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25 Souvenirs You Can Buy in Supermarkets in Bali! Introducing sweets, cosmetics, and miscellaneous goods for girls!

If you are planning to visit Bali or Indonesia, you may be wondering what kind of souvenirs are available. ...

[Experience Report] Enjoy snorkeling in Lembongan Island! A paradise of the sea 40 minutes from Bali

If you want to go to Bali and snorkel in the beautiful ocean, Lembongan Island is a highly recommended spot....

Sunrise at Borobudur is spectacular! How to get there and summary of the tour

Borobudur is a World Heritage Site in Indonesia with a reputation for spectacular sunrise tours. It is not a major tou...

How to avoid getting ripped off by a cab in Bali! Learn how to tell the difference between a chartered cab and a regular cab.

If you take a regular Bali "Bluebird" cab, the first ride will only cost you about $0.6. We knew about regu...

How to get around Angkor Wat! 26 things you need to know before you go sightseeing

Angkor Wat is a world-famous place that can be reached in a few hours from Japan, but I'm sure there are a lot o...
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