat and tidy.

MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler



If you normally use contacts, don’t forget to bring them with you.

I often wear colored contacts when I travel. I usually wear normal contacts, but since I have so many opportunities to take pictures, I have decided to wear colored contacts while traveling.


On the morning of the day, make sure you put your glasses in your bag.

I once left my glasses at home and went to Europe and had a very hard time …

Cameras, chargers, SD cards


Make sure your camera has a set of batteries and SD card.

It often happens that when you are about to take a picture, there are no batteries in the camera…

I use the OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Mark II mirrorless single lens camera.

Even if you are a camera beginner, you can take very beautiful pictures.

Charger for camera and smartphone

On the morning of the day of the event, be sure to make sure that you have put the charger for your smartphone in your bag as well.

It’s convenient to have a clip that makes it easy to put together chargers and earphones.

Shampoo, body soap, face wash, etc.

Lux Trial Kit


Many hotels in London only have shampoo and body soap, no conditioner or face wash.

It is recommended to bring a better quality shampoo/treatment than what you normally use, as it can easily dry out your hair and skin.


Hotels in London often do not have toothbrushes.

It’s a good idea to bring one of these toothbrush sets for travel.

Lotion, milky lotion, cream

Aqua Label White Up Set N


Be sure to bring moisturizing lotion, milky lotion, and cream with you.

It is much drier in England than in Japan. In addition, the dryness of the hotel will make your skin dry.

Moisturizing products are recommended.

Changing clothes, underwear, and socks

It’s colder in England than in Japan, so don’t forget to pack warm clothes.

You can take about three days’ worth of clothes with you and rotate them.

Shorts are inexpensive, so it’s a good idea to bring enough for a few days.


NISHIKI Travel Pajamas Negligee


There are no pajamas in hotels in England. Don’t forget to bring them with you.

The compact type is convenient.


Portable Slippers for Women with Portable Storage Bag (Black)


Hotels in the UK do not even have slippers.

It is also hard to wear shoes all the time on the plane, so it is recommended to bring a pair of folding slippers.

rain gear (folding umbrella)

VASLON Folding Umbrella for both rain and shine


London is a city that rains a lot. Don’t forget your rain gear.

Because of airplane security, you should carry a folding umbrella in your suitcase.

If you have an umbrella that can be used for both rain and shine, you can also use it as a parasol on days when the sun is strong.

Bags for liquids to carry on board

DEGELER Flight travel & clear bag for short trips Transparent


If you are bringing liquids on board an airplane, they must be placed in a zippered, resealable, clear plastic bag with a capacity of 1 liter or less.

The liquid itself should be placed in a container of 100 ml (g) or less.

Mobile Battery

Anker PowerCore 10000 (Mobile battery 10000mAh, smallest and lightest, high capacity)


You don’t want your phone to run out of charge when you are traveling.

I don’t usually use a mobile battery, but when I travel, I try to bring one with me.

Especially when I take photos and videos with my phone, the charge runs out in no time.

A mobile battery like the one below is about the size of a credit card and can charge an iPhone more than three times.

If you use your phone while traveling, it’s safer to bring it with you.

Rental WiFi

When traveling abroad, where problems can easily occur, it is recommended to bring a rental WiFi so that you can always be connected to the Internet.

Also, when you are connected to the Internet, you can use Google Maps, which makes your trip much easier.

Security Pouch

Securipo Security Pouch Anti-skimming


Compared to Japan, pickpockets and theft are very common overseas.

The security pouch that can be worn under your clothes is useful in such situations. When I go abroad, I put my passport and valuables together in a security pouch.

I recommend having one because it is inconspicuous even if you wear it under your clothes.

When wearing a dress, the type that hangs from the neck is easy to use.

GetWing passport case, neck hanging



When you are traveling, you may get injured unexpectedly.

Keep a Band-Aid with you to protect your shoes and cuts.


Toilet paper may not be available in some toilets overseas.

Be sure to bring tissues with you.

Wet wipes

In the UK, hand towels are not provided in restaurants.

It is a good idea to bring wet wipes to wipe your hands before you eat.

They are also useful when you are walking around eating at markets such as the Rose Market.


Foldable Waterproof Eco Bag


In the UK supermarkets, you do not get a plastic bag when you shop.

Eco bags are a must for shopping. .

Plastic spoons and chopsticks

Supermarkets in the UK do not come with forks and spoons when you buy prepared foods.

I have bought yogurt in Europe several times and could not eat it.

It is a good idea to have a few plastic spoons and chopsticks with you.


Ziploc Freezer Bags M 35pcs


It is convenient for storing wet umbrellas, towels, and snacks that you are about to eat.

It will come in handy when traveling.

Foldable carry-on bag

When you go to Europe, your suitcase may be empty on the way there, but on the way back, you may buy too many souvenirs and your luggage may not fit.

This is when a foldable travel bag comes in handy.

The type that can be zipped up tightly is the safest.


Airplanes and hotels can be quite dry.

I often get a dry throat, so I always bring a mask with me.

Recently, there are masks that moisturize your throat.

Hair irons that can be used overseas

Ordinary electrical appliances cannot be used as they are because the voltage is different between the UK and Japan.

However, there are special hair irons on the market that are compatible with overseas voltage.

You can buy one for around 2000 yen, so it’s convenient to have one with you. I always take one with me when I travel abroad.

Winter in London: Warm clothing is essential

In London in winter, the temperature only goes up to about 5 degrees Celsius.

It is very difficult to go sightseeing in the extreme cold, so if you are going to London in winter, be sure to bring warm clothes.

Recommended things to bring to London in winter

・A pocket warmer
・Knitted hat
・Heavy boots.

Transformers are often not necessary, depending on the equipment used

The shape of electrical outlets in the UK is different from that in Japan, so a BF (G) type plug is a must.

However, you don’t need a transformer in many cases.

But you don’t need a transformer in many cases, because the latest computer and smartphone chargers can handle a wide range of overseas voltages.

What to pack in your carry-on luggage

When packing, you need to separate what goes in your suitcase and what goes in your carry-on.

Suitcases are to be checked in, so don’t put valuables like cameras or cash in them.

Also, as awful as it sounds, there is no guarantee that your suitcase will arrive safely in the UK.

It’s called lost baggage, and sometimes your luggage gets lost.

In order not to get in trouble even in the worst case of lost baggage, I use carry-on luggage for contacts and other irreplaceable items.

Luggage to be carried on board

・Credit cards
・Make-up tools
・Contact lenses

Take care of these valuables yourself and bring them with you to the UK.

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