[Chiang Mai Travelogue] Solo female traveler! 6 days and 5 nights visiting cafes and sundries (Part 1)

I fell in love with the pictures in the magazine and got a ticket to Chiang Mai.

As a result, I think my 5-night, 6-day trip to visit cafes and sundries was wonderful. We visited Chiang Mai’s old temples, took a break at colorful cafes, and fell in love with cute sundries.

This is a travelogue of my trip to Chiang Mai, where I enjoyed sightseeing and visiting sundries and cafes. Since I was traveling alone, I have introduced stores that are easy to enter even for a single person.

If you are going to Chiang Mai in the future, please refer to this page.

Itinerary of the trip for 6 days and 5 nights

We had 6 days and 5 nights, but we took our time and enjoyed shopping and taking a break at a cafe when we got tired. If you are in a hurry, you should be able to get around in about 4 days.

Day 1: Moving to Chiang Mai

Narita to Bangkok, Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Day 2: Shopping at the markets

Stroll around the Hmong Market and Warorot Market. In the evening, visit the night market.

Day 3: Visit the famous temple Doi Suthep

Visit Doi Suthep Temple. Have a massage in the evening.

Day 4: Niman Hemin

Walk around Nimmanhaemin. Visit cafes. Pick up some souvenirs at the supermarket.

Day 5: Sightseeing in the Old City

Visit Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chudiluang in the old town.

Day 6: Transfer to Bangkok

Transfer to Bangkok by noon flight.

Chiang Mai is largely divided into the following areas. The city of Chiang Mai is divided into the following areas, so if you have four days, you can take your time to visit all of them.

・Old City with many temples.
・The area near the Ping River where the Warorot market is located.
・Nimmanhaemin” where there are many fashionable cafes and general stores.
・Other areas in the suburbs such as Chiang Mai Zoo and Doi Suthep Temple.

To Bangkok by Air Asia

This time, I took my air ticket through Airtri.
The ticket to Bangkok and back was just over 30,000 yen. A round trip ticket to Bangkok was just over 30,000 yen. Cheap…!
>>Look at Chiang Mai flights and hotels on Airtri.

However, since it was an LCC, there was no service whatsoever. I couldn’t even watch a movie, so I was pretty bored (laughs).

If you’re planning to fly to Thailand with AirAsia, be sure to bring something to pass the time with you.

Pad Thai and mango juice in Bangkok

After a six-hour leisurely flight, I’m in Bangkok…!

I had about 4 hours free until my flight time in Chiang Mai, so I decided to have dinner. I immediately had Pad Thai and mango juice.

The Pad Thai was 200 baht ($6.60) and the mango juice was 100 baht ($3.30). I know it’s expensive at the airport, but it’s still delicious…! My tiredness disappeared.

By the way, I was able to get a one-way ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for about $40.

Arrival in Chiang Mai for dinner

The first day is over with travel, isn’t it? After another hour flight from Bangkok, I arrived in Chiang Mai safely.

It was already time for dinner, so I had the famous Chiang Mai Khao Soi at the airport for 120 baht ($3.96).

It was 120 baht ($3.96). Khao Soi is like curry flavored ramen.

It was 120 baht ($3.96), and I was glad to have it as soon as I arrived in Chiang Mai. It was spicy, but tasty and easy to eat without habits. I’ve decided to eat a lot of it in Chiang Mai.

Take a cab from Chiang Mai airport to the hotel

This time we stayed at a hotel in the Niman Hemin area. We chose to take a cab to get around.

I knew that there was a bus service from the airport to the hotel, but it was already dark and I wanted to get there quickly.

When I told them where the hotel was, they said 200 baht ($6.60) and took me to the hotel.

The first day was spent moving around, but we arrived safely in Chiang Mai!

This time we stayed at a hotel called Prestige Chiang Mai. This time we stayed at a hotel called Prestige Chiang Mai, which is spacious and easy to use, but I don’t recommend it because of the ants and bugs.

I definitely wanted to go to the Hmong market

The first day of sightseeing in Chiang Mai. First of all, we decided to go to the Hmong market, which sells embroidery accessories.

To get around Chiang Mai, we took a red car called a songtaew.

Getting on is easy. When you see a songthaew running, raise your hand and ask it to stop.

Tell the driver where you are going, and if there is no problem, he will give you a ride. If they don’t say anything, you can pay 30 baht ($0.99). If it is a little far, they will say something like, “45 baht is fine.

Since Songtaew is a shared vehicle, there may be other passengers on board. If so, you will have to go a little farther because you will be going to another customer’s destination. However, it is quite cheap at 30 baht, so I used the songtaew to get around.

There is also a bus service called Smart Bus, but it seems to be difficult for Chiang Mai beginners because the service interval is every 20 minutes and there are not that many buses, and the location of the bus stop is difficult to find.

In fact, most of the tourists use the songthaew. On this day, too, we took a songtaew from the hotel to the Hmong market.

The Hmong market is a treasure trove of cute goods

We arrived safely at the Hmong market. The Hmong market was a treasure trove of cute embroidery miscellany.

Pouches, purses, bags, etc. are lined up everywhere. The quality of the products varies from store to store. It’s a great way to get a feel for the world around you.

The large pouch was 60 baht ($1.98) and the small pouch was 20 baht ($0.66). It’s so cute, yet so cheap…!

Some of the embroidery was unraveling and some had stains on them, so I recommend taking your time to choose your favorite ones.

There were also a lot of cute tassel keyhole doors and earrings.

Hmong Market

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 or so (in the morning, they seem to start preparing for opening around 8:00)
Regular holiday: None
Address: Soi Mong, Off Kuang Men Road, Chiang Mai
Access: 5 minutes walk from Warorot Market

Take a break at a café that sells Celadon baked goods.

We went to “Raming tea house siam”, which is within walking distance from the Hmong market.

This is a store that sells Celadon ware, a specialty of Thailand. It also has a cafe where you can have tea and meals using Celadon pottery.

The space is spacious and surrounded by greenery.

The Celadon ware is wonderful, and the tea is delicious, making this a cafe I really love. A cup of tea costs 95 baht ($3.13).

Of course, they also sell a lot of Celadon ware, so we bought some as souvenirs. It was 220 baht ($7.26) for two cups. The price was 220 baht ($7.26) for two cups, which was surprisingly not too expensive, so you can easily buy them as souvenirs. They are wrapped in bubble wrap, so you don’t have to worry about taking them home.

The cracked pattern is very beautiful.

Raming tea house siam

Opening hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Regular holiday: None
Address: 158 Tha Pae Rd., Chiang Mai
Access: 10 minutes walk from Warorot Market

Khao Soi at a cafe for lunch.

For lunch, we had Khao Soi at WOO CAFE, ART GALLERY, a very popular cafe in Chiang Mai.

How cute was the watermelon juice I ordered with it…!

I thought I’ve never seen such a cute watermelon juice before, so I took a bunch of pictures.

The khao soi cost 240 baht ($7.92) and the watermelon juice 120 baht ($3.96). It was a bit expensive, but I was satisfied because the space was very cute.

This café uses a lot of flowers and greenery. The space is like being in nature, which is very relaxing.

The second floor of the Woo Cafe Art Gallery is an art gallery and there were many things to see.


Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Closed: No holidays
Address: 80 Charoenrat Road,Watgate, Chiang Mai 50000
Access: 10 minutes walk from Warorot Market

Stroll through the Wallorot Market

After having lunch, we went to Wallorot Market, the largest market in Chiang Mai.

Warorot Market is a market where you can find everything from souvenirs to food, clothes and most other things. It really has everything.

Thai souvenirs such as mangoes are also available. You can also try tasting them to find your favorite flavor.

It was surprisingly neat and tidy, and I was able to take my time looking around without being pestered by touts.

Wallorot Market

Opening hours: Early in the morning from 4am to around 7pm
Closed: No holidays
Address: Wichayanon Rd. Changmoi Muang, Chiang Mai
Access: 15 minutes walk from Tha Phae Gate

Walk around Thong Lam Yai Market

We also went to Thong Lam Yai Market, which is next to Warorot Market.

Compared to Warorot Market, it had a wider variety of enamelware and kitchenware.

There were a number of cute things to buy, but I had trouble deciding how to use them…

Taking a break at a cafe along the Ping River

After walking around the market for a long time, we took a break at a market along the Ping River at a cafe called Vieng Joom On Teahouse.

I ordered a strawberry and peach smoothie here for 132 baht ($4.35). They are famous for their tea, but I really wanted to drink something cold…!

The packaging of the tea is also very cute, so it would make a good souvenir.

This cute and spacious cafe is colorful with pinks, kikimidori, yellows and oranges. It’s hard to decide where to take this picture because it looks so picturesque no matter where you take it (laughs).

The cafes in Chiang Mai are generally quite spacious and spacious, and all of them are really nice.

Vieng Joom On Teahouse

Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
Closed: No holidays
Address: The Emporio Place, 93/332, Soi 24 Sukhumvit Rd.
Access: 10 min. walk from Warorot Market

Stroll through the night bazaar, open daily.

After a long rest, I felt tired, so I went to the Night Bazaar.

The Night Bazaar is a market that opens at 6pm every day. It is within walking distance from the Wallorot Market area.

I had heard beforehand that the Sunday market was cheaper than the Night Bazaar, which is open every day.

So we went there on this day to see what kind of things they were selling.

There were lots of cute photo spots. It was a lovely night bazaar for tourists, more so than I had imagined.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Opening hours: around 6pm to midnight
Regular holiday: None
Address: Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100
Access: 10 minutes walk from Warorot Market

Second day of sightseeing in Chiang Mai. First, we had coffee.

I wanted to start the day with a good cup of coffee, so I went to Wawee Coffee.

Wawee Coffee is a coffee shop that was born in Chiang Mai. It is now a chain of cafes mainly in northern Thailand.

I went to the one in Nimmanhaemin, but they also have a store along the Ping River that looks nice.

I was happy to start the day with a sweet coffee. An iced cappuccino cost 85 baht ($2.80). Prices are really cheap in Chiang Mai…!

The Niman Hemin store was also spacious and very relaxing. The couches are soft and comfortable.

Wawee Coffee

Opening hours: 7am to 8pm
Closed: No holidays
Address: Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200

We went to a salad concept where you can eat vegetables from Chiang Mai.

For lunch, we went to a salad concept where you can eat delicious Chiang Mai vegetables.

Chiang Mai has a lot of Western tourists, and there were many Westerners at this restaurant as well.

They have a wide variety of salads, but I chose the salad with sausage and other spices, which is a specialty of Chiang Mai.

The sausage was spicy and a bit hot. It went really well with the salad. It was delicious and I was happy to be able to eat a lot of vegetables.

The total cost for the salad and Thai tea was 250 baht ($8.25).

If I ate it by myself, I would be very full even with just the salad. If you are two girls, you might want to split the salad in half.

Salad Concept

Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Closed: No holidays
Address: Soi 13 Nimanheamin Road, Chiang Mai
Access: Soi 13, Nimanheamin Road.

Take a songthaew to Doi Suthep Temple, the most famous temple in Chiang Mai.

After lunch, we headed to Doi Suthep Temple, the most famous temple in Chiang Mai.

We had decided to go to Doi Suthep Temple on a sunny day. The weather seemed to be fine that day, so we decided to go.

We had heard that there were many songthaew from Chiang Mai Zoo to Doi Suthep Temple, so we took the songthaew to Chiang Mai Zoo first.

We changed Songtaew and went to Doi Suthep Temple. Doi Suthep Temple is located on top of a mountain at an altitude of 1080 meters. We took the songthaew up the mountain at great speed (laughs).

From Chiang Mai Zoo, it cost 60 baht ($1.98) to get to Doi Suthep Temple. The price seems to change a bit depending on the number of people riding together.

The basic price is 40 baht for 10 people. When I went there, there were only four of us, and they said, “We can go for 60 baht per person if you want. So I was taken there at that price.

Climb the famous 306 steps to the temple

I got off Songtaew and arrived! But this is just the beginning. The famous 306 steps are waiting for you.

We could have taken the cable car without climbing the stairs, but it was a beautiful staircase, so we decided to go for it.

We arrived at the Doi Suthep Temple, a little tired, but safe and sound, and were admitted for 30 baht ($0.99).

Doi Suthep Temple

Opening hours: 6:00 – 20:00 (cable car 06:00 – 18:00)
Entrance fee: 30 Baht for foreigners
Address: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Muang Changwat Chiang mai 50200
Access: 30-40 minutes by songthaew from central Chiang Mai.

praying at the golden temple

Thai temples are so gilded and glamorous, aren’t they?

Thais hold lotus flowers and circle the chedi three times while chanting sutras.

There was also a paper in English, so I decided to see what I could do.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

Soothed by the view overlooking Chiang Mai

The temple is beautiful, but since Doi Suthep Temple is located at a high altitude, the scenery is also very beautiful.

The temple is located at a high altitude, so the view is very beautiful.

As I gazed at the scenic view, I thought to myself, “I can go anywhere by myself now.

This is a great way to get to know the people of Chiang Mai.

After this, we took another songthaew back to the center of Chiang Mai. The return trip cost 40 baht ($1.32).

My first oil massage

After visiting Doi Suthep Temple, we went to MAYA shopping mall for a massage, Montra.

I was very tired, so I chose the 2 hour oil massage + head + foot massage course.

The price was 700 baht ($23.10) including everything. If it were in Japan, the price would be in the tens of thousands… I guess Thai massage is cheap.

The coconut oil soothed me and made me feel very comfortable.

Eat Pad Thai and go back to the hotel

On this day, we ate Pad Thai at a restaurant in MAYA and went back to the hotel.

We had a choice between spicy and not so spicy, but we chose the spicy one. I chose the spicy one and ate it while screaming because it was so spicy.

However, eating spicy food makes you feel energetic, doesn’t it? It went well with the sweet Thai tea.

This is the end of the third day of my trip to Chiang Mai. For the rest of the story, please refer to the second part [Chiang Mai Travelogue] Traveling around Nimanhaemin and the Old City by a single woman.

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