Stay at the 1969 Blue Sky Hotel in Taichung. Elegant time spent in a romantic hotel.

I’ve stayed at the 1969 Blue Sky Hotel (1969 Ai Tian Hotel) in Taichung! I will summarize it on my blog as a review of my stay.

The hotel is famous on social media as a cute hotel, so I went there thinking it would be a trendy and photogenic hotel.

But when I stayed there, it was more than I imagined and I was completely captivated…

I was impressed to find out that the renovation was done with great care for the history of the area and the hotel.

It is certainly a photogenic place, but because of the importance placed on the history, there is no sense of frivolity at all. This hotel is recommended for mature women.

In this article, I will share my impressions of the hotel, including a story I heard from Mr. Lin Hao-Jin of the hotel.

It’s like a world in 1969. A retro and romantic hotel

The 1969 Blue Sky Hotel is a renovation of a hotel that originally opened in 1969.

In 1969, Taichung had a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, but it was also a time of industrial development.

The renovation seems to have incorporated the hotel’s love for history, culture, industry, and the Taichung region.

The popular team of designers who worked on the Miyahara Ophthalmology Department was involved in the renovation, and it has become a hot topic on social media! A retro and romantic hotel.

The hotel has been reborn as a retro and romantic hotel.

Famous for its photogenic lobby

When you open the door of the massive hotel, the lobby is a nostalgic space that takes you back in time.

This is the most famous spot of the 1969 Blue Sky Hotel, and you may have seen the photos of the suitcases piled up on social media.

The suitcases are antique ones from 40 to 50 years ago. In total, they have collected 198 suitcases.

All together, you can feel 10,000 years of time in this space alone.

Even looking down from the second floor, the chandeliers were shining and wonderful.

Check-in was handled by a woman who spoke Japanese. It was a relief to be able to communicate in Japanese.

The reception area is a remake of a boiler that was used in the past. It blends in beautifully with the stylish space.

The elevator to the room also sparkles. It seems that hotels with elevators with needles are rare in the world.

As I got off the elevator, I saw a cute sign indicating the floor.

It was remade from scrap iron and displayed on each floor.

The most popular room on Instagram

This time we’ll be staying in the Blue Sky Extra Twin Room, the most popular room on Instagram.

It’s a beautiful room with large windows that let in gentle light.

It’s a very cute room, but it’s also fully functional with a desk and refrigerator.

And a real coffee maker! It’s great to be able to drink delicious coffee in your room.

The mugs are also cute and bright blue.

There is also a large TV in the room.

You will have a comfortable hotel time.

Bright and clean bathrooms

The bathroom was completely separate from the toilet and was very easy to use.

The cute tiles are called “majolica tiles,” which were often made during the Japanese occupation.

The number of these tiles has decreased, but it seems they were often used in Taiwanese buildings in the past. The delicate patterns are beautiful.

The toilet also has a bidet! It’s not easy to find in other countries, so I’m very happy about this.

The wash stand is also spacious and has a user-friendly layout.

I was amazed at the beauty of the box containing the amenities! In this box, you’ll find a toothbrush, comb, and razor blade.

The owner of the house made it himself, inspired by the “Confucius Puzzle.

In China, people used to build their houses by combining wood without using nails. It seems that the remnants of this practice still remain in the form of puzzles.

The glass cup on the washbasin is also cute!

The space is filled with beautiful things that make you fall in love with it.

The body soap, shampoo, and rinse are from Taiwan’s organic brand Desire & Passion.

This looks like another Taichung company. It’s nice to use things that are related to the area.

The hair dryer also came in a cute drawstring bag.

The rooms are also full of history and art.

The room was also filled with an obsession with history and art.

The light was designed to look like Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb.

With the bicycle saddle and handlebars, we paid homage to Picasso’s masterpiece, the cow.

Taichung is the founding place of Giant, the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. It seems that bicycles are very special to the people of Taichung.

I will never forget the time I spent relaxing in a chair by the window.

The room can only be booked through the official website, by phone (+886-4-2223-0577), and Facebook only, and they are accepting reservations.

Balcony and special theme rooms are also available

This time, we were given a special tour of the other rooms. The highest grade room was the “Starry Sky Impression”.

It has two large double beds and is very spacious.

The bright bathroom even has a bathtub!

This is a lovely bathtub with cat feet.

And there’s a balcony in this room.

You can spend your evenings outside having a drink. You’ll have a romantic time.

There are also rooms with special themes. Here is a room with a Marilyn Monroe theme.

Spending time in a room full of her cute looks like a lot of fun.

Retro and cute common space

The hotel also has a common space that can be used freely at any time. Pretty retro interior here too!

The stained glass was purchased from a church in Italy that has been around for over 100 years.

There are some cracks, but they are also a part of history. It’s a wonderful way to think.

There’s also a jukebox in the common space. You get three coins when you check in, so try putting one in this box.

You can choose your favorite music and enjoy the elegant performance. This also looks like a 1950’s Yigiri jukebox.

Breakfast is as beautiful as afternoon tea

If you book through the official website, breakfast is included in all plans.

This breakfast was also very pretty and looked like an afternoon tea.

There are also cakes and cookies in a container that looks like a birdcage.

There is also a wide variety of salads and hot Taiwanese fried noodles.

Many of the meals were healthy and easy to eat even in the morning.

The tableware used to serve the dishes is also colorful and cute.

We had a refreshing breakfast time in the restaurant with plenty of light.

1969 Blue Sky Hotel Location and Directions

The location of 1969 Blue Sky Hotel is quite good. It is about a five-minute walk from Taichung Railway Station, and the famous Miyahara Ophthalmology Department is only a three-minute walk away.

When you arrive at the Taichung Railway Station, walk straight down Zhongshan Road and turn left at Shifu Road to reach the hotel.

Near the hotel are the Miyahara Ophthalmology Department, the Fourth Credit Cooperative, and the main branch of Chun Shui Tang, all of which are within walking distance.

The hotel is a perfect base for sightseeing in Taichung.

The best hotel to come all the way to stay

Taichung can be reached on a day trip from Taipei, but I wanted to come back to stay at this hotel.

It is rare to find such a wonderful hotel in the world.

I felt that this is a wonderful hotel that is filled with a sense of history, community, and art.

It has become a hot topic on social networking sites, but the facilities and atmosphere should be enough to satisfy even adult women.

I would definitely recommend staying here for a girls’ trip or a couple’s trip.

>>Click here for the official website of 1969 Blue Sky Hotel

1969 Blue Sky Hotel Basic Information
Business hours: Check-in from 15:00, check-out at 12:00
Address:No. 38, Shifu Road, Jung District, Taichung City

This article has been prepared with the cooperation of 1969 Blue Sky Hotel.


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